Currency Crisis.. (1972)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Koloshin A.

Script writers: Koloshin A.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Koloshin A., Tsitron V.

Anouncers: Osipov V.


The film is about collapse of the international currency system, about reasons of the currency crisis in the modern market system.

Temporary description

1h. - The use of gold. The emergence of the dollar (1785). U.S. Role in the 1 st World War. 2h. - "The Great Depression in America (1929-1933 GG). 2-nd World War. Establishment of the International Monetary Fund. The beginning of the Cold War. Military conflicts. Arms race. 3h. -The U.S. war in Indochina. The currency crisis of 1971. The fall of the dollar. Striking workers. 4h. -Extraordinary measures the United States. Meeting in the "Common Market". 5h. -Addresses of Presidents of various countries. The adoption of the U.S. decision on the devaluation of the dollar.

Reel №1

Article in the newspaper "Pravda" of currency crisis - close-up.

Agitation, panic on the stock exchanges of the major capitalist powers, caused by the currency crisis, the fall of the dollar.

Employees say Exchange on the scoreboard falling dollar, British pound, Japanese yen.

Worried financiers, brokers - shouting, arguing, gesticulating, waving shares, record the data rate - different plans.

Unrest in the Japanese stock exchange - the average plan.

Models demonstrate the intricate hairstyles - close-up.

Catch the ring - the average plan.

A scene from the opera "Faust" - the disappearance of the flame of Mephistopheles - the average plan.

In the boxes of theater audience applaud and throw flowers on stage - A panorama.

The machine is printing money - the average plan.

Lie in the palm of the Franks (French).

A man lays on the shelf pack West German marks - close-up.

Women - Japanese bank employees count the yen - large, medium plans.

Hands are removed from the straw box with gold coins, open it - close-up.

Various gold coins - close-up.

Production of gold coins, grinding them into the drum - large, medium plans.

With the conveyor belt poured coins - the average plan.

Jeweler is working on a gold brooch - close-up.

Hand of the master at work - close-up.

Gold brooch - close-up.

Expensive, and decked with gold, tea set - the average plan.

Work in the dental office - large, medium plans.

The operator at the computer (in computer integrated circuits used gold) - the average plan.

Computers - big, medium plans.

Airliner nose "Tu-144", which has glass cockpit lay out a transparent layer of gold, ice warning - close-up.

The aircraft "Tu-144" taxiing at the airport - the average plan.

People washed gold-bearing rocks in baskets - the average plan.

Gold mining in South Africa - working dredge, gold-bearing rock on the line - the average plan.

Finished gold bars - large, medium panorama.

Gold bullion is weighed on the scales - large, medium plans.

Two men opened the massive door to the basement of the bank, gold bars on trolleys being taken to the basement - different plans.

The building of the London bank - large, medium plans.

Sale of gold in a small room on the second floor of the banking house of Rothschild (men at the table, talking on the phone, take notes) - large, medium plans.

Bags of money - A panorama.

The machine is printing money - dollars, workers placed the money, consider them - a large, common, average plans (shot from above).

Newsreel of the First World War 1914-1918.:

Explosions, fights, the production of shells and bombs at military factories, seeing American sailors and soldiers to war, killed, a sinking ship, etc.

Statue of Liberty, skyscrapers (filmed from a helicopter).

On the currency and financial crisis in the U.S. in 1971 told reporters Osipov (synchronous) - close-up.

The scale and the economic consequences of inflation in Germany in the 20's says the professor of the Institute of World Economy A. Anikin (synchronous) - close-up.

Down the street from the bank to the car closed wheeling a cart with money, shift wads of money in the car - a common, big plans.

Construction worker eats on the top floor skyscraper being built (it sits on the edge of the wall, with his legs hanging down - the gulf) - medium, large plans.

The cameraman shoots from a skyscraper - the general plan.

Work down the vertical beam from the top floor down.

New York Stock Exchange - employees at work - medium, large plans.

Conveyor with shares - the average plan.

Bank robbery - a hand holding a gun gangster - close-up of the bank employees raise their hands up - close-up.

Group of counterfeiters - medium, large plans.

Fingerprints of counterfeiters and stand with their photos - close-up.

Fake dollars - close-up.

Hand throwing fake dollars in burning stove - close-up.

Reel №2

Anxiety and panic on the exchange.

Fast-moving rides.

Pedestrians and cars on the streets (speed up image).

