Sight 09.06.1995 (1995)

Telecast №68608, 1 part, duration: 0:38:35
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

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News about exchange rates with comments folk healer Alexander Kamatina and master Alexander Lyubimov.

Sakhalin report Normunds Masalsky.

Filming June 5, 1995 in Neftegorsk: analysis of debris after the earthquake on 28 May.

Funeral 9th ​​day.

Fragment of an interview with Sergei Shoigu on the work of the rescuers.

Local residents about life in the ruined city.

Comments Alexander Lyubimov, with a summary of the number of victims.

Closing of seismic stations in seismically active areas.

Comments seismologist Valentine Ulomova of the earthquake warning systems.

Head of the seismic station in Sochi Anatoly Khantau tells the device station.

Read more about the reasons for the closure of seismic stations (lack of funding, low salaries, the impossibility of acquisition of modern equipment).

Reports from Chechnya Ilyas Bogatyrev about the bombing of villages.

Interviews with local residents and soldiers.

Columns of military vehicles on the roads.

Soldiers about the features of the fighting in the mountains.

Soldiers at Rest.

The story of Lieutenant Maxim Yaschenko voluntarily surrendered a prisoner for the sake of the salvation of the platoon.

Father Maxim talks about the trials.

Filming in January 1995: The fighting in Grozny, voiceovers M.Yaschenko.

Interview with Victor Popkov on the export of captured soldiers from Chechnya.

V.N.Yaschenko tells what he knows about the fate of colleagues Maxim.

Reporting by Dmitry Konchalovsky from the village Kolbasino.

Ammunition depots.

Fragments of an interview with the Minister of State Security of the PMR Vadim Shevtsov and former employee OBKHSS Major Ivlev corruption in Transnistria.

Fragment of the program "One on One" on May 28, 1995 with the participation of Alexander Lebed and Vadim Shevtsov.

Musician Ignat Solzhenitsyn shares his impressions about life in Russia.

The story of a family traveling to Russia.

Concerts in Moscow and St.


The attitude to events in Chechnya.


Shoigu SK - Military and statesman, General of the Army, Defense Minister, Hero of the Russian Federation, the governor of the Moscow region in 2012, the president of the Russian Geographical Society in 2009. Ulomov VI - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR, a seismologist. Popkov VA (Victor A.) - journalist, human rights activist, an activist anti-war movement. Swan AI - Politician, military commander, Lieutenant-General, the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Solzhenitsyn IA - Pianist, conductor, son of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Calendar: 01.1995 05/28/1995 06.1995

Locations: Sakhalin Region [802] Sochi [971] The Chechen Republic [756] Moldova [145]

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