Starlet № 7 (1969)

Newsreel №72988, 5 parts, duration: 0:45:39
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:M.Tavrog, V.Popova, N.Nikitkin, G.Eljnickaya, K.Rovnin
Screenwriters:N.Barkova, B.Goljdshtejn, N.Nikitkin, B.Zahoder
Camera operators:D.Fedorovskij, I.Aleksandrov, A.Popov, Yu.Aljdohin, E.Ueckij
Composers:V.Muravlev, G.Gladkov


1. "In a certain kingdom" - about the artist V. M. Vasnetsov 2. "Where the Sparrow dined" - the plot tells about what animals eat in the zoo. 3. "Guacho" - about South American shepherds-Gaucho. 4. "Water will not spill" - an instructive story about how important it is to find a friend.

Reel №1

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The host is the doll Baron Munghausen.

1. " In a certain realm."

Travel around Moscow.

House-Museum of V. M. Vasnetsov.

Home interiors.

Portrait of V.Vasnetsov, written by his daughter.

Home interiors, chain mail and shield.

Portrait of V.Vasnetsova (photo).

Vasnetsov's illustrations to Russian fairy tales.

Baba Yaga with her brother Ivanushka.

Self-portrait of V.Vasnetsov.

Abramtsevsky pond.

Painting by V. Vasnetsov "Alyonushka".

Artist's workshop.

Portrait of V.Vasnetsova (artist N. Kuznetsov).

The artist's palette.

The painting "The Sleeping Princess".

"Kashchei the Immortal".

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]


House-Museum of V. M. Vasnetsov

Reel №2

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Continuation of the plot "In a certain realm".

"Prince Ivan on the Grey Wolf".

"The Frog Princess".



"Magic Carpet".

Summary of the lead to the second story.

2. "Where the sparrow dined".

A sparrow sits on a grate.

Animals in cages: zebra, cheetah.

An elephant in a zoo enclosure.

Lion and lioness.

Black Panther kitten.


Elephant bathing.


A leopard with a cub.

An attendant bathes a baby orangutan in a basin.

A raccoon is rinsing food in a bowl.

Cooking food for animals in the zoo kitchen.

An employee carries two buckets of food

A monkey in a cage waiting for food.

Hippo chews grass.

The turtle eats fruit.

Giant tortoise and steppe tortoise in the same enclosure.

A flock of sparrows on a branch.

A sloth is hanging on a branch.

The lion chews on a bone.

A small orangutan drinks milk from a glass.

Locations: Moscow [820]


House-Museum of V. M. Vasnetsov Moscow Zoo

Reel №3

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Continuation of the plot "Where the sparrow dined".

A servant brings a basket of vegetables and bread to the elephant.

Sparrows peck at a dropped crust of bread.

A polar bear, begging for food from visitors.

The boy throws bread through the grate.


Walrus eats fish.

A chameleon drinks water from a leaf.

A cricket on a leaf.

The chameleon catches the cricket with its tongue.

Yadozub is fed with a spoon of fish oil.

Sparrows peck food from the tray of ducks.

Baron Munghausen's introduction to the third story.

3. "Gaucho".

South American steppes.

Herds of animals.

A herd of cows is accompanied by riders.

Gaucho competitions.

Several people are holding an unbroken horse in the arena.

Children on the carousel.

The Gaucho gallops along the road.

4. " You can't spill water."

Algae under water.

A flock of small fish.

Large: different fish.

Locations: Uruguay [235]

Reel №4

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Continuation of the plot "Water will not spill".

Prod stones sits hermit crab.

The cancer moves on the bottom.


Cancer crawls into the sink.


A hermit crab with a shell house on its back crawls along the bottom.

Starfish on the rocks.


Pink sea anemone.

Starfish and sea urchin.

Reel №5

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Continuation of the plot "Water will not spill".

Cancer crawls on the bottom with an anemone on the shell.

Shells of crayfish and crabs scattered on the bottom.


The octopus releases an "ink bomb".

Inhabitants of the underwater world: sea anemones, corals.

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