A Handshake Across the Pole.. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pumpyanskaya S.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Artseulov O.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Karavkin U.


The film tells about the official visit to the Soviet Union of the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau with his spouse.

Historical background

From 17 to 28 May 1971 in the Soviet Union on an official visit by Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his wife.

Temporary description

The film is about the official visit of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the USSR. City of Moscow. Meeting PE Trudeau and his wife at the airport. Atmosphere: AN Kosygin, KT Mazurov, D. C. Polyansky. Negotiations Kosygin and PE Trudeau in the Kremlin. Present: N. Baibakov, VN Novikov, VA Kirilin, Andrei Gromyko, NS Patolichev, Richie, Warren, Head, B. danzón, R. Ford. PE Trudeau at a reception at the Leonid Brezhnev. Present: A. Gromyko and others. Reception at NV Podgorny. Kosygin and PE Trudeau signed a protocol on consultations. Margaret Trudeau (wife of PE Trudeau) visits the Palace of Pioneers, Ballet School at the Bolshoi Theater. P. and M. Trudeau, in a performance of Swan Lake at the Bolshoi Theater. Present Kosygin. Fragments of the ballet (synchronously). Reception at PE Trudeau. Trudeau and his wife greeted the guests. Press conference at the Central House of Journalists. Visit PE Trudeau on the Soviet Union. Ukraine. City of Kiev. Reception of VV Shcherbitsky. Trudeau visits the factory electronic computing and control machines, along with his wife visits the city's sights. Shevchenko monument. Khreshchatyk. Sophia Cathedral. Dnieper. Uzbekistan. City of Tashkent. Reception of the President of the Council of Ministers of Uzbekistan ND Hudayberdiev. Townscape. City of Samarkand. Historical and architectural monuments of the city. P. Trudeau and his wife on trips. City of Norilsk. Solemn meeting. Visit mine "Bear Creek, the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the territory of building houses on stilts, the Palace of Sports" Arctic ". Streets, buildings of the city. Hockey match at the Palais des Sports. P. and M. Trudeau present at the marriage registration at the Palace of Marriages. The city of Murmansk. Seaport. Visit the atomic icebreaker "Lenin". Team icebreaker. Leningrad. Visit the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. Conversation with the Director of the Institute AF Treshnikov. P. Trudeau visits Piskarevsky, Peterhof. Seeing PE Trudeau airport. Newsreel: icebreaker Sibiryakov "in the ice, drifting research station North Pole-3", among wintering AF Treshnikov.

Reel №1

Ukraine Hotel, Kalinin Bridge - LS. (Top).

Metro Bridge (at the Kiev railway station).

2 state flag: the USSR and Canada - CU.

Welcome slogans in Russian and English - MS.

Meeting PE Trudeau at Vnukovo airport.

Among the greeters AN Kosygin, KT Mazurov, DS Polanski, VA Kirillin AA Gromyko, etc.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his wife comes down the ramp, greeting AN Kosygin and friends meet - MS., LS.

Guard of honor - CU.

AN Kosygin and PE Trudeau bypass the guard of honor - MS.

Muscovites at the airport welcome PE Trudeau - MS. PNRM.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - LS.

18.05-19.05. The talks between the President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR AN Kosygin and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Danson, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Ivan Head, Canadian Ambassador to the USSR Robert Ford, etc. - LS., CU., MS.

General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev receives Prime Minister of Canada PE Trudeau, talks to him.

Speaking attended AA Gromyko, N. Baibakov - different. (19.05).

Acceptance NV Podgorny PE Trudeau, there is AA Gromyko - different. (20.05)

19.05. AN Kosygin and Pierre Elliot Trudeau signed the Soviet-Canadian protocol on consultations - LS., MS.

In signing the present: KT Mazurov, DS Polyansky, N. Baibakov, AA Gromyko, VA Kirillin, Marshal of the Soviet Union II Jakubowski, etc.

Kremlin from the river - the bell tower, the Cathedral and the Spasskaya Tower - LS.

Tsar Bell - LS.

Monument VI Lenin in the Kremlin - CU.

The queue at the Mausoleum - MS. (Zoom in on the Mausoleum).

University on Lenin Hills - LS. (Shot through the flowering branches of trees).

Spasskaya Tower - MS. (A branch of apple blossoms.)

A branch of apple blossoms - CU.

Children dancing in the street, view pictures, sitting on the lawn near the Palace of Pioneers - MS.

PNRM. a mosaic picture on the wall of the Palace of Pioneers in the Lenin Hills at the guys welcoming wife of Canadian Prime Minister - Margaret Trudeau - MS.

Smiling children's faces - CU.

Margaret Trudeau in the art studio of the Palace of Pioneers - MS.

Girl draws - MS.

Margaret Trudeau visits the Bolshoi Ballet School, talks to pupils, there is a rehearsal - MS., CU.

Girls on stage rehearsing - MS.

The facade of the Bolshoi Theatre, quadriga - CU.

Blooming lilacs against the theater - CU.

PNRM. with chandeliers on the government box, in the box - Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his wife, AN Kosygin, DS Polanski, EA Furtseva - MS., LS.

A fragment from the ballet "Swan Lake" (the scene of the ball) - LS., MS.

19.05. Reception hosted by the Prime Minister of Canada - spouses Trudeau greeted guests.

AN Kosygin, DS Polanski, KT Mazur and others at the party.

20.05. Canadian flag flutters in the wind against the Central House of Journalists - CU.

Press conference in TSDZH for Soviet and foreign journalists - PE Trudeau speaks at a press conference, answering questions - CU.

Listen and write the journalists - different.

Reel №2

20.05. Flags of Canada and the Soviet Union against the sky - MS., CU.

Official Pierre Elliot Trudeau off and his party from Moscow.

