Moscow Is Reporting. (1971)

Film-document №7065 1 part, Duration: 0:10:23, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Shirman T.


About progress made by Moscow workers in the VIII Five-Year Plan.

Reel №1

Kremlin - LS. (With the Moscow River)

Monument VI Lenin in the Kremlin - MS., CU.

Kalinin bridge across the Moscow River - LS.

Home Kutuzov Avenue - LS.

Construction of a house - LS.

Builders at work - CU.

CMEA building - LS.

Kalinin Prospect, people pass - LS. (Top point).

Shop building "House of Books" cinema "October» - MS., LS.

Sign cinema "October» - CU.

New district Nagatino - LS. (Top point).

In the hospital, nurses wheeling strollers with newborns - MS.

Children in kindergarten play areas, paint, cut paper - MS.

Smiling girl - CU.

Baby toddler in the treatment room - MS.

A nurse weighs a child - MS.

Teacher with toddlers - LS.

Nagatinsky bridge over the Moscow River, the river is the ship "Moskvich» - LS.

Subway station "Kakhovskaya", "Warsaw" is a train - MS.

The opening of the new metro line.

Ostankino Tower - CU., PNRM. (Bottom-up).

Installers on top of the tower - MS., CU.

Sheremetievskiy Ostankino Palace and territory (with the tower) - LS.

Newsreel 1967:

Rally on Red Square to mark the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.

Presentation at a meeting in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses Order of the October Revolution.

NV Podgorny presents the Order delegation of workers, led by the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council, VF Fishing, attaches to the flag of the Order of the Moscow-LS., MS.

Working in an assembly shop Automobile them.

Likhachev: cars on the assembly line, a truck without a body off the assembly line - MS., LS.

Shop manufacturing parts by precision casting factory ZIL - LS., MS., PNRM.

Manufacturing of parts cars by this method - MS., LS.

Employees of the National Research Institute for the automotive industry at the Institute of the work: the projects, devices, models - MS., CU.

The work of the automated line at the First State Bearing Plant - CU., MS.

Dispatchers at the controls - MS., CU.

Button on the TV screen - CU.

Work in the computer shop of the plant - LS., MS.

Computer - CU.

The book is titled "Information on the management of production of CMS-1» - CU.

Newsreel 1969:

Meeting of the best workers.

Listening and cheering in the hall - LS., MS. (Top point).

Panels depicting VI Lenin in the back of the stage of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Shop Moscow Electromechanical Plant.

Vladimir Lenin - MS.

Finished rods for motors and engines ready - CU.

Electric motor assembly - MS., PNRM.

The shop of the Moscow factory of cotton.

Frunze for the machine running weaver Maria S. Ivannikova - MS., CU.

Work in the shops of the plant "Red Proletarian": machinist - CU., LS.

Plant fitter, Hero of Socialist Labor V. Yermilov at work at the machine - MS.

Newsreel 1919:

The first communist Saturday in Moscow-sorting depot - different.

Photo: V. Lenin in his office in the Kremlin - CU.

At a volunteer in the Moscow-sorting depot workers.

Electric, repaired the day communist Saturday - MS., CU.

Presentation of the enterprise's staff Lenin Jubilee certificate of honor for achievements in socialist competition.

Cheering in the shop.

Lenin Jubilee certificate of recognition - CU.

LI Brezhnev delivers a report on the ceremony dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin - MS.

Those present in the hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace - LS.

Work in the assembly shop of the Moscow plant small cars named "Leninsky Komsomol" - different.

Work on automatic line Lamp Factory - MS.

Manufacture of fluorescent lamps - MS., LS., PNRM.

The work of the automatic line of processed cheese shop Ostankino Dairy Plant - MS., CU.

Packing and packaging machine processed cheese - different.

Weaving workshop - MS., PNRM.

Comes out of the machine fabric - CU.

Hands corrected moving fabric - CU.

A worker in the shop for sewing machine - CU.

Meeting of representatives of the workers of Moscow cinema "October".

Speakers - CU.

Vote of those present.

Young workers in the workplace - CU.