Tunes Of Russian Land.. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Stepanova R.

Script writers: Galperin U.

Operators: Prudnikov M.


A film about the Pyatnitsky chorus: about the history of its creation and its founder - Mitrofan Pyatnitsky, as well as today's life of thie renowned band.

Reel №1

Dance group of the State Folk Choir them.

Pyatnitsky performs Russian dance "Timosha 'choir sings ditties (synchronous) - LS., MS.

At Sheremetyevo airport are airliners - LS.

Of landed plane arriving from New York, members of the choir come to them.

Pyatnitsky - LS., CU.

Standing, smiling artistic director of the choir famous Soviet composer Valentin Levashov (in hat) - MS., CU.

Artists of the choir in the bus - LS.

Travel on Kalinin Avenue.

Showcases ration shops.

Showcase with a Russian samovar - CU.

Mannequins in shop windows - CU.

Traffic on the avenue Marx - LS.

Marx Prospect and Moscow river embankment-LS. (With us).

Rehearsal of orchestral choir.

Playing on wooden spoons (synchronously).

Hands playing the spoons - CU.

Performers dance group in rehearsal - different.

Rehearsal - the piano sing two girls (synchronous) - MS.

Nearby stands V. Levashov.

Rehearsal - raspevka chorus - is a rehearsal V. Levashov (synchronous) - Various.

Choir in concert performing the song "Kate" (synchronous) - Various.

Dance group performs a dance "Khokhloma Lozhkarev" (synchronous) - Various.

Applauding audience at the Tchaikovsky Hall - LS.

Reel №2

On stage chorus sings "Steppe".

Portrait Mitrofan Pyatnitsky modest clerk, a lover of the song, which in 1911 brought to Moscow a small group of peasant singers from their homeland - Voronezh land, to acquaint the public with the capital singing village (photo).

Road (with us).

A river with a steamboat - LS. (Top).

Sunset over the water - LS.

Domes of churches - PNRM.

Horses in the night and the river - MS.

A horse with a foal in a field - MS.

Running through a meadow white horse - MS. PNRM.

The river, the railroad (filmed from a helicopter).

Telegraph pole with wires - CU.

Russian wedding, filmed as it played in the old days, with ritual, wedding songs (synchronous) - Various.

The bride and groom seated in the cart.

The cart with the young leaves from the bride's house.

Village house with luminous windows - MS.

Country road.

Horses in the night, bonfire - LS., MS.

B / W: Phonograph - CU. (On the phonograph M. Pyatnitsky recorded songs in the villages, looking to the future of the choir singers).

Wagon rides on the road.

Spinning wheel cart, the cart legs going person - CU.

The old village.

Woman carrying a yoke with buckets of water - LS.

By old house pulls the cart.

Photo: M. Pyatnitsky with peasants from the phonograph - CU.

Photo: M. Pyatnitsky departure for peasant women.

Chaliapin House in Moscow, it's snowing - MS.

Icicles on the porch - CU.

Photo: M. Pyatnitsky - MS.

Photo Chaliapin - MS.

Photo: peasant chorus - MS. PNRM.

Village Choir (female) singing on stage (synchronously) - MS.

Suited to the platform the train is old locomotive, rails to travel.

Winter landscape (with us).

Multrabota: PNRM. a poster presentation of the peasant choir.

Photo: peasant chorus singers - MS., CU.

Photos of famous Russian musicians Kalinikova, Taneyev, Chaliapin, Nezhdanova, who were among the first students of the peasant chorus - CU.

M. Pyatnitsky with chorus, Pyatnitsky (removed from the collisions).


Leg members of the dance group chorus them.

Pyatnitsky, shod in boots - CU.

Dance Rehearsal for "harmony."

Dance performance of "harmony" on the stage (in Russian costumes) - Various.

Dance group in rehearsal - MS., CU.

Rehearsing dance team director, People's Artist of the Soviet Union Tatyana Ustinova.

Reel №3

Leader of the dance group TA Ustinov rehearsing (synchronously).

TA Ustinov was sitting, watching the dancers, filmed collisions her face, eyes - CU.

Dancing young members of the choir - LS., MS.

Autumn birch forest paths in the woods.

Storm clouds in the sky - MS.

On the road going car with headlights - LS. (Evening).

Lightning in the sky - LS.

The rain, on the windowpane machine drain water streams - CU.

On stage, playing a dance group - girls in bright sundresses wide.

Performed "North dance» - LS., MS., CU.

Hand draws strokes on the positioning of the newspaper in the dance - CU.

Sunrise over the forest - MS.

Wake Forest - LS., MS.

PNRM. with bright colorful skirts young dancers on their pretty faces - CU.

PNRM. the faces - CU.

Girls end up dancing and bow - MS.

Park alley - LS. (With motion).

Sculpture of a woman - "Song" in the park - MS., Hitting, CU.

Choral and dance groups chorus them.

Pyatnitsky performed at the dance and the song "Zimushka" (synchronous) - Various.