Ezhenie Kotton.. (1973)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Soloveva N.

Script writers: Ovsyannikova M., Shergova G.

Operators: Popova M., Tumorina R.

Composers: Ter-Tatevosyan D.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.


Film is about the life and activity of a public figure, laureate of the International Leninist Prize “For strengthening of the peace between nations”, the first President of the International Democratic Women Organization Eugenie Cotton.

Generals and war heroes | Public figures | Society, social activities and community organizations

Biography | Social life

Temporary description

The film is dedicated Eugenie Cotton - Officer of the Legion of Honor, the president of the Union of French Women, the president of the International Democratic Federation of Women. The film was newsreels and other films, including: the city of Paris, Sevres, the house where she lived E. Cotton, the international meeting of women from different countries in Paris in 1945, meeting of the Congress of the World Peace Council, a collection of signatures for the Stockholm Appeal , the working people of France against the war in Vietnam, Korea, awarding E. Cotton medal winner of the International Lenin Prize for Strengthening Peace among nations in Moscow. E. Cotton at home, speeches E. Cotton at congresses, conferences. Events in Greece after the establishment of the country's military dictatorship. International Women's Congress in Copenhagen. Education students in the International Teachers' Training Center in the town of Sevres. Meetings E. Cotton with Soviet women during their stay in the USSR. Speech Tereshkova at a congress of the International Women's Federation. The film used news of the Second World War.

Reel №1

The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

A street in Paris, Triumphal Arch.

Parisians are passing by.

Attraction, people are driving small cars.

Old Parisians are sitting.

A girl with a cigarette.

A man is drinking from a glass.

Girls sitting at the table in a café.

Night Paris – cafes, shops.

A panorama of a boulevard.

Dockers in the port are rolling barrels.

An old man is netting.

Hands are netting.

A panorama of a girl sitting, she is painted.

Painters are drawing on the asphalt.

A child is among pigeons on the square.

A women selling fish.

A worker is having a dinner.

A young couple is passing by under the umbrella.

Demonstrators are going with banners.

Fountains, the Eiffel Tower.

A panorama of the photograph of Eugenie Cotton –the chevalier of the Award of the Honourable legion, Dr.


Phys., honourable director of the Higher school for girls in Sevres, the President of the Union of the French women, the President of the International Democratic federation of women, a member of Presidium of the World Advice of the world and Presidium of the society “France - The USSR”, the president of Association Frederika and Iran Jolio-Cury, the winner of the International Lenin premium “For strengthening of the peace between nations”.

A panorama of ships on the channel, cars on the bank.

A panorama of the bridge, people are standing.

Outskirts of Paris – Sevres, a girl and a woman are going down the stairs.

A panorama of a building of the Higher school where Eugenie Cotton studied and taught.

Narrow street with high wall.

Photograph of the house on Moris Berto Street, where Eugenie Cotton lived.

Photograph of Eugenie Cotton and her husband, famous physicist, member of the Academy Emma Cotton.

Eugenie Cotton.

The room of Eugenie Cotton.

A panorama of book shelves.

A panorama of a rose bush.

A panorama of a rose in the drops of dew.

A balcony in the room of Eugenie Cotton.

A panorama of Eugenie Cotton’s friend Mary-Claude Vajyan-Kutyure, the former prisoner of a concentration camp, is watering flowers at the window.

Newsreel of 1939-1945.

Obstacles and towers of a concentration camp.

From camp leave prisoners - adults and children.

M. Vayan-Couturier is thanking Soviet soldier-liberators, going upstairs to the plane.

M. Vayan- Couturier is performing.

Present are listening.

Newsreel of 1954.

A meeting of Vienna workers of the against fascism (night)

Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya’s mother L.T.Kosmodemyanskaya at the meeting.

The Eternal Light is burning.

A panorama on a sculpture, devoted to prisoners of concentration camps (it is executed in a conditional manner).

A panorama of a bas-relief with hands tear a barbed wire, girl’s face.

People are bearing wreaths on tombs of victims of fascism.

Wreaths on tombs (the first post-war years).

Behind a window of the house of E.Cotton chestnuts are waving from a wind.

Son of E.Cotton, communist Ezhen Emma Cotton, the former participant of Resistance “The captain Gerard”, nowadays the scientist-physicist, is working at the table.


Clock on a building of the Higher school.

The gate to the park connected Cottons’ garden with a court yard of school opens.


Newsreel of 1939-1945:

Germans in the street of Paris.

Germans are passing along the street on horses.

A street of Paris during the occupation.

The French flag is rising.

Battle with fascists, guerrillas are running.

Photo of a famous French physicist Frederic Jolio-Cury.

F. Jolio-Cury’s application for reception in Communist party of France Jolio-Cury.

A panorama of laboratory in College de France where pomegranates for fighters of Resistance were done.

Fighters are bearing a box with pomegranates.

The guerrilla throws to a pomegranate from a window.

The German lorry blows up.

The train goes under a slope.

The French flag is under the Arch of freedom.

The Champs Elysee.

A panorama of photos of veterans of war with awards.

Demonstration for peace: in carriages invalids of war are passing, people are passing in suits of prisoners of concentration camps, there are children.

The center of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

The posters, devoted to women.

