Starlet 1975 № 19

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Reel №1

Kinoalmanah consists of 4 scenes.

First part.

1 st story.


Posters performances clown-trainer VL Durov - the founder of the famous circus dynasty.

The great-grandfather of VL Durov in the dressing-room tells about the life of his great-grandfather (synchronously).

The building of the Durov Animal Theater.

Memorial plaque with the inscription: "From 1908 to 1934, Vladimir Leonidovich Durov lived and worked here."

Music Box.

A picturesque portrait of VL Durov.

Interior of the room VL Durov.

A dramatization: a student at the Military Gymnasium Vladimir Durov enters on his hands in the audience, where members of the examination committee take an examination on the "Law of God"; The priest - the chairman of the examination committee expels V.Durov from the audience; Portraits of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna in the audience.

Reel №2

The great-grandson of VL Durov reads the order: "For daring conduct in the examination of the" Law of God "in the presence of the royal portraits of Vladimir Durov from the gymnasium to be deleted."

Staging: performance of street circus artists.

VL Durov with trained animals during performances and at rehearsals (photo).

The great-grandson of VL Durov in the costume of his great-grandfather.

Reel №3

The third part.

2-nd plot.


A game story about the boy Sasha, who helps the forester to find hunters-poachers.

Reel №4

Fourth part.

Continuation of the game story "Shot in the woods".

3rd story.

AZ. BOOKS. Lead.

First-graders perform on stage during the "Holiday of the Letter".

Staging: students of the parish school in the classroom study letters at the lesson; The priest pronounces the letters during the lesson: "Az, beeches, vedi, verb, good, is ..."; Children repeat the letters in chorus (sinhr.).

Figures on bits of birch bark found in Novgorod.

View of the Onufrievsky Monastery (16th-19th centuries) in Lviv, where the first printer I.Fyodorov published the first Slavic "Azbuku" in his printing house.

Printing machine I. Fedorov.

Monument to the first printer I. Fedorov in Moscow.

Reel №5

Fifth part.

Letters and alphabets published at different times.

Figures in the literal.

Portrait of Peter 1. Type of the alphabet in which the letters, excluded from the alphabet during the reform of Peter 1, are crossed out.

The inscription in the document: "Russian Civil Alphabet has 35 letters, which are the following: uppercase and lowercase."

Fabulous illustrations in the alphabet.

Soviet alphabets.

4 th story.


A film-tale about how a puppy named Druzhok helps his sickly friend kid.

Reel №6

The sixth part.

Continuation of the fairy tale.