Starlet № 12 (1972)

Newsreel №72953, 5 parts, duration: 0:44:14
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Yu.Danilov, N.Nikitkin, V.Popova, A.Serebrenikov
Screenwriters:N.Barkova, I.Akimushkin, N.Dobrovoljskij
Camera operators:D.Fedorovskij, E.Ezov
Composers:V.Smirnov, V.shevchenko
Text authors:N.Nikitkin, M.Veprinskij


1. "Little tales about pencils and paints" - the story tells about how the artist works, how to make pencils and paints. 2. "It's time to sleep" - about how different animals and birds sleep. 3. "Where did the electricity come from" - in a simple and accessible form for children, it is told about how electricity comes to our homes. 4. " Crocodiles ... like crocodiles" - a story about a crocodile nursery in Cuba.

Reel №1

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1. "Little tales about pencils and paints".

Artist's workshop.

A birch grove, a flowering branch of an apple tree, dandelions.


Illustrations : the life of a primitive man, hunting for a mammoth.

Drawings of primitive man.

The hero of the story-an artist draws clay on a stone.


Stages of production of pencils in the factory.

Colorful pencils.

The artist draws with a pencil.

Portraits made in pencil.

Reel №2

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Continuation of the plot "Little tales about pencils and paints".

Colorful paint powders on the table.

The artist draws in open-air watercolors.

Watercolour landscapes.

The artist mixes the powder with linseed oil.

Rubs the resulting paint.

Writes on canvas.

The artist squeezes the paint from the tubes onto the palette.

The artist shows how the three main colors are mixed.

The artist paints a seascape.

Paints in tubes in a box.

Watercolors in a box.

Children's drawings.

2. " It's time to go to bed."

Dragonfly on a blade of grass.

A butterfly on a branch.

Chicks in the nest.

A squirrel nibbles on a nut.

Squirrels climb into the hollow.

Squirrels in the hollow settle down to sleep.

Reel №3

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Continuation of the plot "It's time to sleep".

The river is in a fog.


The badger was out hunting.

An owl on a tree.

The bird feeds the chicks.

Two little bears are playing.

A badger sleeps in a hole.

Bats settle down for the night.

The sleeping owl.

Two ducklings.

Sleeping duck and goose.

Sleeping flamingos.

Sleeping pelicans.

Pigeons on perches.

A lion sleeping in an aviary.

The polar bear is curled up and asleep.

The hippo sleeps in the water.

The sleeping fox.

Little Lori on a branch.

The baby lori clings to its mother.

Landscape with the setting sun.

The lead artist's summary of the next story.

3. "Where did the electricity come from".

The interior of the room.

The vacuum cleaner cleans the palace on the floor(combined shooting).

The TV screen lights up, the lamp shades light up.

Electrical wires in the apartment and on the street.

Power station.

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №4

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Continuation of the plot "Where did the electricity come from".

The boy sprinkles amber stones on a piece of paper.

The boy rubbed the amber wand against the dog's fur, and it began to attract feathers and paper.

The boy turns the lever of the machine - an electric spark appears between the two balls.

Lightning bolt.

Experience with a magnet that creates an electric current.

An iron rod wrapped in a wire through which a current is passed turns into a magnet.

Experience with a homemade electromagnet.

Hydroelectric power station.

The engine room of the HPP.

Electric generator.

Rotating turbine blades.

Smoky chimneys of thermal power plants.

Steam turbine.

Power transmission line.

Reel №5

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"Crocodiles... like crocodiles."

Crocodiles in the lagoon.

Crocodiles on land.

One of the crocodiles caught a crab.

A man catches a crocodile with a lasso.

Several men pull the crocodile to the shore.

A captured crocodile is tied up.

Crocodile nursery.

Collecting crocodile eggs.

The collected eggs are buried in a special area.

Hatched crocodiles.

The young are released into special cages.

The crocodile hatches from the egg.

Locations: Cuba [57]

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