Kinkeliba world history No. 1. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

USA. The inventor sir Hiram Maxim is testing they created the machine gun in the field in 1899

Americans in Paris at the world exhibition in 1900.

Photo Of John Philip Sauces.

American soldiers marching through the streets of Paris,ahead of the orchestra.

The rally in the square

Boxer rebellion in China in 1900.

The troops of Germany, England, France, America, tsarist Russia and Japan suppressed the people's anti-imperialist uprising.

Railway station, Chinese refugees with belongings run rickshaws, go carts.

Marching a squad of Japanese soldiers

USA. Check out girls boarding house at Luna Park in new York.

Girls with umbrellas sit in the car, driving through the city.

Girls on the rides at the amusement Park, down a horizontal rope, jump from a hill

USA. Drama 1905 "Lumpen Jack repents".

Johann spends omoplates Jack, he flirts with his wife Molly, the woman pushes him and complaining about her husband.

Johann Jack picks a fight on the street and when he falls, decides that killed him.

He seems to be the gallows.

Molly collects things to him, so he fled, but suddenly there is Jack, and all ends with a truce

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Reel №2

1901, Paris.

Flight of Santos Dumont's balloon managed.

On the ropes driven balloon, Dumont is in a special gondola,the flight of the balloon

1901, Italy.

Guillermo demonstrates, Marconi invented the wireless

USA. Dancing couple shows PA old Spanish dance

USA. The 1904 Comedy "My wife left!".

The husband accompanies the wife of the boxes with his friends and indulges in all serious.

They drink,invite the singers from a variety of ride on car

USA. Scenes from a detective movie with Lillian Gish

USA. Drama, 1903.

The wife of a rich man Adolar falls in love with a young man,and the husband throws her out of the house.

Adolar sitting by the fire and recalls acquaintance with Lizzie,wedding, birth of a child and the scene of her departure.

One day in winter to come home Lizzie,falls at the gate, the servant leads her into the house.

The first adolar drives her away,but running to voice the daughter asked his father to forgive the mother

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Reel №3

USA. Scenes on the beach and in the bar.

Women sit on the chairs on the porch and talk of passing men.

A car pulls up, the driver makes the three passengers to get out of it.

Women surrounded the young man with a mandolin and vying offer him glasses with drinks.

The seashore, a young man pulling the boat, she is followed in a bathing costume and hat.

Salvation drowning girl from the water.

A couple sitting in the room at the table, kissing

USA. Scenes in the store.

Two ladies are choosing goods, the seller, a man gives them advice.

Then the old lady comes suited to the counter, the seller and see faints

United States.22 August 1905 Santos Dumont to be rich is flying a homemade snake-airplane.

In the field are an airplane.

Dumont makes several attempts to take off

SShA.Boksery train the audience, and then spend the match

SShA.Gloriya Swenson in the scene from the movie

SShA.Otryvok of historical film: King bricked betray him the queen with her lover in her alcove

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Reel №4

August 1905.


The arrival of Russian and Japanese delegations to peace.

Motorcade with the delegations of moving down the street.

In front of the orchestra for the military it.

Goes car with the Russian delegation, then the carriage with the Mikado.

Delegations expects President Theodore Roosevelt / in the frame it is not /

SShA.Zanyatiya school street cleaners.

They are taught to clean mop.

Loading the cart tools.

Cleaners go to work

SSHA.1905 year.

The first car race in Washington.

Cars driving on rough terrain.

On the road going car, in which sit the ladies as passengers

USA. Comedy 1905 "Man, prone to potseluyai".

Man sneaks up to the ladies in all places and suddenly kisses them.

As revenge it is tied to a tree and repeatedly kissing his girl

USA. The flight of the Wright brothers on the aircraft in 1905.

Flight watches President Theodore Roosevelt, together with the public

USA. Scenes from a cowboy movie.

Attack on Indian migrants in the van

USA. Frank Buchman in the scene sumashesshestviya.

World record expressive facial expressions.

The patient in the ward, it examines the professor and his colleagues.

The patient presents himself Shakespeare and his characters

USA. Blanche Sweet in a scene from the movie "worse than death".

Girl on the ship at the mercy of thugs, it protects the captain, but the forces are unequal.

At the last moment the ship appears police

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Reel №5

USA. Old hunter Buffalo Bill in a chase scene.

Buffalo and cowboys in the square.

The waiter continually brings cowboys drink

USA. 1903.

The construction of the Panama Canal, which linked the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Construction Leaders pose for the camera.

The opening of the channel, a festive procession.

Cavalcade on horseback, played by an orchestra.

Theodore Roosevelt at the opening of the channel, rally

USA. Film-drama 1907 "Crime dishonorable man."

Ulrike looked at pictures of Alex and Elmer.

Alex commits a fraud, and that substitutes Elmer arrested

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Reel №6

USA. Wallace beery in a Comedy film.

It depicts a very tall deizu trying to obiasnite man playing the piano and singing, although desperately out of tune.

Another boyfriend escapes from her window

USA. Congress of producers of alcoholic beverages in Hoboken.

The crowd welcomed walking down the street delegation.

The orchestra plays.

Gentlemen prance on horseback, riding in carriages, go to the column with the flag

USA. One of the first films of Charles Chaplin.

Chaplin portrays a drunk in the hotel,the restaurant,on the street

USA. Film-drama 1906 "Noble hacker".

Cracker John enters the room where a sleeping woman,off her neck necklace,hearing the noise,hiding in the other room.

Comes drunk husband begins to trouble and even beat his wife.

A burglar doesn't stand out of the room and calms her husband.

He calls the police, but the wife refuses to complain about her husband.

Left three,husband John promises to behave, they shake hands

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