Liberated Czechoslovakia.. (1971)

Film-document №7041 5 parts, Duration: 0:48:44, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin I.

Script writers: Karavkin U.

Operators: Goncharov A., Dobronickiy V. (elder), Kiselev S., Krichevskiy A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Agapov B.


The film reminds of how Soviet-Czechoslovakian friendship was reinforced with blood during the years of war.

Reel №1

Landscapes Czechoslovakia - LS., MS.

Ruined old castle, the ruins of ancient castles - LS., MS.

Vintage - different.

Farmers in traditional costumes in the village - MS.

Women paint the pots and plates - MS., CU.

Women for embroidery - CU., MS.

Kladno - LS. (Top point).

Metal Works - MS., LS. (Top point).

City Island - center of metallurgy - LS., PNRM.

Plants - LS., PNRM.

City Zlin - MS. (The top point), LS., PNRM.

Building a shoe factory - MS.

Is shift - LS.

Brno - one of the largest cities in the country - LS., MS. (Top point).

Bratislava - LS., MS.

Danube river in Bratislava - MS.

The streets of the city - MS.

Ancient houses XIII, XIV century - MS.

Hanging on the facade of the house key - CU.

Alley - MS., PNRM. (Top).

Prague - LS.

Wenceslas Square - LS.


Wenceslas monument - LS., MS.

Vltava River, a boat on the river - MS., LS.

Streets, canals - MS.

Charles Bridge - MS. (With motion).

Crucifix on the bridge - MS.

Carter street - MS.

The streets and people are passing over the bridge.

View on Hradcany: car rides to the Kremlin - MS., PNRM.


Vitus Cathedral - MS., CU., PNRM.

Chimeras and figures that adorn the cathedral - CU.

Presidential Palace - LS., MS.

A group of boys in the street musicians - MS.

Jan Hus monument - Czech patriot, leader of the national liberation movement - LS., MS.

Reel №2

The clock on the tower of the town hall of Prague - MS.

Moving figures - MS.

Prague - LS., MS. (Top point).

National Theatre - MS.

Quadriga at the theater - CU.

The historic building in which from 19 to 30 January 1912 Prague Conference of the RSDLP was held under the chairmanship of Vladimir Lenin - MS.

A plaque with text in Russian - CU.

Portrait of Lenin, reading "Truth» - MS.

Vltava embankment - LS.

People on the street at the window of a bookstore - MS.

Showcase of books, including books Hasek and Capek - CU.

Against the background score bust composer Smetana, composer Dvorak - CU.

At the playground kids play - LS., MS.

Children in the room ran up the stairs - LS.

Municipal Stadium, in the sky above the stadium are flying pigeons - LS., PNRM.

Mass action of athletes at the stadium - LS.

Newsreel 30's.:

The street systems are fascists - MS.

Nazi rally in Carlsbad (evening).

Speakers speakers require full autonomy areas bordering Germany and Austria, and breach of contract Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union - MS., CU.

Pass fascist troops - MS., LS.

Headbands with a swastika on his sleeve - CU.

Two hands with Finnish knives - MS.

Results riots: blood stains on the pillow, broken glass, broken furniture, dead - MS., CU.

People rally in the square in Prague, requiring the removal of fascist gangs - LS.

German military equipment and troops tightened the borders of Czechoslovakia - different.

Men on the street read the announcement of the government's partial mobilization.

Go Czechoslovak Army troops heading for the borders of the republic - MS., CU.

Near the guns in position is Czech soldiers - MS.

Czech border, the barrier - MS.

The national emblem on the pole - CU.

Local border - LS.

Selling newspapers on the streets of Prague - MS.

Turn the pages of the Soviet-Czechoslovak Treaty - CU.

The newspaper "Rude Pravo" with a portrait of Mikhail Kalinin - CU.

Men read newspapers - CU., MS.

Czechoslovak soldiers pass, get in the car - MS.

Czechoslovak pilots board the plane - CU.

Tank, plane - CU. (Munich, Germany).

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs: Ribbentrop and Daladier (France) sit in a car, riding - MS., CU.

Meeting coming out of the plane by British Foreign Secretary Chamberlain - CU.

Are Hitler, Daladier, Ribbentrop - MS. (Indoors).

Goering and other German commanders of the card - MS.

Animation: map of the division of Czechoslovakia - CU.

Newsreel 30's.:

Talking Hitler, Goering and others.

The signing of the Munich Agreement on division of Czechoslovakia - MS.

Protest against the Czechoslovak people to divide the country - MS.

Czechoslovak and Soviet "Pravda" newspaper articles on the Elimination of German aggressor Czechoslovakia - CU.

Reel №3

Newsreel 30's.:

Nazi troops enter the territory of Czechoslovakia.

In the streets of the population welcomed the Germans, women cry and welcome - MS., CU.

