Starlet № 2 (1966)

Newsreel №72994, 4 parts, duration: 0:37:19
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Z.Kakabadze, V. Popova, V.Vinogradov, D.Ozolin
Screenwriters:N.Gogoberidze, I.Akimushkin, R. Kushnerovich, V.Vinogradov
Camera operators:V.Shanidze, O.Krasnov, E.Ueckij, Yu.Muravjev, D.Ozolin
Composers:L.Solin, A.Zacepin, E.Krilatov, V.Bukin
Text authors:V.Berestov


1. "Shvilika" - about old Georgian dolls, telling about the life and customs of the country. 2. "Who washes how" - about how different animals and birds wash. 3. "Why the ball jumps" - in a simple, accessible form for children, it is told why the ball jumps. 4. "Funny Bear cubs" - about the adventures of two curious bear cubs who got into a big city.

Reel №1

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1. "Shvilika".

Field with blooming poppies

A little girl in a national costume runs across the field and sings.

A girl makes a doll out of a poppy flower.

The waves are lapping.

Vintage dolls in national costumes.

A doll in Khevsur clothing.

A doll from the Imereti valley.

Dolls from the mountainous regions of Georgia.

A modern talking doll.

The puppet ensemble plays folk instruments.

The piano doll.

Two dolls : a man and a woman dancing a Georgian dance.

An ensemble of dolls dances and plays.

Locations: Georgia [83]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

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2. "Who washes how".

Morning in the forest.

An overgrown pond.

A swan cleans its feathers.

The peacock spread its tail.

Crowned crane.

The bumblebee cleans itself with its paws.

The fly "rubs its paws".

A ladybug cleans itself by sitting on a leaf.

The mouse washes up.

The kitten washes with one paw.

The tiger yawned and rolled over.

The tiger licks its paw.

A hamster crawls out of its burrow.

Hamster washes his face.

A squirrel preens on a branch.

Two jackdaws are cleaning their feathers.

A tiny bunny washes his face.

A hare washes in the grass.

A starling is swimming in a puddle.

A flock of sparrows bathes.

Two bear cubs play and bathe in the water.

Standing in the water. cleans flamingo feathers.

Ducks lubricate their feathers.

The beaver gets out of the water and begins to peel the skin.


Reel №3

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3. " Why does the ball bounce?".

A watermelon falls on the road and breaks.

The light bulb falls and breaks.

The rubber cube jumps.

Rubber is crushed, cut.

A man stretches a rubber expander.

The boy launches the airplane with a slingshot.

The glider is launched using rubber.

The girl runs along the track and plays with a rubber ball on an elastic band.

The car brakes sharply, but the rubber softens the impact.

Inflatable rubber toys.

The sail swells in the wind.

Wooden windmill.

A man pumps a tire with a pump.

A hovercraft.

The rubber toy is inflated, the rubber balloon is inflated gradually.

A landing plane.

Football players on the field.

Round ball, round orange, round berries, round drop, bearing balls.

Basketball players play with a ball.

A child with a ball.

A juggler with a ball.

Sea lion plays with a ball.

A dog and a bear in a circus play with a ball.


Bouncing balls of different colors and sizes.

Reel №4

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4. "Funny bears".

Two bear cubs come out of the den.

The cubs run across the lawn towards the mountains.

Cubs play in the snow.

Mountain landscape with snowfields.

The car is driving on a mountain road.

The expedition GAS stops at the river, the driver goes to wash.

The cubs climb into the open car door.

The unsuspecting driver drives on.

The car is in town.

The driver stopped to put the letter down.

The cubs get out of the car.

Curious cubs run into the open door of the kindergarten.

The children are having lunch.

The cubs are playing in an empty room.

One bear cub climbed on a chair and "plays" the piano.

The cubs run down the hall and into the kitchen.

Children have a quiet hour.

The tired cubs also fell asleep.

Children cry because of toys broken by uninvited guests.

Employees of the kindergarten call the police.

The cubs escape through the window.

The cubs run across the noisy big street.

The brother and sister are surrounded by people.

They look, they feed.

The cubs run away from such attention.

Cubs bathe in the fountain.

The policeman finally found the fugitives.

The cubs are riding in a police car.

The cubs are brought to the forest and released.

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