Starlet 1978 № 25

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Reel №1

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Newsreel consists of 3 plots:

1 story.

We will be cosmonauts.

Students, members of the Young Cosmonauts Club launch a kite into the sky (slow motion).

The starry sky.


Children's drawings on a space theme.

Children in the observatory.

C / t h / b [1903g.] A man on a winged bicycle is trying to take off.


General view of the city of Kaluga (removed from the top point).

A run on the house where the Russian scientist and inventor lived and worked, the founder of modern cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

PNRM. By room interiors.

К / т ч / б [1920-1930-егг.] KE Tsiolkovsky is working on the creation of a metal airship.

Proceedings in the field of air and rocket dynamics, the theory of aircraft and airship.

Reel №2

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К / т ч / б [1965] Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR AA Leonov in space.


Models of various spacecraft, interplanetary stations, lunar rovers made by children in the Palace of Pioneers.

Members of the Young Cosmonauts Club collect models of spacecraft, are engaged in physical training in a centrifuge and other special simulators, Space rockets.

PNRM. On the building of the Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics.

PNRM. Models of artificial Earth satellites in the halls of the museum.

The boy draws planet stars, stars in one of the halls.

Reel №3

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2 plot.

Who lives like in the woods.

PNRM. In the forest (winter shooting).

PNRM. Traces of moose, fox, wolf, wild boar in the snow.

The kidneys blossom in the trees in the spring forest.

Bumblebee is building a mink under the ground, hatches larvae.

Thrush feed their nestlings with nests in a nest on a tree, drive away a crow from chicks.

The squirrel feeds the squirrel in the nest on the pine.

A hare with bunnies in the grass.

Raccoon dog with puppies in the hole.

Reel №4

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A wild duck with ducklings swimming in a boggy pond, hiding in reeds from a fox.

The wolf teaches wolves to master their territory in the forest.

Deer on the forest edge.

W story.

I and all my relatives.

Reel №5

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Kitchen with dishes in the apartment.

MLTP Served a dining table.

Cracked earth.

The master makes a jug from clay bundles, water is poured into it.

The flames of the fire are on.

A re-enactment.

Masters work on a potter's wheel, paint clay jugs.

Fire burns the finished pottery.

Ancient Greek vases and vessels.

Pottery from South America.

Samples of Central Asian ceramics.

Reel №6

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Fair of Russian ceramics.

Samples of Gzhel ceramics.

Chernovoloschenye ceramic vessels from the city of Yaroslavl.

Pottery from the city of Skopina.

Clay toys, whistles.

PNRM. On products from porcelain in one of the palaces.

PNRM. The process of making dishes from white clay (kaolin) with a machine-machine.

Artists paint finished products.