Military priest father Michael (2000)

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Scene №1 Military priest father Michael

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The armored personnel carrier of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Kosovo.

The television journalist approaches the gates of the monastery, at the gate Father Michael talks with a British soldier.

Father Michael walks along the wall of the monastery along with Serbian children.

Father Michael is talking to the children on the street.

Father Michael, along with Russian officers and Serbian priest Father Miroslav, examines the map of the area, sitting at the table.

Father Michael and Father Miroslav approach the building of the Church of the Holy Trinity, devastated during the fighting.

Father Michael and Father Miroslav perform the Easter canon in the ruined church building.

Father Michael examines the found burnt remains of church utensils.

Father Miroslav talks about his services in the Holy Trinity Church and the burning of the temple by Albanian militants, Father Michael translates from Serbian into Russian.

Internal view of the scorched walls of the temple.

A broken cross lies in the grass.

Father Michael examines the ruined temple, writes on the wall "Christ is Risen!".

External views of the ruined church of the Holy Trinity.

Father Michael, standing at the Temple of John the Baptist, tells his brief history.

Father Michael and Father Miroslav inside the temple, types of burnt walls of the temple.

Father Michael examines a temple desecrated by Albanian militants.

Internal views of the temple, desecrated by the cancer for relics.

General view of the Temple of John the Baptist.

Father Michael and father Miroslav together with the Russian officers examine the ruins of one of the Orthodox churches.

The Russian officer speaks about the possibility of saving Orthodox churches in Kosovo.

Father Miroslav demonstrates photographs of the church before its destruction, published in the journal.

Panorama of the ruins of the church.

Father Michael, along with the officers, bypasses the churchyard.

The Russian officer explains the technology of destruction of church buildings, used by militants in Kosovo, speaks of his attitude towards Orthodoxy.

A representative of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the perpetrators of the destruction of Orthodox churches in Kosovo could be brought to justice.

Kinds of the ruins of the church.

Father Miroslav shows the destroyed and abandoned Serbian village.

Father Miroslav speaks about the danger of a solitary stay of a Serbian priest among the Albanians of Kosovo.

Father Michael rides through the village, sitting on the armored Russian armored personnel carrier, talking about the destruction in the village (synchronously).

Father Michael, the officers and members of the crew are climbing the hill to the ruins of one of the Orthodox churches.

Inspection of the ruins of the church.

Calendar: 2000

Locations: Serbia [984]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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