The May Day Moscow.. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Derbysheva L.


The film tells about the May Day celebration in the capital of the Soviet Union - the City-Hero of Moscow (socialist and labor movement celebrations conducted on May 1 - the Day of International Solidarity of working People).

Temporary description

City of Moscow. May 1, 1971. Demonstrations, rallies, gym parade on Red Square. Members of the Government on the platform of the mausoleum of Lenin. Advocates Brezhnev (synchronously). Protesters sing, dance. Female garment factory "Salute", one of the watch industry are interviewed (synchronously). Representatives of the delegations from foreign countries on the guest platform.

Reel №1

Columns of demonstrators with flags and portraits of the leaders of the Party and the government, with colorful banners and flowers are from Gorky Street and Avenue of Marx, the area 50 years of October to Red Square - LS.

The protesters on the way to Red Square dancing, singing.

Accordionist of demonstrators.

Amateur brass band at the demonstrators.

It takes a column Moscow garment factory "Salute".

The protesters - workers of Moscow enterprises give interviews - talk about a festive mood, the Labour successes (synchronously).

Foreign youth at the demonstrators.

Tunisian girl interviewed (synchronously).

Dancing and singing Soviet and foreign young men and women - are different.

A meeting of workers' representatives in Moscow on Red Square to celebrate - LS.

The leaders of the Communist Party and the Soviet government on the mausoleum of VI Lenin - LS.

NV Podgorny, LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, MA Suslov on the podium - MS.

Soviet military leaders - MS.

Participants of the rally from the area and welcome the guest platform leaders of the Soviet state.

From the podium, with a welcoming speech acts, General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev (synchronously).

Participants in the rally with portraits of members of the Politburo on the area - LS.

To listen to the guest platform - MS., CU.

Participants of the rally in the columns on the Red Square listen, applaud after the speech, LI Brezhnev, the square, there were cries of "Hurrah!» - CU., MS.

Performance of athletes in the square - LS., MS.

Serve young athletes - LS., MS.

Pass sailors yunarmeytsy - LS., MS.

Marsh pioneer detachments.

Children run out to the area with a bouquet of flowers sent to the Mausoleum, presented with flowers on the podium of the party and the government.

In the square Pioneers chorus utter the slogan "the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, glory, glory, glory.

Hurrah! "(Synchronous).

In Red Square - a moving banner: "Moscow - Hero City!» - LS.

Columns of demonstrators from different areas of the capital - the Krasnaya, Frunze, Proletarian and others, come to Red Square.

It takes a column enterprise-class militants marked by government awards.

Protesters carry flags of bright, colorful fabrics.

It takes a column of employees Likhachev Automobile Plant - LS., MS., CU.

On the guest platform Soviet cosmonauts - the crew of "Soyuz-10" - VA Shatalov, AS Eliseev, NN Rukavishnikov on the guest platform.

Protesters greet astronauts.

Foreign visitors to the stands near the Kremlin Wall.

Demonstrators carry anti-war slogans of "Shame American imperialism," "Hello Vietnam," "The Israeli occupation forces - out with the Arab territories."

Arab guests in the stands.

Demonstrators with children walk past the podium, greeted the Soviet leaders.

Party and government leaders from the podium greeted demonstrators.

Slogans in the hands of the protesters: "Glory to the CPSU, Hooray," "Party of our leader!» - MS.

A huge portrait of VI Lenin protesters sneaked through Red Square - LS., Hitting.

Red Square during May Day demonstration - LS.