Animation: fly action - the average plan, crumbling columns of coins - close-up, blurred face - close-up.

Unemployed face - close-up.

Unemployed people are sleeping on the benches - the average, the overall plan.

Unemployed distribute food - close-up.

Breadline - the average plan.

Closed doors of banks.

Inscriptions in English, German - "Bank Closed" - large, medium plans.

Osipov journalist compares the stability of the two opposing systems (synchronous) - close-up.

Newsreel of the Second World War, 1939-1945.:

Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia - Ethiopian soldiers stand, crying Ethiopian burning roof rural house.

Spanish residents fled to the shelter.

Hitler's forces through the streets of Vienna, Prague, Warsaw and Paris.

The destruction of the Nazi bombing of London.

Nazi troops attack on the Soviet Union - flying planes, are tanks.

Japanese pilot in the cockpit, the hand on the lever - close-up.

Flying bomb blast (attack on a U.S. military base at Pearl Harbor.)

Destroyed Stalingrad - panorama.

Nuclear explosion - the general plan.

Shop aviation plant (USA) - the overall plan.

Fort Knox, which moved two thirds of the world's gold - the general plan.

Read the cameramen under armed guard - a common, big plans.

Lie bullion - close-up.

The emblem of the International Monetary Fund - the average plan.

The boy cleans the street boots rich gentleman - the average plan.

English through the streets of a bombed London.

White House - the building (filmed collisions).

Office of the President, the table - the average plan.

The switch arm thrusts the phone cord into the socket - the average plan.

Are Churchill and Truman G. - the average plan.

Winston Churchill, in the mantle of Dr.

Fulton University serves the university with a speech about the "Iron Curtain" (March 1946) - medium, large plans.

Harry Truman is sitting in a chair - close-up.

NATO troops - are in service soldiers, tanks.

Passes Command - medium, large plans.

Document on formation of the North Atlantic Treaty - close-up.


Truman is holding the document - the NATO - close-up.

Animation: NATO bases around the Soviet Union - the card - the average plan.

U.S. armed forces - soldiers marching, flying bombers.

The maneuvers of the U.S. Navy and Army units.

Rocket launchers.

Richard Nixon and Golda Meir greeting each other - the general plan.

Flies "Phantom" - close-up.

Flies "Boeing".

Blacksmiths forge in the smithy swords, helmets and other armor - different plans.

The control panel at the command center - the average plan.

Screen device - the average plan.

Rocket takes off from the ground - medium, large plans.

American Stock Exchange building - the average plan.


Dollars in paper money - medium, large plans.

Dollar slides over each other.

Bodybuilder exercising - the average plan.

Police on the streets of victimized blacks - the average plan.

Reel №3

Newsreel of the Vietnam War:

American planes bombed the area, explosions on the ground, U.S. soldiers fired from a helicopter, run Vietnamese women and children, the wounded child.

Vietnamese patriots are captured American pilots, soldiers firing on U.S. aircraft interceptor missiles, to shoot down enemy aircraft.

Protests in the U.S. and other countries against the war in Vietnam.

Protest rally at the Capitol in Washington.

Former soldiers who fought in Vietnam, tear off and thrown to the ground his medals and decorations received for the war in Vietnam.

Signs of foreign banks - medium, large plans.

U.S. bank building - the average plan.

Interview of Professor A. Anikin (synchronous) - close-up.

Dusseldorf (West

Germany) - general view.

Putting currency exchange, employees exchanges for phones at the table (in talks on currency transactions) - the average plan.

Foreign newspaper reports of price hikes the West German mark against the dollar - close-up.

The building of the German Bundesbank - panorama.

Excitement and panic on the currency exchange Germany - a common, big plans.

Closing - an empty room.

Managing the Bank of Finland Mauno Koivisto says trade deficit in the U.S. balance of payments, and (simultaneously) - close-up.

Meeting of financiers and Ministers "Common Market" - medium, large, general plans.

The queue at the bank to exchange dollars for West German marks - panorama.

Caricature and photo in the newspapers: "Dollars do not take."

Meeting of the German financiers - the average plan.

Interviewed Dr.

Dittel Mayer - Bank of joint economic union of Germany to introduce the Federal Bank of Germany in accordance with the Government of the "floating" rate mark against the dollar (synchronously).

Exchange employees at work - talking on the phone, say the board drop in the dollar - medium, large plans.