Pass and pass on machines German soldiers - CU., MS.

Czechoslovak President Beneš signs the resignation - MS.

The newspaper "Rude Pravo" with a message about leaving Benes resigned - CU.

Covers Russian and Czech books: the book "Chapaev", the book J. Fucik - MS., CU.

Showcase with a portrait of Hitler - MS.

Hitler's book "Mein Kampf» - CU.

A group of German soldiers at the bookstall - MS.

Czechoslovak President Gah approved occupiers - CU.

His picture in the newspaper - CU.

Tiso (passes) and Tuck (standing) in Slovakia - CU.

The evacuation of the Czech population from their homes.

Crying woman.

On roads with children and belongings are refugees - MS., CU.

Nazi troops enter Prague on Wenceslas Square are - MS., LS.

German tanks are in the Hradcany - CU.

The Germans are in the presidential palace - LS.

The palace waving a flag with a swastika - MS., LS.

Vicar Hitler neuro - CU.

Neurite with the government defeatists - LS.

Burning and collapsing house - CU.

German planes fly - CU., MS.

Hitler in the cabin, looking out the window - MS.

The aircraft dropped bombs - CU.

Fires on the ground - MS.

German aircraft over the burning area of ​​Poland - LS.

France: women say goodbye to departing for the front men - MS., CU.

Evacuation of children: mothers say goodbye to the children - MS., CU., LS.

Germans raise the flag with a swastika - CU.

London burning houses - PNRM. (Top).

The ruins of the house - MS.

The evacuation of children from the city - MS.

Weeping women - CU.

Sentry at the gate, barricaded with sandbags - LS.

Chamberlain and his wife with gas masks over their shoulders are held in the park and on the street - LS., MS.

Animation: explosion vpechatka inscription "1941 June 22» - CU.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Newspaper reports of Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union - CU.

Flying Soviet planes - MS.

Go on the field, Soviet tanks - LS.

Shooting guns - MS.

Explosions - CU.

Signing of the agreement between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia on joint action against Germany - MS.

Agreement - CU.

Soldiers formed in the Soviet Union of Czechoslovak military unit of the Czechs and Slovaks living in our country, and the citizens of the Czechoslovak Republic, fled their homeland, learn military skills (make skiing forced marches, shooting) - MS., CU. (Winter).

The soldiers in the ranks - MS., CU.

Before going to the front of the commander Ludwig Freedom awarded national flag of the Czechoslovak Republic - MS.

A. Freedom of the banner - CU.; Transmits flag lieutenant Janos - MS.

Lieutenant Janos the banner - MS., LS.

Czech military band plays - CU.

Parade with a banner Czechoslovak military units - MS., LS.

Czechoslovak soldiers sit in a military train - MS., CU.

Fighting: flying Soviet planes, anti-aircraft guns firing - LS.

Colonel L. Svoboda - MS., CU.

Czechoslovak War participate in combat, ferried on rafts and inflatable rubber boats across the river - LS., MS.

Colonel L. Svoboda and another officer read the newspaper with the Decree on awarding orders and medals of the Soviet soldiers and officers of the Czechoslovak army - MS.

Newspaper - CU.

Czechs warriors stand in formation - MS.

Colonel L. Svoboda congratulated the awardees - MS.

"Truth" on 14.12.1943, with the Treaty of friendship, mutual assistance, and postwar cooperation between the Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Republic - CU.

Engineering structures (tank obstacles, barbed wire), built by the Germans in the foothills of the Carpathians - LS.

Soviet troops enter the Carpathians.

They're bringing a gun.

Dirt roads, wheel car stalled in the mud (Spring) - MS., CU.

On mountain trails, donkeys and horses driven loads - LS.

The soldiers pulled the mountain gun, charge, shoot - MS., CU.

Medic carries a wounded soldier on a horse - MS.

Explosions - LS., CU.

Reel №4

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Soviet troops and soldiers on Czechoslovak Czechoslovak border: on the road moving tanks - MS., LS.; Uphill climb soldiers with mortars - MS.; Tanks and soldiers go into battle - MS.; Bandaging the wounded - MS.; Soviet aircraft in air - MS., LS.

On the way, go Slovak partisans - MS., LS.

Is a German military train with soldiers - LS., MS., CU.

Guerrillas lay dynamite - CU.

The train after the explosion, the wreckage of cars - MS., CU., LS.

Burned occupiers Slovak village - LS., PNRM., MS.

Ruined school - MS.

The woman in the ashes - MS.

Second Czechoslovak brigade, formed in the Soviet Union, before going to the front handed the banner of the Czechoslovak Republic - MS., CU.

The Banner - CU.

The soldiers in the ranks - MS., CU.

Before soldiers stands Klement Gottwald (simultaneously in Czech) - MS.

