Beach world. (1936)

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There is a skirmish with the Republicans.

Legionnaires inspect wrecked tanks.

The headlines of German newspapers about the war in Spain.

The fighting on the outskirts of Madrid.

The bodies of the soldiers in the field.

Republican prisoners are on the road.

Frustrated bunker captured weapons warehouse, hangar with airplanes.

The soldiers taken prisoner by the Soviet officer.

The corpses of the Republicans on the battlefield.

In the woods near Madrid corpses "red terror victims."

The bodies in the trench.

In communist slogan wall.

Those Republicans, issuing weapons.

The slogan: "Long live Russia" on the wall.

The artillery battery of government troops in combat.

There are Republicans planes, shots at them with guns.

Frustrated by an armored car.

Indians in battle.

General looks through binoculars at the city.

Fighting in Madrid.

The soldiers fired from the balconies of houses.

Outside the broken tank


The headlines of German newspapers about the "red militarism" that threatens Europe's culture, diplomatic recognition by the government of Franco in Germany and Italy.

Celebrations organized by Franco in Madrid after his classes.

Religious procession through the streets, the procession of the people.

From windows, balconies throw flowers.

Children pull hands in a Nazi salute.

Spanish women in mantillas clap.

The balconies are crowded with people.

Franco and German officers near people.

Franco goes to the balcony, take out huge government banner.

Young legionaries pulled his hands.

Military parade

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A documentary about the Spanish Civil War.

Map of Spain, the dotted line goes from Badayo to Toledo.

Alcazar castle on the hill.

Spanish nationalist youth / Cadets / defensively Alcazar surrounded by Republicans.

on the ruins of the castle view.

There is a shootout.

Among the ruins of the headquarters of a radio station.

Poles with dangling wires.

PNRM. by Toledo, home of the Cathedral.

On the road going trucks Franco government troops, the banner on the truck.

Guns firing at the castle.

Ladder against the wall of the castle.

Republicans with arms in the city.

A car pulls up on the drawing board hammer and sickle.

The driver gives the commander a written order to read, then takes it and leaves.

Gunfight at the castle.

Republicans have punched a hole in the wall and lay the dynamite, producing undermining wall


Titles German newspaper about the fighting in the Alcázar.

The release of government troops of the castle.

Ruins of the Alcázar.

The troops are in the ruins of the palace of Toledo.

Index: 6 km to Toledo.

They're coming soldiers, laden horse.

They're coming trucks with soldiers.

Fighting in the city.

Governmental flag over the building.

Residents meet government troops greetings and hugs from friends and acquaintances.

Young men standing on the broken pedestal and smiling, looking down his comrades.

Traces of bullets on the walls of the houses, dead bodies lie.

Ruins of Alcatraz and its previous form.

The crosses on the graves of soldiers.

The movement of government troops to Madrid, a pointer, "Getafe 3 km, 17 km of Madrid."

Soldier goes on a tractor, which hitched to a gun.

The Indians in the government troops.

The officer looks through binoculars at the desert area.

Soldiers riding on trucks, shooting guns

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