The Meeting With Nikolay Karlov. (1971)

Film-document №6963 2 parts, Duration: 0:11:55, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pchelyakova G.

Script writers: Nekhamkin I., Pchelyakova G.

Operators: Khavchin A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


This film-cinema portrait of Nikolay Karlov, a scientist, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

Temporary description

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of Laboratory of Physics Institute named after Lebedev USSR NV Karlov and laboratory staff in research the possibility of using lasers in chemical processes. NV Karlov at a seminar listening to the scientists of the Institute Academician AM Prokhorov, talking with the sculptor E. unknown in his workshop, with British scientists, who came to the Physics Institute named after Lebedev. NV Karlov at home, the conduct of the physics lessons at school, during a visit to his homeland: Vologda village Shilovo. Photos NV Charles in childhood.

Reel №1

Beam in the dark - MS.

Gorky Street is a Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Nikolai Charles, one of those who deal with lasers - MS.

The sign of the Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences - CU.

NV Charles is the laboratory of oscillations, in which he and his colleagues are working on the problem of the use of lasers in chemical processes as an accelerator of chemical reactions.

NV Charles talks to a graduate student working in the laboratory of Vladimir Arakelian - MS.

Laboratory equipment - MS., CU.

Charles K. wife Elena in the laboratory - MS., CU.

Nikolai and Elena K. home watching Family Album - MS.

Photos - MS., CU.

Karlovy daughter Mary, entered the Physics Department - CU.

Nikolai is talking to her daughter.

Photo of Masha Charles - CU.

Nikolai and his son Vasya, who is studying the physico-mathematical school - MS., CU.

Bob - CU.

Book "Physics» - CU., PNRM.

NV Charles holds classes in physics in the 10th class of the 42nd school: shows the laser system - CU., MS.

School children in the classroom - MS., CU.

Charles interviews (synchronously) - MS.

Photos PL Kapitza and LD Landau - CU.

NV are Charles and Academician Alexander Prokhorov, working together - MS.

Seminar of the Laboratory.

Laboratory staff are sitting, sitting, listening, commenting, NV Charles.

The seminar perform AM Prokhorov, in Arakelyan (synchronous) - MS. CU.

NV Charles in his laboratory colleagues at work - MS., CU.

Graduate student Oleg Stelmakh pours cold nitrogen - CU.

Working laser - CU., MS.

Charles face - CU.

Reel №2

NV Charles leafing through the album with reproductions - MS., CU.

NV Charles in the studio of the sculptor Ernst Neizvestny.

An unknown in his studio - LS.

The sculpture "The Hand» - MS.

Unknown E. and N. Charles talk about the book Vavilov "Eye of the Sun" (synchronous).

E. Unknown at work on a sculpture - CU.

The sculptor - CU.

Sculpture astronaut - MS.

NV Charles in his laboratory with foreign colleagues - American scientist Dr.

Andrews and Dr.

Bailey Englishman - MS., CU.

NV Charles talks with foreign scientists in the study (simultaneously in English) - Various.

Vologda - LS.

Church - CU., MS., PNRM.

NV Charles passes through the city - MS.

Shilovo village, 40 km from Vologda: The street is N. Charles, standing near his grandfather's home (Fall) - MS., CU.

Photo: N. Charles as a child with his grandfather - CU., MS.

Parts of the device in the laboratory Physics Institute in Moscow - MS., CU.

NV Charles in a laboratory with her colleagues in the experiment - MS., CU.

The laser beam - MS., CU.

NV Charles goes on Gorky Street (summer) - MS.