Muscovites at the Vnukovo airport welcome PE Trudeau and A. Kosygin - LS., MS.

Report from the commander of the guard of honor - LS.

The passage of honor - LS.

AN Kosygin farewell to PE Trudeau.

Guests climb the ladder to the IL-62.

AN Kosygin, VA Kirillin AA Gromyko, waving his hand.

PNRM. with airplane IL-62 on 3 flags: the Soviet Union, Canada, USSR - MS.

20.05. cars with Canadian guests with an escort of motorcyclists passing through the streets of Kiev, drive up to the building of the Council of Ministers of the USSR - LS. (With a / t).

The building of the Council of Ministers - MS.

A sign on the building (in Ukrainian) - CU.

The meeting and conversation PE Trudeau, President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR VV Shcherbitsky - MS.

Khreschatyk - LS. (Top).

Other streets - LS.

Work in the shop of the plant and control of electronic computing machines (all workers in white coats) - LS., MS., CU.

PE Trudeau and his wife and entourage pass through the shop, get acquainted with the work - MS.

The people on the street welcomed Canadian visitors - LS., MS.

Guests get acquainted with the sights of Kiev: the monument to Shevchenko, out of the St.

Sophia Cathedral - LS.

Volodymyr Hill, view of the Dnieper from Vladimir's Hill - LS.

22.05. Air terminal in Tashkent - the upper part, the flags of the USSR, Canada, and the Uzbek SSR in the terminal building - MS.

Pioneers presented spouses Trudeau flowers - MS.

Gathered at the airport welcome guests - MS.

Machines with visitors directed to the city.

The streets of Tashkent with new houses - LS., PNRM.

Official dinner in honor of PE Trudeau - the Chair of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR, ND Khudaiberdyev, PE Trudeau and others - MS. (23.05).

The fountain in the street, people go - MS. PNRM.

Samarkand - filmed from a helicopter.

The streets of old Samarkand - LS.

Canadian guests visiting monuments of Samarkand.

Dome and the walls of ancient temples and tombs - LS., CU. PNRM.

Guests on Registan Square.

Painted walls of the ancient temple - CU. (22.05.).

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, surrounded by children on the street - MS.

Machines with Canadian guests traveling on the road to the mine "Bear creek» - MS. PNRM.

"BelAZ" on the road to the mine - MS. PNRM.

PE Trudeau, Canadian guests, Mr.

Mayor Norilsk Deev accompanying the Prime Minister of Canada on a trip to the country, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR VN Novikov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR SP Kozyrev, on the observation deck of the mine.

PNRM. at the mine (from the site), go to the dump rock (snow) - LS.

B / W:

Machines with Canadian guests drive up to the building of the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine - MS.

Guests visiting the factory - LS.


Guests visiting the construction of major buildings on stilts in the permafrost - LS., MS.

Construction, pile (snow) - CU.

Known Canadian journalist Ron Kollester transmits from the area of ​​Norilsk to viewers of his country - MS.

Canadian cameraman shoots - CU.

Streets of Norilsk - LS. (Top).

Canadian visitors to the building is Norilsk Sport Palace «Arctic» - MS. PNRM.

The name of the Palace - MS.

On the field of play the Palace of young hockey players - LS. PNRM.

Guests at the podium - MS.

B / W:

Visiting guests Norilsk Wedding Palace.

Spouses Trudeau presented glasses of champagne, they drink champagne - MS., LS.

Reel №3

25.05. Murmansk port, ships in port - LS. PNRM.

Icebreaker "Lenin" in the port - LS.

Premises submarine - MS.

Devices - CU.

Soviet and Canadian flags on the ship, the inscription «Lenin» - MS., CU.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his entourage visited the icebreaker, examine it, talking to the captain and the crew - MS., LS.

Seagull in the sky - MS.

Hydrofoil - LS. PNRM.

27.05-28.05. Leningrad, a monument to Peter I - LS.

Cruiser "Aurora" on the Neva - LS.

Neva, Peter and Paul Fortress in the distance - LS.

Canadian guests visit the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

Director of the Institute of Hero of Socialist Labor, AF Treshnikov tells of the comprehensive study of northern and southern polar regions - CU., LS.

Guests in one of the laboratories of the Institute, which has created conditions similar to the Arctic - MS.

Refrigeration pipe - MS. PNRM.

B / W:

The model breaks the ice icebreaker - MS.

Icebreaker breaks the ice in the Arctic - CU., LS.

Drifting station North Pole, led by a young polar AF Treshnikov - work on the PS-3 - LS., MS.


Scientific staff of one of the Arctic expeditions are meteorological observations - MS.

An employee feeds a white bear, two cubs caresses - MS.

27.05. Piskarevsky in Leningrad, the eternal flame at the Kremlin wall in Moscow - CU. PNRM.

PE Trudeau at the grave - CU.

Wreath of the Canadian delegation - CU. PNRM.

Park of Glory in Kyiv - LS.

Marble tiles on the graves of fallen soldiers, there are flowers - CU.

Eternal flame - CU., MS.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau and others at the Eternal Flame - LS., CU.

PNRM. with the eternal flame at the Obelisk of Glory - CU.


Isaac's Cathedral in Leningrad: appearance - LS.; Internal view - MS.

Canadian visitors on the streets of Leningrad, in the cathedral, in Petrodvorets - LS., MS.

Fountains of Peterhof - LS.

28.05. Farewell to the Prime Minister of Canada PE Trudeau and his party at home with the Leningrad airport - LS., MS.

PE Trudeau and his wife up the stairs to his plane - CU.

The plane with the name «Canada» up in the air - LS. PNRM.

Mourners waving - LS.