The Future Belongs To Them. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Sofronov V.

Script writers: Rozhdestvaenskaya K.

Operators: Voroncov V., Popova M.

Text writers: Sosin O.


The film tells about the labor education of students, about pre-professional education of young people in the Soviet Union.

Historical background

October 12, 1970 in Moscow at the suggestion of Children's Fund, United Nations (UNICEF) opened the International Seminar for Asian and African countries on pre-professional training for young people in the Soviet Union. On behalf of the Soviet government held a seminar the Board of the Union of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the USSR, together with the Ministry of Education of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR State Committee of USSR Council of Ministers on Vocational Training.

Temporary description

Children playing in the kindergarten, cut out circles of paper, lay the table for dinner, draw. Students at one school chemistry lessons, English language, physics. Students in schools of the Georgian village Chakva while working on the training test sites during the laboratory studies to examine the chemical properties of tea. Students sat Gulkevichi Krasnodar region, created a working model of a sugar factory, get sugar from beets grown in the experimental section. Girls engaged in labor economics in the classroom, the boys learn the technique. Students in the classroom for apprenticeship training in the shops of the Kharkov Tractor Plant. International Workshop for Asian and African countries on training young people in the Soviet Union. View exhibits at the exhibition of young technicians. Classes of schoolchildren Georgian village of Vani in circles at the House of Pioneers. Speech dance ensemble Dushanbe Palace of Pioneers. Students in vocational schools in the Tajik village of Cheptura in the classroom, a training workshop.

Reel №1

Children playing in the kindergarten room, cut out of paper, mold dumplings, lay the table for dinner - different.

Baby face - CU.

Students Grade 4 20th schools in Moscow on Russian lesson - different.

Students face - CU.

Tenth grade students in chemistry classes, English, physics, etc. - are different.

Periodic Table - CU., PNRM.

Students face - CU.

Summer landscape with a river of central - LS.

The school building in the woods (hitting) - LS.

Citrus trees, tangerines on a tree - CU., PNRM.

In the Georgian village Chakva educational-experimental plot children collect tangerines, tea leaf (summer) - CU., LS.

Boys work on tractors, corn machine - CU.

Studies on selection: the girl learns to pollinate plants (flowering tree) - MS., CU.

Academic, breeder Xenia Bakhtadze a tea garden, talking with students - CU., LS.

On labs, students learn the chemical properties of tea, taste tea - CU., MS.

In the village school Gulkevichi Krasnodar Territory is created by the current model of sugar beet plant grown at the experimental station, guys get sugar - MS., CU.

Girl tries to sugar - CU.

Economics lesson: girls learn to cook dinner, serve a table, sew - LS., CU.

The school building in the village Gulkevichi (winter, snow) - LS.

Boys passing on training motorcycles and tractors (winter) - CU., LS.

The girl is a tractor - MS.

Traffic Lights - CU.

Department training center district of Leningrad

Moscow - LS.

In the classroom, students are introduced to the shop today, foremen with students on a milling site - PNRM.

Detail drawing - MS., CU.

Boys on the milling machine manufactured parts for transformers - CU., MS.

Girls and boys work in radio engineering shop - different.

Visiting a group of students of the main conveyor Kharkov Tractor Plant - LS., CU.

The training workshop CMP students work on academic assembly line, in offices, on the machine part - MS., CU.

Moscow with Kremlin Moskvoretsky bridge and - LS.

Kalinin Bridge and the Houses of CMEA - LS.

Moscow - LS.

International Workshop for Asian and African countries opened by the Chairman of the Board and Sokka KPSSSR Professor GA Miterev.

Playing the participants: Deputy Minister of Education of the USSR MI Zhuravleva, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Vocational Training Council of Ministers of the USSR AS Shevchenko, director of labor education and vocational guidance JK Vasilyev, member of the Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Education, Professor KA Ivanovic, etc.

Workshop participants listen, talk on the sidelines - different.

Reel №2

Participants attend an international seminar-Union Exhibition of Children's Art - MS.

The family of robots designed by young technicians - LS., MS.

Robot in Action - CU.

Children at the show - CU.

Boy gives explanations.

Working models of lunar rover - MS., CU.

Rover model on TV - CU.

TV remote, the girls behind the board - MS., CU.

The boy at the camera, is the transfer of the central exhibition hall - MS., CU.

Children draw in the art studio - MS., CU.

Girl making a clay jug on the wheel - CU., MS.

Children Tajiks make national musical instruments - CU., MS.

Boys learn Georgian coinage - MS.

Boy whittling a plane - CU.

To young technicians boys construct model aircraft, model boats, locomotives - CU.

Young railwaymen serve the children's railway: a special test strip gauge precision work in the control room are part of, check the tickets of passengers - MS., CU.

Children are engaged in the gym - different.

Children in swimming pool jumping from the tower, swim along the paths - LS.

Young musicians and dancers Dushanbe Palace of Pioneers appear to participants of the International Seminar: Tajik girl performing a dance - different.

Watching guests - LS.

Seminar participants at the Moscow Railway Vocational School - MS., LS.

Boy switchman signaling - CU.

Is part of the children's railway, the cars show "Eaglet» - LS.

Railway Vocational Students in class at a special office for the study of locomotive engines - CU.

Future machinist assistants in the classroom - CU., MS.

Girls with cars on the international conductors language class.

Said the girl in English (synchronously) - CU., MS.

Works tape - CU.

Gate leading to the territory of vocational school № -11 in the Tajik village Cheptura (near Dushanbe) - CU.

Persons boys Tajiks - CU.

The boys are in the class engaged in the classroom, teaching tractor workshop - LS., CU.

Workshop participants in a vocational school № 11.

The boys go on tractors from inside the studio - LS.

Students with teacher in cotton harvesters - CU.

The field is a harvester - LS.

Workshop participants in the field.

Cotton field - LS.

Rose bushes - CU., MS.

Children near Rose - MS., CU.

Workshop participants and the children plant trees - LS.

During the seminar room Tadzhik Academy of Sciences are the front of the microphone: Saluki of the UAR, Bandzhoko from Nigeria, Dr.

Saraf of India (synchronously) - CU.