Dedicated To Lenin. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Katanyan V.

Script writers: Chernyak E.

Operators: Pankin L.

Composers: Sevastyanov A.


About the Arts Exhibitions on the occasion of the centenary of Lenin's birthday.

Temporary description

Monument to Lenin in the Kremlin. All-Union Art Exhibition, devoted to the 100 th anniversary of VI Lenin in the Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow. Visitors to the exhibition. Bas-relief of VI Lenin. Engraving "Storm of the Winter Palace." The painting "Lenin's return from Finland. From paintings - the artist Alexander Samokhvalov, chatting with visitors. Painting A. Levitin "In Defense of the Revolution. Levitin in the workshop. The painting "In the days of October." Artist L. Krivickij, by painting "Chairman of People's Commissars, talking with visitors. Designer Kits talks about his paintings, dedicated to Lenin. Paintings "Singing International", "Lenin said," They came in squads of young men, "" Cherry ". Sculpture Kakhovka. Artist E. Moiseenko, by painting "Cherry, in his workshop. Paintings "News", "On Lenin", "President", "new owner", "First sotsdogovor", "My mother." Paintings Ossovsky: "Milestones life Motherland", "Year 1941", "Seeing." Sculptures "Woodcutter", "roller." Painting "New Sea Azerbaijani artist T. Salakhova. Painting Simonova" Excavation ", Eremina" Onezhskaya ear, V. Zagoneka "May." series of paintings D . Mogalskogo dedicated to the virgin lands. Triptych "The World-Earth" artist I. Pekur. Afghan diplomats at the exhibition. Landscapes artists Romadina N., A. Grits, B. Mordovin, S. Koshevogo. V. Gromyko, G. Aitieva. Sculpture " N. Krupskaya. "Bust of Chopin. Posters artist Efimova. Engravings from the series" International ".

Reel №1

Flowering branches of trees - CU., MS.

Blooming lilacs against the Kremlin - LS.

Marx Prospect - LS.

Monument VI Lenin in the Kremlin - LS.

The area of ​​the 50th anniversary in October, the building of the Central Exhibition Hall - Various.

Sculpture VI Lenin against the red wall in the hall - MS., CU.

Visitors to the exhibition halls - LS.

Bas - CU.

Section of the exhibition "Lenin and the revolution."

Engraving "Storm of the Winter» - CU.

Poster: Lenin and the Red Guards - CU.

Canvas Alexander Samokhvalov dedicated arrival VI Lenin in Petrograd from Finland - LS.

Details of the picture - MS., CU.

Artist A. Samokhvalov talking with visitors - MS.

Painting A. Levitin "to defend the revolution" (Lenin and the Red Guards at a fire) - LS.

Details of the picture - CU., MS.

Artist Anatoly Levitin at work on this painting in his studio - different. (With a / t).

Palette, hand mix the paint - MS.

Painting Ukrainian artist Anatoly Nasedkina "In the days of October" (Lenin with the Red Guards) - LS.

Details of the picture - MS.

Leningrad painter Leonid Krivschikov talking with visitors - MS.

Picture L.Krivitskogo "Chairman of the CPC" (Lenin evening working at a desk) - LS., MS.

Details of the picture - CU., MS., PNRM.

Picture of Estonian artist Elmar Keats (Lenin in Razliv) - LS.

E. Keats writes the river summer landscape (Estonia) - MS., CU.

Hand with brush strokes in a painting does - MS.

Details of the picture - MS.

Picture: "Revolution," "Singin 'in international", "Lenin said» - MS., LS.

Details of the picture, "says Lenin," Peter Bortnova - CU.

Sculpture of Alexander Burganova "Kakhovka" (girl with a rifle) - LS., MS.

Painting Ukrainian painter Victor Shatalina "assembled teams of young men» - MS., PNRM.

Picture Yevsey Moiseenko "Cherry» - LS., MS.

Details of the picture - MS.

Workshop E. Moiseenko, PNRM. on the shelves with books on working at his easel painter.

E. Moiseenko - MS., CU.

Sketches for the painting "Cherry."

Visitors to the exhibition at the painting "Cherry» - MS.

Reel №2

Picture Jambul Dzhumabaeva "News" (in a yurt, which sits next to the people, there is a portrait of Lenin) - MS.

Paul planted the picture "to Lenin" (walkers from Central Asia) - MS., LS.

Work Tkachev brothers' first bread - children »- MS., CU.

Picture of "President" Gregory Kryzhevskaya, "new owner" Gafoor Abburahmanova - MS., LS.

Sculpture Ukrainian master Nicholas Kolko "Earth» - LS.

Engraving on literacy - LS., MS.

Picture "Turksib» - MS.

Cloth Yuri Tulin "first socialist contract» - MS. (From left).

The work of the painter Yury Raksha "My mom» - LS., MS., PNRM.

Paintings of Peter Ossovsky "Frontiers of Life" and "The Year 1941» - MS., LS.

