French military newsreel No. 434. (1939)

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Reel №1


Marching soldiers, police did not allow the car to pass.

Children in national costumes of Alsace.

Passers-by on the streets of Paris.

Soldiers carrying loads.

Self-propelled guns on the road


View from the plane on the way.

Going on the road people.

Explosions at the bottom.

Flying bombs.

Broken car with a red cross.

The killed soldiers.

Frustrated hospital train.

Types of damage caused by the bombing.

Refugees and children with belongings go on the road


Going with wreaths the procession.

Laying wreaths


Football balls.

A soldier plays the accordion.


Singing soldiers.

Soldiers coming from the trenches.

Receiving gifts.

Soldiers, rolling down from the mountain.

Soldiers receiving footballs.

The soldiers, put the shells.

Soldiers receiving parcels, print them.

The explosion of shells.

Christmas tree.

The soldier kissing a child.


Dancing soldiers cheering soldiers.

Soldier, drinking coffee.

Iduschty refugee.

Marching soldiers.

A train.

Laughing child shown with trains, shot from above.

Smokers soldiers.

Laying sandbags for defense work.

Soldiers walking along the communication trenches.

Ships at sea.

The plane takes off from the deck of the ship.

A military band and marching soldiers

Syavschennosluzhiteli. personalities. church

Roosevelt / portrait of his /.

Calls to the unification of his intellectual powers of the world to protect the world


North Africa.

General Gamelin addresses to the soldiers of France December 24, Daladier and Chamberlain met with him passes by building cavalry and it's shown in the background of the text of the New Year message of Gamelin.

To leave the car with Chamberlain.

North Africa.

Chamberlain examines the shells and gives instructions.

The French are part of a parade by the guest of honor.

Chamberlain and Gamelin taking hits.

Go drummers.

Marching Soldiers with guns on his shoulder.

Raising the English flag.

Running British soldiers.

waving flag


Patrol the sea destroyer close to the abandoned ships at sea.

Sailor turns to the crew through a megaphone.

Checking of cargo.

Captain Patrol says the act.

Vozvryschaetsya patrol the ship in port.

Unloading in the port of confiscated goods.

Lifting crane transfers the loads.

General view of the port with the goods.

Patrol in the sea


Orchestra soldier giving a concert for soldiers

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