March 7. (1930)

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Reel №1


Return of legionaries.

Welcomes their crowd.

November 1918 g.

Na Czechoslovak border in the art.

Horni Dorzhishte representatives of the authorities, the army, etc. awaiting the arrival of the president.

Tomas Massarik out of the car.

Exchange privetsiviyami.

The train departs Prague.

Dorozhgshe landscapes.

The Group welcomed at intermediate stations.

Exit the building Masaryk Station.

A solemn motorcade follows the crowded streets of the capital.

Masaryk welcomed the audience

Chehoslovakiya.1919 g.

Prezident in mud inspects armored train

Chehoslovakiya.1920 year.

Celebrating 70 lntiya President in Prague.

The crowd cheers.

Statement by the President

Chehoslovakiya.T.Masarik and his entourage at the airport

Chehoslovakiya.1922 year.

After the military review in Kbely.

The President toured the horse guard of honor.

Passage of troops.

President salutes the troops on horseback

Czechoslovakia. 1923.

Visit Kbelskogo airfield.

President Masaryk is sitting at the table.

Planes in the air

Chehoslovakiya.1924 year.

President at Prague Castle takes a special standard, a symbol of power.

July 1924 g.

Prezident in Borders na Moravě visits Czechoslovak military academy.

Bypass the guard of cadets.

Signs in the book of honorable guests.

President on the platform, past difiliruyut troops

Chehoslovakiya.1925 god.75 anniversary of the president.

Masaryk in the bookcase.

Army salutes the president.

Passage of troops.

The President welcomed in the air aviation

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Reel №2


Military relay at the eastern border of Czechoslovakia.

Welcome text, the President directed the army

Czechoslovakia. 1926.

President Masaryk receives a gift from the army radio with radio transmitter


After re-election as president.

Masaryk and a group of high-ranking officials.

Streets of Prague, decorated with the flags.

Passage of troops.

Wheelchair with Perzident


Review of the Fifth Infantry Regiment president.

President bypasses operation forces


President receives Egyptian King Fouad 1.Korol and president in a wheelchair.

They're in their seats on the rostrum.

Passage of honor.

The ceremonial assignment of one of the cavalry regiments named Prince St.


Masaryk read it in front of a microphone

Chehoslovakiya.1930 g.80 anniversary of the president.

Reception President K.Vishkovskogo Minister of National Defence, Chief of General Staff, General of cheeses and head of the French mission, General Foshera at Prague Castle.

Out Masaryk, the conversation at the table.

The President and the guests see the map


President writes.

President children / apparently grandchildren / garden.

The film ends with a titre: "Our father is old, live for many years for the benefit of us, myself"

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