Fraternal, Unbreakable Cooperation.. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pumpyanskaya S.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Istomin A.

Text writers: Yakovlev E.


About the stay of the Party and Governmental Delegation led by Leonid Brezhnev in Prague.

Historical background

May 5, 1970 in Prague at the invitation of the CPC Central Committee, the President and Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic with the official visit of party and government delegation of the Soviet Union, headed by General Secretary of the CPSU, LI Brezhnev to sign a new treaty on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance between our countries, and participation in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia from Nazi invaders.

Temporary description

Film on the presence of the governmental delegation of the USSR: Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, KT Mazurov, KF Katushev, Andrei Gromyko and others in Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia. Prague. Solemn meeting of the delegation. Soviet-Czechoslovak talks at Prague Castle. The signing of the contract. Present: members of the Soviet delegation, L. Svoboda, L. Strougal, H. Husak, J. Marco, O. Chernik, V. Bilak and others. Awarding Brezhnev Gold Star of Hero of Czechoslovakia, Kosygin and Nikolai V. Podgorny Order of the White Lion. Rewarding V. Bilak and Lenart Order of the Red Banner. Rewarding members of the Government of Czechoslovakia by Soviet medals. The awards are granted Leonid Brezhnev. The Soviet delegation lays flowers at the monument in the cemetery of Soviet soldiers. The meeting at Town Square in Prague in honor sovetko-Czechoslovak friendship. Speakers: G. Husak (synchronously in Czech), Leonid Brezhnev (synchronously). Laying wreaths at the monument to "Unknown Soldier". Inaugural Meeting of 25 th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia. Speakers: Leonid Brezhnev, V. Gomulka (Poland), T. Zhivkov (Bulgaria) and others. Admission to the Soviet Embassy. Seeing the Soviet delegation. Military parade in Prague on May 9, 1970 Speaker L. Svoboda. Chronicle of the Second World War, dedicated to creating and fighting under the command of the Czechoslovak Corps L. freedom, liberation of Czechoslovakia.

Reel №1

Soviet and Czechoslovak national flags, shot through the branches of a flowering fruit tree - CU.

Houses and buildings in Prague, decorated with the flags of Soviet and Czechoslovak

Festively decorated streets

Traffic, people on the streets.

A poster with the NDP: "25 years of Czechoslovakia."

Children playing in the park.

Soviet tank on a high pedestal in the sign of liberation of Prague from the Nazis.

Newsreel 1944:

Soviet tank from the Marines on the ground after a Carpathian fight against the Nazi invaders.

Soviet troops crossed the Dukla Pass, October 6, 1944.

Forces, breaking the pass to enter the territory of Czechoslovakia - in the attack tanks, aircraft, infantry of the 1st Ukrainian Front.

The corpse of the destroyed tank on the battlefield.

Soviet tank, which took part in the liberation of Prague from the Nazis, arrives to the liberated city, passing through the streets.

Prague residents welcome Soviet soldiers, shake Soviet soldier bear arms.

Tank, first entered the city of Prague, on a pedestal (shot through the branches of a flowering tree).

City of Prague - LS., Filmed with a / t (Spring).

Upstairs Ruzinskogo terminal, watch over the building and the NDP: "Prague» - MS.

State flags of the USSR and Czechoslovakia in high flagpoles.

Pioneers at the airport waiting for the guests from the USSR.

Pioneer with flowers.

Arriving for a meeting of the Soviet party and government delegation Czechoslovak President L. Svoboda, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia Gustav Husak, President of the Government of Czechoslovakia L. Strougal, party and government officials at the airport.

Soviet aircraft taxis "IL-62» - LS.

Head of the Soviet Party and Government delegation CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev and the delegation AN Kosygin, PE Shelest, PM Masherov KF Katushev, AA Gromyko at the airport welcome L. Svoboda, Husak, L. Strougal and other state and party leaders.

Soviet guests greet the inhabitants of Prague.

Playing a military band.

Honor guard, built in honor of the Soviet people.

Flying the national flag of Czechoslovakia.

Statesmen Czechoslovakia during the anthem of Czechoslovakia.

The national flag of the Soviet Union.

Soviet party and government delegation during the anthem of the Soviet Union.

March of honor.

LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, L. Svoboda, Husak bypass the guard of honor.

Pioneers of the Soviet delegation presented with flowers - LI Brezhnev and others

Husak delivers a welcoming speech to the microphone.

LI Brezhnev delivers a speech response.

Thousands of residents of Prague enthusiastically welcome the Soviet delegation.

LI Brezhnev welcomes welcoming people of Prague.

PNRM. Prague City - LS., filmed with a / t

General view of the room during the negotiations.


Reel №2

The area in front of the Prague Castle - LS.

Gold Star of the Hero of Czechoslovakia - CU.

The Prague Castle May 6, 1970 Czechoslovak President L. Svoboda presents LI Brezhnev, the Gold Star of Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, AN Kosygin - the Order of the White Lion of the first degree with a chain and a medal sends AN Kosygin to present NV Podgorny.

LI Brezhnev awarding of the Order of the Red Banner V. Bilak and J. Lenart and commemorative medal "In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin, "a group of members of the Presidium of the Central Committee, the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and the government of Czechoslovakia.

Presented the award to congratulate the awardees.

Monument to Soviet soldiers of the Czech and Slovak peoples Olshansky Cemetery - LS.

