Starlet № 23 (1977)

Newsreel №72946, 6 parts, duration: 0:51:46
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Reel №1

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Kinoalmanah consists of 4 scenes:

1 story.


Is recording!

The leading radio programs "Radio Nanny" NV Litvinov, A. Livshits and A. Levenbuk at the microphones perform one of the new songs (sync.) During the recording of the next issue of the program.

A dramatization: the puppet house explodes as a result of the action of the air wave force.

Graphic image of sound waves on the monitor.

Laboratory experience: obtaining oscillations of sound waves with the help of different musical instruments.

The composition of the electric train moves along the railroad track.

Motor transport on the streets of Moscow.

Seals, sea lions, tiger, canary publish peculiar sounds (sinhr.).

Making a guitar.

The musician plays the guitar (sync.) During the concert.

The audience in the hall.


Reel №2

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Portrait of Edison Thomas Alva (1847-1931), an American inventor.

There is a phonograph created by Edison.

They play: gramophone, gramophone, electrophone, reel tape recorder "Mayak-207" - devices for playing music.

The plate is spinning in the stereo player.

The process of recording sound in the cinema with the help of light.

Reel №3

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2 plot.

Miracle-yudo, fish-whale.

Honored Artist of Georgia Z. Tsereteli paints a sea landscape with oil and other paintings.

Sea waves (landscape).

Coast of the Black Sea.

Kind of resort "small town of fairy tales" with mosaic sculptures, hills and pools (project Z.K. Tsereteli) in Adler.

PNRM. On mosaic drawings, panels.

Children play in the campus. 3 plot.

Kolya the collector.

The boy Kolya sits at a table in his home environment, examines postage stamps, badges, coins.

Leningrad collector of cards N.S. Tagrin tells about his many years of hobby - collecting postcards, shows albums with postcards from different cities of the world.


Visitors view Tagrin's collection cards at one of his exhibitions.

Reel №4

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The boy smoothes out the candy wrappers with a hot iron.

The boy, Kolya, is considering a collection of postage stamps.

The pages of the album are turned with the brands located by subject.

Collection of paper cats on the table.

PNRM. On the collection of tin soldiers: Roman legionaries, Russian warriors of the 5th century AD, Russian soldiers of the first quarter of the 19th century, sailors of the Red Army, modern soldiers.

Members of the circle at the Suvorov Museum in Leningrad, during classes in one of the halls.

Moscow region.

The boy is catching butterflies in the field.

PNRM. A collection of butterflies, paper dogs.

Collections of wood: dishes, kitchen utensils.

The collector of samovar keys tells about his hobby (sinhr.).

Honored Artist of the Republic of the Clown Andrei Nikolaev tells about his collection of clowns (sinhr.), Shows different specimens in the home environment.

The prize is a bronze mask of a clown awarded to artist A.Nikolaev for his performance at the World Clown Competition in Italy.

Reel №5

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4 plot.

Yurka is a moor.

Moscow region, Zelenograd.

Stray dogs and cats run around the building slabs, near the "Era" cinema, along the streets of the city.

The janitor drives the dogs off the playground.

Children swing on carousels and swings.

A re-enactment: a boy Yura is torturing a kitten.

An elderly woman scolds him (sinhr.).

Reel №6

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Yura shoots on a black cat from a slingshot and turns into a black cat Murka.

Yura's classmates drive Murka around the yard.

An elderly woman is drinking a cat Murka with milk.

Yura's classmates run after her around the field.

Murka protects the little kitten from hooligans and turns back into a boy Yura.

Yuri bears a kitten in his arms, on the shoulder of a crow, feeds a deer from the hands of a forest.

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