Not a picture of Victor "Farewell» - MS.

Picture Viktor Safronov "Soldier letter» - MS.

Picture: "Dmitri with his adopted son" by Vladimir Gavrilov, "Return" Michael kulaks, "Unnamed Heights" Tatiana Yablonskaya - LS., MS.

Sculpture: "Lumberjack" Yevgeny Vasilyev, "roller" Vladimir Tabatchikova - LS.

Painting by Georgian artist Zurab Nizharadze "Builders» - LS., MS.

The painting "New Sea" Azerbaijani artist Tahir Salakhova - LS.

Artist Tair Salakhov at work in his studio in Baku - LS., MS.

Oil rigs at sea - LS.

Salakhov rig at sea makes a portrait sketch oilman - different., PNRM.

Oilman posing artist - MS., CU.

Pencil drawing of petroleum - CU.

Painting Igor Simonov "Pit» - LS., CU.

Sculpture «Azov fishermen" Jacob roaring - MS.

Picture "Onega ear" Alexey Eremin, "harnessed boys horses" Askhat Safargaylina, "May" Vyacheslav Zagonek - LS., MS.

Sculpture "Bread" Leonas Zhuklisa - MS.

A series of pictures about the virgin by Dmitry Mochalskogo - LS.

Triptych "World-earth" - the work of the Lithuanian artist Igor Pekur - LS.

Triptych "Everyday work" - work by Latvian artist Laymbota Murniska - LS., PNRM.

Picture "Kaliningrad" Yuri Pimenov, "Summer" by Andrei Melnikov, "Three Women" armet Lutfullin, "My daughter," Sarkis Muradyan - MS., LS.

Visitors in the halls.

Reel №3

Visitors to the exhibition halls - LS., PNRM.

Exhibition visiting heads of diplomatic missions and personnel of embassies of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea and Ghana - LS., MS., PNRM.

Landscapes Romadina Nicholas, Alexei Gritsai and Vitaly Rogal, Valentine Mordovina, Stepan Mishka, Victor Gromyko Gapar Aitiev - MS.

Picture: "Lenin Square" Saryan, "Toward the Light" Enchantment Amangeldyeva, "water will" Alexander Perov, "Morning" Manon Saidov, "Lucky" by Andrei Yakovlev, "Glad Day" Aisha Galimbaevoy - different.

The painting "Celebration" Michael Romanishin.

Turkmen painter painting Izzat Klycheva - LS., MS.

Details of the picture - CU.

I. Klychev tells visitors about his film (simultaneously in Turkmen).

Sculptures Catherine Belasheva "Nadezhda Krupskaya," "Composer Chopin» - LS., MS.

Sculpture "Pushkin" Oleg Komova, "Joy Mother" Zenta Zvara - LS.

Series of posters of Boris Efimov "Stages Leningrad diplomacy» - LS., MS.

Prints from the series "The Internationale" Dmitry Bisti - LS.

Posters from the series "The proletariat in the struggle" by the artist Benjamin Briskina - LS., MS.

Graphics Boris Prorokova - LS., MS.

Natalia Deregus sculpture "Madonna XX century» - LS.

Portraits - LS., CU.

Painting "team leader" V. Tret'yachenko "Vinnichanki" Nicholas Andrushenko portraits kolkhoz Oktay Sadiq-Zadeh, portraits villagers Arcadia Plastov - MS., CU.

Sculpture Boris Plenkin "Steelworker Trevogin."

Kurchatov portrait - painter Vasily Efanov, Writer Kerbabaev - Izzat Klychev, "Writer Astafiev" - Evgeny Shirokov - MS.

Sculpture VI Ivan Lenin Yakunin, sculpture VI Lenin Leo Lankinen - MS.

Konstantin Filatov "VI Lenin speaks at the factory. "

Marble sculpture of sitting with a book of Lenin - by Boris Plenkin - MS.

Sculpture "Vladimir Ilich Lenin" Pavel Bondarenko - CU.

Sculpture "Dreams" Yevgeny Vuchetich - MS.

Georgian painter painting Gurata Gelovani (Lenin on the move makes notes in a notebook) - CU., LS.

Model of the statue of Lenin, established in Berlin (sculptor Tomsk) - MS., LS.

Nikolai Tomsky working in the studio on a sculpture of Lenin - different.

The sculptor at work - CU.

N. Tomsk the sculpture - MS.

The opening of the monument to Lenin in Berlin.

People in the area, the orchestra - LS., PNRM.

Monument under the covers - LS.

On the podium, Walter Ulbricht and other members of the government of the GDR, N. Tomsk - MS., LS.

With unveil monument, people applauding - LS.

Lenin monument in Berlin on the building background - MS., LS.

Model of the monument to Lenin in Berlin at an exhibition in the Central Exhibition Hall - MS.

The Central Exhibition Hall, cars on the area of ​​50 years of October - LS.

Monument to Lenin in the Kremlin - LS.