Starlet № 14 (1972)

Newsreel №72999, 5 parts, duration: 0:44:25
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:E.Ostashenko, E.Ezov, V.Shatalov
Screenwriters:E.Ostashenko, E.Ezov, V.Shatalov
Camera operators:P.Filimonov,, E.EzovYu, V.Shatalov
Text authors:F.Kamov


Popular Science almanac for preschoolers and primary school children

Reel №1

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Introduction of the leading almanac by Vladimir Ukhin.

1. "Fire".

A burning candle wick.

Burning candles.

The liquid from the Petri dish rises through a glass tube lowered into it.

The wick is lowered into a liquid poured into a Petri dish.

The candle is turned over and the flame goes out.

A trickle of white smoke from an extinguished candle.

In the flame of the candle, two matches are introduced - in the lower and upper flame.

A sheet of thick paper is lowered onto the flame.

A burning candle is covered with a glass cap.

The candle goes out.

The lit splinter is lowered into a vessel with nitrogen, and then into a vessel with oxygen.

A piece of burning wood on a wire is lowered into oxygen.

The end of the glass tube is inserted into the dark part of the candle flame.

White steam comes from the other end of the tube.

The tube is placed in the bright part of the candle - black smoke comes from the other end.

The burning wick of the spirit lamp.

Iron filings are poured on the flame of the spirit lamp.

A piece of lime is placed in the flame of hydrogen, it becomes bright.

In a glass cup, mix lime with water.


Uhin V.I. - kinoaktyor, televeduschij, yumorist, diktor Centraljnogo televideniya, zasluzhennij artist RSFSR

Reel №2

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Continuation of the plot "Fire".

The mixture is filtered.

In a glass of clear liquid-lime water.

Experience with gas and lime water.

Experiments with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and a candle.

Experience with potassium and water.

The test tube contains a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.

At the test tube, open the cork and bring a splinter.

Water is formed in the test tube.

A burning candle.

Summary of the second story by V. Ukhin.

2. "Fyodor Alexandrovich and the Canaries".

Canaries on a perch.

F.Fomenko passes along a row of cells.

The canary feeds the baby bird.

In front of the cages with canaries, Fomenko and a man with an accordion.

The accordion player plays, the canaries sing.

Children in the hospital listen to the choir of Fomenko canaries.

Fomenko is sitting at a table with a tape recorder and cages of canaries on the table.

Singing canaries.

Cages with canaries.

V. Ukhin's summary of the third story.


Fomenko F. A. - ornitolog-lyubitelj

Locations: Kharkiv [899]

Reel №3

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3. " Full speed ahead! or incredible adventures at sea and on land."

"Or about how the mouse became a "sea wolf".

The bell.

Grasshopper in the grass.

Bumblebee on a twig.

A mouse on a blade of grass.

The mouse goes down,

A few little mice are playing on the ground.

Mouse at the mushroom.

Mice in the nest.

Meadow with bluebells.

One mouse in the nest.

A duck swims on the water.

A boat made of a plank on the water.

The mouse crawls out of the nest and climbs onto a small boat that has landed on the shore.

A little boat under sail with a mouse is sailing .

The mouse climbs on the mast.

Gulls in the sky.


A small boat with a mouse floats on the river.

The turtle enters the water and swims.

The boat is tossed by the current, the rain hits, the waves overwhelm.

A drenched mouse on the shore cleans a wet skin.

The mouse swims up to his boat, stuck among the blades of grass.

The mouse runs to the shore to collect the team.

A little frog in the grass.

A frog and a mouse in the grass.

A snake in the grass.

Reel №4

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Continuation of the story about the mouse.

A mouse on a rock.

Mouse and snake among the rocks.

The mouse runs away from the snake.

The caterpillar eats the leaf.

The caterpillar begins to pupate.

The Admiral butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.

Butterfly in the meadow.

A bird on a branch.

The bird jumps down from the branch and catches the frog.

The mouse hid in the grass.

Rain, mouse in the nest.

A little mouse boat in a frozen river.

A mouse in a hole.

The mouse crawls out of the hole into the snow and crawls back into the hole.

A mouse in a hole eats seeds.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Continuation of the story about the mouse.

To the mouse came guests - hamsters.

Hamsters begin to eat the mouse's grain.

Hamsters drive the mouse out of the hole.

The mouse runs through the snow.

The owl.

The owl caught the mouse, but dropped it.

The fox prowls through the snow in search of prey.

The mouse is sitting on a branch.

The mouse runs away through the snow.

The fox is on the trail.

The fox catches the mouse, but it runs away.

A dog runs from the hut.

The mouse scuttled into the house.

The girl looks at the mouse sitting on the boot.

The girl caught a mouse, stroking it.

The girl fills the mouse with grain and bread.

A small boat with a mouse is floating on the river.

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