Electrical phenomena (1985)

Film №71155, 1 part, duration: 0:09:53
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:Zajceva E.
Screenwriters:Najshtejn A.
Camera operators:Pereverzev G., Plaksin I.


The film tells about the importance of electricity in a person's daily life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Different moments of occurrence of electrical discharges are shown.

The drawing shows medieval soldiers, silver lights appear on the spearheads.

Another drawing is an old sailing ship, at the ends of which the same lights are visible.

An old engraving - lights are also shining on the towers and spires of churches.

The ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Animation insert - a hand examines hieroglyphs under a magnifying glass, in the frame there is a hieroglyph with a Nile catfish (a fish that strikes its victim from a distance).

Animation insert - shows how a stingray strikes a passing fish with electricity.

The Aurora borealis in the Arctic.

A person takes off a sweater, it is shown how sparks appear on the sweater.

A man walks on a carpet.

Close-up - the hand takes hold of the faucet handle in the bathroom, it is shown how sparks appear between the hand and the faucet.

A collage of images of natural and natural phenomena that are associated with the concept of "electricity" (polyscreen) appears on the screen.

A woman in the kitchen, puts a pot on an electric stove, opens the refrigerator.

A girl is playing with a battery-powered dog.

Large - incandescent lamp.

The chandelier in the room is lit.

Large - a woman is ironing with an electric iron.

Vacuum cleaner on the floor.

Vacuuming, panorama of an electric sewing machine.

A woman is working at a laptop computer.

Employees in the control center, near the consoles - a man is working with an electric calculating machine.

Large - hands press the buttons of the calculating machine.

A train is passing by.

A tram is passing by.

A woman picks up the phone in the apartment.

A woman is talking on a pay phone.

The TV turns on - an animated film is shown on the screen.

Large - a record is playing in the player.

A jazz instrumental ensemble performs on the stage.

The boy's face is warmed up with a special lamp.

A medical worker attaches special suction cups to the man's body to measure an electrocardiogram.

Large - a device for measuring an electrocardiogram.

A stormy river, streams of water.

View of the territory of the power plant.

Panorama of the power plant hall, instruments, equipment.

Panorama of rows of large batteries.

Panorama of the towers of power lines (transmission lines).

An outlet with an adapter in the apartment.

A table lamp is lit on the table.

Evening street illumination.

Experience - obtaining electrical discharges in laboratory conditions (lightning between two balls).

With the help of a large electromagnet, a crane lifts an iron sheet (at a construction site).

Metal processing on the machine with the help of electricity.

Large - the arrow twitches on the device.

Metal processing on the machine with the help of electricity.

The workshop of the plant - all kinds of electrical machines and equipment work.

High-rise cranes are working.

Crane operator in the cab.

An electric car is traveling through the territory of the enterprise.

The crane is working.

Collage of different images, where electricity is used (polyscreen).

The plane is landing.

An airfield technician lowers a metal cable to divert static electricity before feeding the ramp to the landed aircraft.

The painting is a landscape with a thunderstorm.

Electrical discharges.

Sparks when the machine is working on metal.

An old engraving - a scientist in the laboratory, engaged in experiments.

Portraits of physicists - Charles Coulomb, Alessandro Volta, Michael Faraday, James Maxwell.

Fragment of a work on physics by M. V. Lomonosov.

Portrait of Lomonosov.

Portrait of physicist Richman.

In the frame there is an electrometer (a device measuring an electric charge), a panorama of the roof of the house, a window.

The picture in the frame is an old study, wires go from the window to the roof.

In the frame there are various models of electrometers, the principle of their operation is shown.

The drawing by A. S. Pushkin depicts the Russian scientist Pavel Lvovich Schilling.

Various devices, devices for experiments in physics.

An old telegraph - the tape is moving.

Peripheral devices are working.

Portraits of scientists Lodygin A. N. and Yablochkov P. N. A picture in a frame - the first electric light bulbs.

Panorama of different types of electric lamps.

The chandelier, lighting devices (spotlights) are lit.

Portrait of Russian physicist Jacobi B. S. Advanced telegraph device automatically writes text on a sheet.

The first electric motor.


Portrait of the scientist-inventor Popov A. S. The first radio device.

There are radios on the assembly line of the plant.

The locator is spinning.

A fragment of the painting "Lenin at the GOELRO map".

The electrification map of the USSR - light bulbs are lit on it.

The book is Krzhizhanovsky's speech about electrification.

Modern map of electrification of the USSR. Panorama of the hydroelectric power station buildings under construction.

Power plant - power transmission towers.

The republic and electricity data are written on the scoreboard.

Power plant - power transmission towers.

Nuclear power plant - a large hall, special equipment, employees work.

NPP Control Center - employees work at the consoles.

The painting is a landscape with lightning.

Experience is a spark between two balls.

The aurora borealis.

Experience - the glow of gas in the tube.

Animation insert - elementary particles of matter, positively and negatively charged.

Images of various natural phenomena and examples of the use of electricity (polyscreen) appear nearby.

An electric train is coming.

Machines and equipment work in the factory shop.

Electronic computing center - computers, modern equipment are working.

Key words

Electricity, power plant, power lines, physicists, experiments in physics, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants

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