Spanish review No. 3. (1930 - 1939)

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The funeral of murdered Republicans of the victims in the presence of the government of Franco.

An honor guard,a gun.

Standards groups.

The mourning ceremony.

The soldiers kiss the flag


Hospital train is.

The trucks on the road.

On the way, are prisoners of the Republicans.

Prisoners at work.

Hitting the ground with picks,digging


Infantry Franco is at the forefront.

Broken tanks Republicans.

Troops,cavalry are in the city


General Valera on the front.

Tents for soldiers,soldiers on vacation


Aircraft bombed positions of the Republicans.

The General watches through binoculars.

Firing artillery


Broken bridge, the ruins of houses in the city, occupied by the troops of Franco in the Pyrenees.

Civilians hiding in the caves that serve as shelters.

Women cook on a fire, feed the children.

Sit old men, women and children


The visit of General Martinez in a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients.

An orchestra,a guard of honor.


General shakes hands.

View of the resort,the General on the balcony,goes out,sits in the car


Bringing parajok Church after a stay in it of the Republicans,from the Church ostavlennye throw them things


An orphanage in the heart of Malaga.

Women at the table read,embroider.

Children in the dance,dance of the girls in the circle of friends.

Medical examination of children.


The children pray for sleep,lie in bed

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