Going to Poland. (1940 - 1949)

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Director: Fric Hippler /Fritz Hipler/

Operators: Zepp Ellgejer Ervin Blich, Vagner Valjter Konc, Aljbert Endrejat, Valjter Frenc, Karl Frejman, Valjter Grich, Hajnc Yavorskij, Berihard Yuppe, Aljbert Kling, Hajnc Yavorskij, Berihard Yuppe, Aljbert Kling, Hajnc Klut, Artur Linke, Gans Sholjc i dr

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German soldiers in the attack on Gdynia.

They run through the woods.

Cannon hit the defensive structures.

View of the port waters, wrecks.

German artillery hit the city.

City view from the telescope.

Shoot guns of the ship.

The surrender of Gdynia, German troops in the city.

Near the houses rare inhabitants.

The establishment of the Polish coat of arms on the wall.

Proclamation in Polish on the wall.

From the captured buildings are located civilians, sailors.

Poles are arrested along the street.

German troops continued the way, go down the street cars, tanks.

Motorcycles ride to the bridge.

On the way a car drives past the troops with Hitler and officers.

The soldiers ran to the car, shouting gleefully, pulling his hands.

Soldiers surround the Fuehrer dense crowd, asking for an autograph.

Hitler officers goes to the location of the part.

He tries to soldier's food from the field kitchen.

The radio operator at the station.

Hering at the headquarters of the card, it is worth Himmler.

Hitler was sitting in a chair, listening to the generals explanations.

Goering asks questions, General Keitel replies.

Goering and Hitler sitting nearby.

Radio operators transmit messages.

The generals of the card.

Hitler was looking at the map.

Driving on the map, Veyhsel river, in the center of Kutno, in the south of Radom, the arrows go to Warsaw.

The boiler in the Radom district.

Polish cavalry and infantry surrounded by Germans.

German soldiers disarm the Poles.

Weapons dumped by the roadside, cannons., Stacks of helmets, ammunition belts, guns, armored cars.

View from the airplane on the captured trophies.

Polish soldiers in captivity, along with wagons and horses.

A huge column of prisoners walking along the road

Key words

Germany, Poland, war, soldiers, military leaders, personalities, Hitler, Goering, Himmler, communications, bridge, river, prisoners, the city arms, surrender, Gos.simvolika, Navy, construction, strengthening, population, food, cavalry, trophies

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