Held the banner of the 2nd Brigade of the Czechoslovak - MS.

Passing infantry, motorcycles, artillery, tanks - MS., LS.

Part of the 2nd Brigade at the front of the Czechoslovak road (motorcycles, tanks) - MS., CU.

Soviet troops on the territory of Slovakia - MS.

Troops and equipment from the border.

Border post - CU.

The population of the villages and towns welcomed the Soviet soldiers - MS., CU.

Flowering branch of apple - CU.

The farmer plowing with oxen, helped by Czechoslovak soldiers - MS., CU.

Farmers plant - MS.

At the top of the Tatra waving Czech and Soviet flag - MS.

The snowy peaks of the Tatra Mountains - LS.

Further advance of the Soviet Army.

Commander of the 2nd Ukrainian Front, Marshal Malinovsky with group commanders fighting over the map (in the room) - MS.

Soviet troops liberated Bratislava - LS.

The Danube River - LS.

Soviet military boats on the Danube - MS., LS.

The offensive of the 4th Ukrainian Front.

Front commander, Army General AI Eremenko on the front - MS.

In liberated Isle population welcomed the Soviet soldiers: shake officer, hang the Soviet flag, smiling miners - MS., CU.

Soviet and Czechoslovak fluttering flags - MS.

Fighting Soviet forces: air planes, shoot tanks, guns, "Katyusha", the soldiers go on the attack - LS., MS.

Liberated city of Brno - LS. (From the top of) the street - MS.

Soviet and Czechoslovak flags on the balcony - MS.

Moravian peasants liberated villages welcome Soviet troops - MS.

Nazi officers on the streets of Prague - LS., MS.

German soldiers formation through the streets of Prague - MS.

Passing armed cyclists - MS.

Patrolling the streets of the German tanks - MS.

Shootout between Czech patriots and German soldiers in Prague - LS., MS.

Bohemian rebels and people are building on the streets of liberated from the Nazis, the barricades - MS., LS.

Rebels on the barricades - MS., LS.

German soldiers in the street set mortar - LS.

Reel №5

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

The streets of Prague and are passing on trucks rebels - MS., CU.

Rebel suited to the machine on which it is written, "Death to all SS» - MS.

Gunfight in the streets between the rebels and the German soldiers - MS.

Rebels pick up the wounded in the streets - MS., LS.

Rebels beat Gestapo agents - MS.

The rebels are arrested traitors and Gestapo agents, thrown out of the windows of the building and burned the German documentation and literature, burn a portrait of Hitler and the Nazi flag - CU.

Highway to Prague by car passing by German punitive troops - MS.

Punishers in the streets of Prague - LS.

German plane over the city - MS., LS.

Killed and wounded patriots.

Burning houses - MS., LS.

Marshal Konev over the map to a group of officers at the front - CU.

Colonel General Rybalko a meeting at the headquarters - CU.

Soviet tanks army Rybalko forced march go to help Prague - MS., LS.

Tank battle with the enemy force - MS., LS.

Soviet soldiers are fleeing the attack - MS.

Broken German technology.

Destroyed tank, burning tank, killed by German soldiers - MS.

Go Soviet tanks, fly planes - LS.

Soviet tanks were driven on the streets of Prague - different.

Persons Soviet tank - CU.

The rebels in the streets extinguish burning buildings, collect the wounded - MS.

The rebels and the population of Prague welcome tankers, General Rybalko and Leliushenko - different.

Residents talk with tank crews - MS.

Soviet soldier holding a two Czech children - CU.

Children on a Soviet tank - MS.

Prague residents welcome Soviet tank from the windows of houses - MS.

Outside, the inhabitants of Prague beaten with sticks on bronze head of Hitler - MS., CU.; Break bronze head Franco - MS.

Marshal Konev enters Prague - MS.

Residents welcome it - MS., CU., LS.

Residents say goodbye to Soviet soldiers killed in the battle of Prague: lay flowers, crying women - MS.

Tomb Czechoslovak patriots killed in the barricade fighting - MS., CU.

The honor guard at the tomb of Czechoslovak soldiers - MS., CU.

Wreaths at the grave - CU.

Panels designed with an inscription on the Czech and Russian: "Here was the village of Lidice» - MS.

On the site of the grave of Lidice - MS., CU.

The people at the grave, half-mast flags, church leaders, the Soviet soldiers - MS., CU.

Crying relatives of those killed - CU.

The streets of Prague with banners are part of the Czechoslovak L. Svoboda, who fought with Soviet soldiers, the soldiers are girls - LS., MS.

The population welcomed their soldiers - different.

Czechoslovak units in Wenceslas Square - LS.

Passing armored - MS.

Czechoslovak flag flutters - CU., LS.

The people rejoice - LS., PNRM.