Large ice (The Last Voyage of the Alfred Wegener). (1936)

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Director: Svend Noljdan,Eljza Vegener,Paulj Kungenn

Operators: Valjter Riml

Reel №1


Expedition and ethnographic film is built on the materials of Professor Alfred expedition Grendlandiyu.

Members of the expedition Alfred Wegener, Professor Kurt Wegener, Dr.

Wake, Brokamp, ​​E.Fridriks engineer K.Gerdemerten, Dr.

Holzapfel et al.

Fil dedicated to the memory of Professor Alfred Wegener and his comrades who died during the study of land ice in Greenland.

Spinning Globe.

Mounting frames in Germany: cultivated fields, view of the city from a height.

Seeing the ocean liner.

Starting zeppelin, with poverskhnosti water rises seaplane view of the boat into the sea, a huge sailing ship.

The ship, on the deck of a rest on the sun loungers, men play croquet, women and children.

Hamburg shipping company.

Two employees of the cards lay vessels course.

Map of the air masses, outlines the area of ​​the island Typhus.

An employee carries a message, the work of the teletype.

On the boat taking a message, the captain gives the command to the engine room.

In the sky is visible airship.

On deck, the sailors ran out in uniforms, secured the boat, network.

On a sailboat sailors run up reyam, fix the sails.

Storm on the sea, the waves pour the deck.

The headlines in the newspapers about hurricanes in the North Sea, the battleship "Admiral Scheer" falls into a storm as the storm formed?

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motion diagrams of air masses on the map.

Icebergs in the ocean, a variety of forms.

Figure iceberg, its size, a huge underwater part, many times exceeding the freeboard.

The ice on the surface of the water.

Movement of ships of the expedition along the coast of Greenland, rugged mountain ranges.

Rocks in snow.

With rocks bird flies.

Waterfalls on rocky steps

Key words

Germany, ocean, natural phenomena, expedition, mountain, transportation, water, birds, waterfall, Greenland

Reel №3



Movement along the coast.

On the narrow coastal strip live Eskimos.

Catching seals.

The Eskimos caught a seal out of the boat to the shore.

Women pull the skin of a seal on the frame.

Two Eskimo embroidered beaded patterns on tanned hides.

Eskimo village, the fishermen are boat lift her onto the box.

Persons Eskimos.

Sleeping dog sled on the ground.

The expedition follows the conductor on the ice in the mountains.

The high ice plateau rises to 2,000 meters above sea level.

Deserted snowy expanses.

Map of Greenland.

a landscape view.

From the mountain breaks off a piece of a huge glacier

Key words

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The ice and icebergs near the shore.

The movement of ice on the surface of the water.

Ice chunks on the rocks.

The circuit-ratio of ice blocks from the house and the church.

Powerful glaciers constantly split, their fragments fall into the fjords.

Boiling water with ice.

Icebergs in the ocean.

Driving polar region

Key words

Germany, Greenland, natural phenomena, ocean, fjords

Reel №5



Alfred Wegener expedition to Greenland in 1929.

Map of Greenland.

Expedition makes a trek across the ice.

Alfred Wegener with a pipe in his mouth.

Members of the expedition are sled, wearing backpacks, carry bags.

Raise the sled up the hill, carry loads through the snow on a sled.

Jump through the crack



Gear expedition to Copenhagen.

View the city from the sea.

On the expedition ship is loaded horses.

Wegener with the captain watching the map, the route from the south to the Holstenbergu.

Vessel "Gustav Holm" off Greenland.

Metal is transferred into the boat, the Eskimos are engaged in loading.

Transportation of hay in boat, bags of dynamite barrels of gasoline, boxes, large containers with snowmobiles.

Whistle ship sailing.

The nose of the ship cuts through the ice

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The expedition members run through the ice floes, pulling the rope from the ship.

glaciers scheme.

With the vessel unloaded the sled and loads.

Open container with a snowmobile on runners.

Dog harnesses, horse with loads.

The expedition is sent into the country.

From the shore to the ship run on ice floes, jumping polynya.

On the bank put a tent, a table and chairs inside


Summer in Greenland on 17 June.

Eskimo ice ax breaks the ice.

Cargo tie their horses, go on the ice.

Pull on the ropes snowmobile up the mountain, lifted by ropes with a sledge, pulled the dog had fallen into a crevasse

Key words

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The expedition climbs into the mountains, go to a chain.

Halt, people feed the dogs, checked sledge, put up tents.

Huskies run dog teams.

Rest in the way.

Again on the road.

Begins blizzard, snow covered his tracks.

Mark on the map the middle path.


The Eskimos say goodbye to the expedition and returned back.

A man builds a high wall of snow, dig a trench.

The trench is set cylinders.

Running a weather balloon

Key words

Greenland expedition, mountains, natural phenomena, nationality, domestic animals, recreation

Reel №8



The map traffic pattern from the east.

Members of the expedition being taken on horseback loads.

Snowmobile engine plant, located on the top.

Parking in the center.

In the snow dug trench, a place to store, even a room with a stove.

On the surface, the pinnacle of snow.

Snow-covered desert, drifting snow sweeps.

West station.

In the snow boxes, things dogs lie.

Items placed on a sled ride on sled

Key words

Germany, Greenland, expedition, structure, domestic animals

Reel №9


Harnesses go over the snow.

West station.

Pages expedition diary.

Northern lights in the sky, the stars, the sun rises.

People dig their temporary home from the snow, pulling a box, Start Your Engines snowmobile spinning propeller.

In the parking lot

Key words

Germany, Greenland, expedition, natural phenomena

Reel №10



Snowmobiling in the parking lot.

East station.

People go skiing, sledding, snowmobiling.

Weather station.

Research glaciers drilled led.podem in the air design fabric.

Explosions ice.

Research in the form of graphs, charts, calculations.

The map shows the route of the expedition Wegener.

During the expedition the glaciers during the study came in a snow storm, all its members were killed.

Their bodies were found the rescue expedition.

Professor Wegener collected materials on the study of Greenland, having not only scientific but also of strategic importance-saved

Key words

Germany, Greenland, expedition, research, personality, natural phenomena, meteorology