Starlet № 9 (1970)

Newsreel №72997, 5 parts, duration: 0:42:56
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:B.Goljdenblank, Yu.Danilov, S.Kozjminskij, M.Kameneckij
Camera operators:N.Zotov, A.Tarasov, M.Kameneckij
Composers:A.Muravlev, V.Shainskij
Text authors:B.Zahoder, E.Braginskij


Popular science almanac for children of preschool and primary school age.

Reel №1

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Introduction to the almanac of the writer A. Aleksin.

1. " A detachment came to the museum."

According to the book by S. Mikhalkov "In the Museum of V. I. Lenin".

The queue at the Lenin Mausoleum.

Entrance to the Lenin Museum.

People in the halls of the museum.

A boy in front of an exhibition about Lenin's childhood.

Photo of little V. Ulyanov with his sister.

A commendation sheet from the gymnasium.

Ulyanov-high school student (drawing).

Photo of a seventeen-year-old V. Ulyanov.

V. Ulyanov with his mother.

Showcases of the museum with photos and documents.

Photo of a hut in the Flood.

Scythe, axe, rake in the museum exhibition.

Paintings "The Capture of Winter".

Lenin speaks to the workers and peasants.

Lenin's personal belongings in the museum windows.


Aleksin A.G. - pisatelj, scenarist i dramaturg, avtor knig dlya detej i yunoshestva.

Reel №2

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Continuation of the plot "The squad came to the museum".

Reconstruction of Lenin's office in the Kremlin.

The pioneer group in the museum.

October's admission to the pioneers.

The October girl takes the oath of a pioneer.

The girl is tied with a pioneer tie.

Summary of the lead to the next story.

2 ." How the stone comes to life".

Children sculpt from plasticine.

Children's works made of plasticine.

Porcelain bird.

Plaster flamingo.

Heads made of stone in the sculptor's workshop.

The sculptor's workshop.

Works of the artist.

The record on the record player.

The artist's hand makes a sketch with charcoal.

Artist A. Belashov at work.


Belashov A.M.- skuljptor -animalist, sin skuljptora Ekaterini Belashovoj. Zasluzhennij hudozhnik RSFSR, laureat Gosudarstvennoj premii Rossii, akademik Rossijskoj akademii hudozhestv.

Reel №3

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Continuation of the plot "How the stone comes to life".

Engravings by A. Belashov.

The record is spinning big.

The sculptor's hands are made of clay.

A. Belashov sculpts from clay.

Sculptures of Belashov.

The sculptor works with a stone.

Sculpture "Girl's Head".

Sculpture by I. Shadr "Cobblestone-the weapon of the proletariat".

Sculpture "A boy pulling out a splinter".


Rodin's The Thinker.

"The Conquest of the Horse" by Klodt.

How to get around Moscow: monument to Yu.

Dolgoruky, monument to P. Tchaikovsky, T. Shevchenko, K. To Tsiolkovsky.

Skuleptura Mukhina "Worker and collective farmer".

A. Aleksin's summary of the next story.

3. "Future artists".

Three bear cubs walk over the rocks to the river.

The cubs are swimming.

The girl leads the cubs on a leash.

A girl on the lawn plays with the cubs with a ball.

The bear throws the ball into the ring and gets a treat.

The cubs take turns throwing the ball into the ring.

A. Aleksin's summary of the next story.



Reel №4

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4. "Beavers follow the trail"(animated film-fairy tale).

An old beaver sleeps with a gun on the bank of a river he guards.

A lesson at school.

The beaver teacher tells the students about the pike.

A training pike sits in an aquarium.

The pike poked its head out of the tank and grabbed the baby beaver.

While everyone was looking at the torn clothes on the beaver, someone steals a pike.

The beavers begin an investigation.

A baby beaver with a magnifying glass examines the footprints in the sand and draws them.

Suspicion falls first on the fawn, then on the snake.

One of the beavers hides in a tree stump, waiting for the attacker.

Someone comes to the river bank, dressed in a raincoat-tent with a backpack.

It turns out to be cancer.

Cancer releases the pike from the backpack to eat perch there.


Reel №5

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Cancer constantly deceives the beavers, leaving traces of different animals.

The little beaver sleuth tracks down the criminals and finds their lair.

The beavers develop an operation plan and return the pike to school.

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