Aluminum (1981)

Film №71141, 1 part, duration: 0:09:55
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:Krupenko S.
Screenwriters:Novikov A.
Camera operators:Zabolotnov V.
Sound mixer:Shknevskaya N.


The film is recommended as a textbook in universities and tells about the properties and features of aluminum and the organization of industrial production of this metal.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation insert - a master comes to the Roman emperor and gives him a bowl made of an unprecedented light metal, the emperor looks at the bowl, tries it on the tooth, but then hides it and orders the master to cut off his head, a pedestal appears with the inscription "Aluminum, a chemical element, is not yet known in the I century AD."

Animation insert - plates with the names of chemical elements, large - the names of aluminum (Al) appear.

A female laboratory assistant pours a cloudy liquid into a special laboratory dish.

Experience - reactions of aluminum oxide and hydroxide with acids and alkalis.

In the first case, the hydroxide forms a salt, in which aluminum is a cation.

In the second - a soluble compound tetrahydroxoaluminate, in which aluminum is part of the complex anion.

The test tube is fixed on a tripod, the hand pours hydrochloric acid.

The reaction of aluminum and hydrochloric acid is shown.

The reaction of aluminum and concentrated nitric acid is shown - as a result, a particularly strong protective film is formed on the surface of aluminum.

An experiment is shown - how aluminum displaces less active metals from their compounds, for example, iron.

At the same time, a large amount of energy is released.

This process is called aluminothermy.

The result of the experiment is shown.

Animation insert - plates with the names of various chemical elements, showing which metals displace aluminum.

The electronic orbitals of the aluminum atom hybridize according to the SP2 type, forming very strong covalent bonds with the atoms of other elements.

Large - the lid of special equipment opens, a tripod is installed there.

Large - scale and arrow of the device.

Experience with heating an aluminum rod (refractory oxide does not allow molten metal to spread).

Large - mineral corundum (crystalline modification of aluminum oxide).

In the frame - rubies, sapphires (also aluminum oxides, but with additives of chromium, titanium, iron).

In the frame - various natural minerals, stones, etc.

Animation insert - the planet Earth is spinning, the pie chart shows the composition of the mass of the Earth's crust (oxygen compounds of silicon and aluminum - aluminosilicates).

Fragments of rock - bauxite are shown.

Animation insert - banquet on the occasion of the coronation of Napoleon III, guests at the table, everyone uses gold and silver appliances and only guests of royal blood have aluminum knives and forks.

Different shots with a hydroelectric power plant, power transmission towers.

A huge workshop for the production of aluminum from bauxite - a car is driving.

Large - capacity with cryolite.

Different production processes in the workshop for the production of aluminum.

A high-voltage current is conducted to the electrodes Animation insert - a hand near the shield, there is a discharge, the emperor in a toga falls from an electric shock.

In the melt, aluminum oxide molecules dissociate into a cation and anion.

Oxidation of anions occurs at the anode - they give up their electrons, turning back into oxide.

At the same time, oxygen is released, in which graphite rods burn.

The aluminum cation, having taken electrons from the cathode, is reduced to free aluminum, which is collected in molten form at the bottom of the bath.

From there, it is periodically taken away with a vacuum bucket.

Different production processes in the workshop for the production of aluminum.

Large - poured liquid aluminum.

Aluminum ingots.

The loader picks up and delivers the folded aluminum ingots.

A small ingot of aluminum is weighed on the scales.

It is shown that aluminum is 3 times lighter than iron.

The process of rolling aluminum ingots into sheets and thin foil is shown.

Experience on the strength of aluminum.

Animation insert - other elements are added to aluminum (production of duralumin alloys).

Industrial production of sheets, wires, etc. from aluminum and its alloys.

Panorama of the wires and towers of power lines.

Aluminum coil.

In the kitchen, the cook works with aluminum dishes.

Aluminum containers, tanks.

Applications of aluminum oxide (corundum) in an abrasive tool.

Applications of ruby in quantum generators.

Large- scale production of aluminum sheets.

Race track - go maps, cars.

Bending aluminum sheet.

The plane is on the tarmac.

The plane takes off, the planes are in the sky.

Launch of a space rocket.

Fireworks in the sky.

Animation insert - with a Roman emperor, a master and aluminum.

Key words

Chemistry, aluminum, laboratory, chemical experience, minerals

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