Give interviews about the dollar chairman Chamber of Commerce German von Amerongen, president of the Austrian National Bank Wolfgang Schmitz, Treasurer Free Democratic Party of Germany von Rubin.

Backlit display with varying numbers - medium, large plans.

Meeting on the Rhine in July 1971 on the issue of foreign exchange balance of French President Georges Pompidou and Chancellor Willy Brandt.

Ship on the Rhine - the overall plan.

Daily banking operations, customers in one of the banks - the general plan.

Bank robbery in Munich in the summer of 1970 (evening).

Several interviews of German workers on the rise in prices in Germany (synchronously).

Reel №4

Several interviews of German workers and their families about the rise in prices and increased cost of living in Germany (synchronously).

On the financial crisis of the journalist said Osipov (synchronous) - the average plan.

England: the closed gate of the bank.

British newspapers, French newspapers - medium, large plans.

Turmoil on the British market.

Interview of U.S. President Richard Nixon (synchronous) - close-up.

Meeting of financiers and Ministers "Common Market" and the band "Ten" - A panorama.

Empty room Stock Exchange.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Connolly up the stairs.

Press conference of French President Georges Pompidou (synchronous) - the average plan.

French President Charles de Gaulle presents the Order of the American chief of the armed forces of NATO Lemnitzer.

NATO pulls the flags of France.

Pack and ship things Atlantic headquarters to move to Belgium (France withdrew from NATO) - the average plan.

West Germany.

A huge number of finished cars "Volkswagen" in the factory yard - the general plan.

Assembling cars in the shop - medium, large plans.

Pass the unemployed.

Photos of West Finance Minister Karl Schiller.

Magazine "Der Spiegel" interview with Schiller.

The turmoil and panic in the Japanese stock exchange - medium, large plans.

Japanese Prime Minister Sato announces the introduction of the country's "float" to the yen.

Photos in newspapers Finance Minister of Japan.

Japanese port - the average plan.

Loading on ships of Japanese cars.

Japanese watch, camera - the subject of export - close-up.

London, people took shelter from the rain.

A man walks under an umbrella.

A group of men sitting on the benches.

Plays a street band.

Signs of U.S. banks in England - medium, large plans.

Striking workers at the plant.

Bridge over the Thames in London - the average plan.

London Bridge is sold to Americans in parts loaded on a vessel for shipment to the United States.

Assembled in Arizona London Bridge, which became a tourist attraction.

Auction of works of art.

Titian painting, purchased by the United States at an auction at Sotheby's.

English through the streets, buying food at the grocery store and answer questions about the cost of living (synchronous) - large, medium plans.

Money in the hands of women customers - close-up.

Coins on hand - close-up.

Reel №5

Meeting of the Chairman of the Bank of Africa in Morocco - different plans.

Give interviews: Samia Sirius, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Shakir Ullah Durrani, Managing State Bank of Pakistan;

László Andor, the President of the Hungarian National Bank,

Sementkovski Leonard, president of the Polish National Bank;

Ta Hoang Co., General Director of the State Bank of the DRV (synchronous) - close-up.

Speaker Nixon (no audio and synchronous) - large, the overall plan.

On the financial crisis of the journalist said Osipov.

Meeting in December 1971 in the Azores French President Georges Pompidou with U.S. president Richard Nixon - large, the overall plan.

Foreign newspapers - close-up.

Photos in newspapers Georges Pompidou, Richard Nixon, U.S. Treasury Connolly.

December 18, 1971 in Washington, DC Connolly announced the devaluation of the U.S. dollar (synchronously).

Said the devaluation professor at the Institute of World Economy A. Anikin (synchronous) - close-up.

West German newspapers - the overall plan.

Japanese read newspapers - large, the overall plan.

French academician Jacques Rueff says the impact of devaluation on his personal bank account (synchronous) - close-up.

French Bourse building - a large, common plans.

Indoor sitting stockbrokers - general view.

French President Georges Pompidou, appears on television (the impossibility of establishing a new international monetary system) (synchronous) - close-up.

Christmas illuminations in the streets - medium, large plans.

Shop windows with a Christmas toy - a large pan.

American bombers take to the air, bombing - a common, average plans.

U.S. - different denominations - a large panorama of the plan.

Selling the U.S. dollar on the Paris Stock Exchange.

Catch the ring - close-up.

New fall of the dollar.

Dollars in hand - close-up.

Photo: "Dollars do not accept."

New York - the average plan (removed from the ocean).