We Are on Lenin's Native Land.. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Repnikov S.

Operators: Leongardt U., Leongardt U., Serov G.

Text writers: Grusho V.


On the Komsomol (Young Communist League) Rally in the city of Ulyanovsk [Lenin's native town], dedicated to the centenary of Lenin's birthday.

Historical background

History: from 5 to 9 August 1970 in Ulyanovsk held the Fifth All-Union Rally hike to places the glory of the Soviet Union, on the 100-th anniversary of VI Lenin.

Temporary description

Inauguration of the 5th Gathering of the participants hike to places the glory of the Soviet Union, devoted to 100 anniversary of Lenin in Ulyanovsk, the rally participants are on the square in front of Lenin's memorial, stands secretary of the Komsomol EM Tyazhelnikov (synchronously); departure ceremony a wreath at the mausoleum of Lenin and the eternal flame at the ignition area; torchlight procession, fireworks. Participants attending the rally Museum of Lenin, furnishings, personal belongings of the Ulyanov family. Participants of the rally in the Lenin memorial hall of Lenin at the seminar; favor secretary of the Komsomol S. Harutyunyan (synchronously). Participants of the rally work on Lenin subbotnik in the shop of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, on the collective farm fields, on construction of schools named after VI Lenin. Participants attending the rally Ulyanovsk Higher Tank School and participated in military exercises of the tank units and paratroopers. Walk participants rally on the boat on the Volga. Boys and girls sing a song about the Volga (synchronously), exchange addresses. Participants of the gathering to talk about their experiences (synchronously). Participants of the rally held a solemn march through the streets of Ulyanovsk.

Reel №1

Girls' faces - CU.

Boat floats on the river "Moscow" with the participants of a meeting - MS.

A meeting of the Moscow delegation in the river port - MS., LS.

The meeting participants of a meeting at the airport, the train station - MS., CU.

Ulyanovsk - LS. (Top).

Streets - LS., PNRM. (Top).

Lenin monument on the banks of the Volga - LS.

Lenin memorial - LS. (Top).

The bas-relief of Lenin on the wall of the building of the memorial - CU.

The area in front of the Lenin memorial, completed the rally participants - LS., MS.

Boys and girls in national costumes of the peoples of the Union Republics - CU.

Grand opening of the gathering on the square in front of Lenin's memorial (evening).

On behalf of all generations Komsomol in Moscow's Red Square to the Mausoleum.

Lenin sent a wreath to the APC - MS., LS.

The participants of the rally are on bended knee - LS., MS.

EM stands Tyazhelnikov.

Young men are carrying torches from Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin Wall

of Brest fortress-hero, from mass graves Piskarevsky,

of the hero-cities, light a fire in the bowl of a meeting - different.

Celebratory fireworks in the sky - LS., PNRM., CU.

Torchlight procession - LS., PNRM., MS.

Rally opens the first secretary of the Komsomol Eugene Tyazhelnikov (synchronous) - LS., MS.

Lenin monument - CU.

Bouquet of carnations - CU.

Monument to Maria Alexandrovna and Vladimir Ulyanov - LS.

The house in which he was born, VI Lenin, the pioneers with the banner at the house - LS., MS.

The plaque on the house: "In this house, 10 (22) April 1870 born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin)» - CU.

Courtyard - LS.

The building of the school in which he studied Vladimir Ulyanov - LS.

The plaque on the wall - CU.

House where Vladimir Ulyanov from 1878 to 1884 - LS.

Memorial plaque - CU.

Picture: Maria Ulyanov with children at the piano - MS.

Royal, the chair of the piano - MS.

Room: a bed, a table, a map on the wall.

The participants of the rally in the House Museum.

The marble steps leading to the ceremonial hall of the Lenin Memorial, the delegation raised - LS.

Solemn report youth delegations in Lenin hall.

Take a report first secretary of the Komsomol EM Tyazhelnikov, three times Hero of the Soviet Union I. Kozhedub etc. - MS., CU.

The young man with the flag - CU.

The participants of the rally in the hall - MS., CU.

Acts secretary of the Komsomol Suren Harutyunyan (synchronously) - CU.

Hall - LS.

The old man, PNRM. Order on - CU.

Participants and guests of the gathering in the streets and squares of Ulyanovsk: talking, exchanging addresses, icons - MS., CU.

Lenin's work day in the fourth day of the rally.

Young people working in the assembly area of ​​the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant - LS., CU.

New car off the assembly line - CU.

Young people working on the construction of School.

Lenin: clean rooms, areas - different.

Working man with medals - MS., PNRM.

School building - MS.

Reel №2

The participants of the rally in Ulyanovsk Tank School.

Lenin officer talks about school, listen to youth - MS., CU.

Layouts tank ranges in the audience - LS., MS.

On the field moving tanks - LS.

Explosions - LS.

Delegates gathering take part in military maneuvers - different.

The onset of the first regiment of the Komsomol youth, taking height.

Aircraft in the sky - LS.

Parachutists in the air, land - LS., MS.

Sailing boat on the Volga - LS.

Boats on the river - LS.

The participants of the gathering on the deck of the ship talking, singing (synchronous), view album with icons, dance, exchanging addresses - MS., CU.

Boat on the Volga River at sunset - different.

Youth exchanges badges, pennants - CU., MS.

Awarding badges Komsomol - LS., MS.

The sign on the chest of the Komsomol party rally - CU.

Lenin Jubilee Medal "For Valiant Labor in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin "on the palm - CU.

E. Tyazhelnikov kisses boy - MS.

Talking about youth rally in Kiev (synchronous) - CU.

Participants of a meeting last march through the streets of Ulyanovsk: is a military band, the youth - LS., MS.