The honor guard at the monument, built from units of the Czechoslovak and Soviet armies.

The ceremonial laying of wreaths at the monument to Soviet soldiers in the cemetery Olshansky May 7, 1970: Wreath laying General L. Freedom and Husak, LI Brezhnev and AN Kosygin, Soviet military delegation led by Marshal of the Soviet Union Mikhail Zakharov.

Prague residents honor the memory of Soviet soldiers in their graves.

PNRM. the graves.

Thai boy at the graves of soldiers - CU.

Fountain Square in Prague - LS.

The signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, May 6, 1972 at the Prague Castle - the general view of the hall.

The contract signed by LI Brezhnev and AN Kosygin - the Soviet side, Husak and L. Strougal - the Czechoslovak side.

Members of delegations of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union on the signing of the contract.

Workers rally in Prague on the inner area of ​​the Prague Castle - the general look of the square.

Rally participants welcome the signing of the contract - waving flags of Czechoslovakia and the USSR.

On the balcony of Prague Castle overlook members of the Soviet and Czechoslovak party and government delegations, members of the Soviet military delegation: LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, Husak, L. Svoboda, L. Strougal, MV Zakharov and others.

At the rally, playing: Husak (in Czech, speaker - Russian translation).

Chairman of the People's Chamber of the Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia S. Pennigerova read out a message of Czechoslovak workers workers of the Soviet Union (simultaneous translation into Russian announcer reads).

LI stands Brezhnev (synchronously).

Rally participants listen, greeting waving flags and applauding - Various.

Standing on the balcony applauding.

Monument to the Unknown Soldier on Mount Vitkov - LS.

Laying of wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the Czechoslovak and Soviet Party and government delegations, delegations of the socialist countries, arrived on the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia from fascism lay wreaths Czechoslovak soldiers, LI Brezhnev and AN Kosygin.

Wreath with the NDP on the tape: "Unknown Soldier of the party and government delegation of the USSR."

Laying wreaths delegations of various countries.

Wreaths on the grave of the Unknown Soldier from the Czechoslovak Party and Government delegation from the German party and government delegation from the Romanian party and government delegation from the Polish party and government delegation.

PNRM. Monument to the Unknown Soldier, a wreath at the foot of the monument - LS.

Reel №3

Square with a fountain in Prague - LS., Filmed with a / t

One of the streets of Prague - LS.

Grand meeting of the Central Committee, the Central Committee of the National Front of Czechoslovakia, the Federal Assembly of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in Prague Castle, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia from the Nazis.

The public view of the hall, all standing up applauding.

At the podium Husak, L. Svoboda, L. Strougal and other state and party leaders of Czechoslovakia, the party and government delegation of the USSR - LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin and others, party and government delegations of other socialist countries: First Secretary of the BCP Central Committee, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria T. Zhivkov, First Secretary of the Polish United Workers' W. Gomulka, etc.

The report advocates Husak.

The meeting participants listen, applaud - different.

LI goes to the podium Brezhnev, the meeting welcomed him with applause.

LI Brezhnev makes a speech at Prague Castle.

In the hall listening, standing applause - different.

In the hall listening, standing applause - different.

The building of the Soviet Embassy in Prague - MS.

Reception at the Soviet embassy, ​​arranged on the occasion of visit of the Soviet party and government delegation, the Soviet-Czechoslovak Treaty and in connection with the 25th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.

LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin greet arriving guests: Gustav Husak, L. Freedom and others.

AN Kosygin made a speech at the reception.

L. Strougal serves a reply.

LI Brezhnev, L. Svoboda, Husak and reception.

Departure LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin and AA Gromyko from Prague to the homeland: the Ruzinskom airport escorted guests Husak, L. Svoboda, L. Strougal etc.

Members of the Soviet party and government delegation PE Shelest, PM Masherov KF Katushev, Soviet Ambassador to Czechoslovakia SV Chervonenko left Prague to take part in the Victory Parade, among the mourners.

Prague residents see off the Soviet guests.

LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, the plane wave their hands seeing off (night scene).

A banner on the street with the NDP "25."

Ceremonial parade Letenskom field in honor of the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia from the Nazis - LS., PNRM.

President L. Svoboda of the floor in front of the parade participants.

Warriors listen - CU.

Newsreel 1942:

L. Svoboda with the flag of the Soviet Union formed the Czechoslovak military unit

Czechoslovak soldiers in service before sending them to the front.

Sending Czechoslovak military unit - to board the train.

Troop train on the way to the front of the soldiers in the carriages.

Victory Parade on Letenskom field in 1970 (continued parade).

On the podium stands L. Svoboda.

Parade participants listen.

On the podium: Gustav Husak, L. Strougal, L. Svoboda and other government officials in Czechoslovakia, the Soviet party and government delegation: PE Shelest, PM Masherov KF Katushev, SV Chervonenko Marshal MV Zakharov, foreign guests.

Newsreel 1945:

Czechoslovak soldiers return to the motherland, the people of Prague meet them, General L. Liberty welcomes compatriots in the liberated capital.

Women, old men hug and kiss.

Victory Parade in the field Letenskom May 9, 1970 - It takes a column of different types of troops, militia fighters.

Pass the tank units, missile parts.

Helicopters flying over the area with banners.

Prague residents gathered at the main grandstand, welcomes Husak (speech).

A woman applauds - CU.

People waving flags - different.