Our region № 18 (1968)

Newsreel №71277, 1 part, duration: 0:10:19
Production: LSDF


Special issue dedicated to the memory of Yuri Gagarin.

Reel №1

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Landscape of central Russia.


Newsreel April 12 , 1961:

The bus is going along the road to the rocket.

Gagarin Yu.A. in a spacesuit sitting on the bus.

Future cosmonauts and accompanying personnel accompany Gagarin to the rocket.

Gagarin is lifted by elevator into the cockpit of the rocket.

The cosmonaut is seated in a special chair.

Mission Control Center.

The rocket takes off from the start.

The earth is in the porthole.

Soviet newspapers with reports about the flight of the first cosmonaut.

People are cheering in the streets.

Brothers and sister of Yu.A.Gagarin.

Photos of Gagarin in the newspaper and in the hands of the cosmonaut's mother.

Yuri Gagarin's parents are Anna Timofeevna and Alexey Ivanovich.

The plane with the first cosmonaut, accompanied by an escort of combat aircraft, arrives in Moscow.

People with portraits of Gagarin meet the first cosmonaut.

Gagarin gets out of the plane and walks along the airfield.

A cavalcade of cars rides through the streets of Moscow.

Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin is in an open car.

Newsreel 1961-1968 .

Gagarin is at the mausoleum with the country's leadership.

Children give flowers.

Gagarin meets guests at home with his parents.

People greet Yuri Gagarin with his family.

Gagarin speaks at a rally.

Gagarin is driving around the city in a car with an escort of motorcyclists.

Gagarin is handed the key to the city.

Gagarin, together with Andriyan Nikolayev, Pavel Popovich and Herman Titov, are examining the globe.

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev greets Valentina Tereshkova and Valery Bykovsky.

Cosmonauts meeting.

Yuri Gagarin arrives by train, he is greeted with flowers.

Cruiser Aurora.

Meeting of cosmonauts with military sailors.

A hall filled with international students.

Yuri Gagarin is on the podium, he is greeted by girls with flowers.

Types of the Kremlin.


Gagarin Yu.A. - pervij kosmonavt Brezhnev L.I. - Generaljnij sekretarj KPSS Titov g.s. - vtoroj kosmonavt SSSR Nikolaev A.N. tretij kosmonavt SSSR Popovich P.R. chetvertij kosmonavt SSSR Tereshkova V.V. kosmonavt SSSR Bikovskij V.F. kosmonavt SSSR

Calendar: 1961-1968

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