The international female congress in Paris on which the International Democratic Federation of Women (IDFW) (November, 1945) has been established: in the building of the hall “Mutualite” Flags and the poster.

Presidium of the congress.

Members of the Soviet delegation with awards.

The head of the Soviet delegation Nina Vasilevna Popova.

Hall of the congress.

President of the IDFW Eugenie Cotton.

General secretary of the IDFW Indira Gandy and other delegates.

E.Cotton is performing.

Delegates applaud while standing.

Women are bearing wreaths on tombs of victims.

A panorama of the Monument: on bended knees the Soviet soldier with a banner, an inscription on a monument “Eternal glory to the heroes who have fallen in fights for freedom and independence of our Native land”.

Stately fighters for peace – Cury (with flowers)

Prior of Kentebery Cathedral Khyulett Johnson (is going down on a gangway of the plane)

Vice-president of India Sarvapamna Radhakrishnan.

Reel №2

Picture: hands holding a dove - a close-up.

Newsreel 1950:

The flag with the image of a dove - a close-up (shot with motion).

Train with the participants of the 2nd World Peace Congress passes through Poland, people are running after the train, greet delegates - the average, the overall plan.

People send flowers to delegates in the train window - medium, large plans.

M. Vaillant-Couturier takes bread and salt out of the window - the average plan.

The people welcomed the participants of the congress (the square of Warsaw) - an outline.

Acts Joliot-Curie to the residents of Warsaw (simultaneously in French) - close-up.

Congress Hall, present applauded - the general plan.

Applaud the head of the World Peace Council, F. Joliot-Curie - close-up, his deputy

E. Cotton - average, the overall plan.

Poster: plexus hands and a dove - close-up, rush to the text of the Stockholm Appeal.

Stockholm Appeal signed by: Frederic Joliot-Curie, E. Cotton, Soviet writers Tikhonov, Fadeev, Konstantin Simonov, Soviet citizens - Uzbeks, Ukrainians, people from different countries - medium, large plans.

Demonstration for peace in different countries: the demonstrators fleeing with placards with the flags - the average plan., Police disperse protesters - middle distance; encounter people - the general plan (shot from the top point).

Streets of Paris, is a demonstration of French women against sending their sons to the war in Vietnam - are women with children and strollers - the average plan.

Banner reading "You're not going to fight!" (In French) - close-up, departure.

Are women - the average plan.

The streets of Paris are passers-by - the average plan.

Are women with children and strollers, is an old woman - the average plan.

Streets of Paris - A panorama.

Stairs Sevres Station - General, A panorama.

Part of the building (town hall), it snows - close-up.

City lights - the average plan.

Cars on the street covered with snow - the average plan.

Glass dripping - close-up.

Candles - close-up.

The Eiffel Tower in the evening - the overall plan.

Photo: E. Cotton with her husband at work - medium close-up.

Anti-war demonstration of women is a woman - close-up.

Newsreel 1950:

A banner with the words "Peace" - close-up.

Soldiers say goodbye to his family before leaving for the war in Vietnam - medium, large plans.

Police holding back women - the average plan.

Women break out of the hands of the police, catch the formation of soldiers - the average plan.

Woman says goodbye to a soldier - a close-up.

Are soldiers - the average, the overall plan (shot from the top point).

Cost structure, loaded with tanks - panorama.

Korean city lights - the average plan.

Crumbling house - close-up.

Korean crying baby - close-up.

Korean woman and a member of the Anti-Fascist Committee of Soviet Women, MD Ovsyannikov - close-up.

Members WIDF Koreans listen to the story, record, keeping notebooks on bombs - large, medium panorama.

Fragments of downed U.S. aircraft - close-up.

A rally in support of the Korean people in Bulgaria, the people in the area - panorama.

Listen to the woman - close-up.

Transparency in Bulgarian - close-up.

E. Cotton at work - close-up.

E. Cotton meets in Moscow Joliot-Curie - the average plan.

Moscow, the Kremlin - the general plan, impact.

Academician DV Skobeltsyn hands E. Cotton medal winner of the International Lenin Prize "for peace between nations" - the average plan.

The audience applauded - the overall plan.

NS Tikhonov - close-up.

NV Popova E. Cotton attaches the Order - the average plan.

E. Cotton with the order - close-up.

E. Cotton and NV Popov held on St.

George's hall of the Kremlin - close-up.

Panorama of the room E. Cotton at her home in Paris - the average plan.

In the garden, play great grandchildren E. Cotton - a common, big plans.

Children swinging on a swing - the average plan.

Photos by E. Cotton - with a daughter and granddaughter in the family - large, medium plans, impact.

Newsreel 1950:

E. Cotton speaks at the International Conference in support of children - the average plan.

The conference vote - the general panorama.

Children are taken to the truck - the average plan.

Crying woman holding a child - A panorama.

Sleeping, sitting, child - a close-up.

Eat children in rags - the average plan.

Congress listens to Vietnamese with headphones - close-up.

Listens known social activist Ai Korean Pak Den - close-up.

Joliot-Curie, NS Tikhonov and others in the Presidium of the Congress - the close-up.

Photos: E. Cotton children; girl in a headscarf, persons young children, children-Eskimos, the cat in the tree, the boy in the cap, three kids - white, yellow, and black (the emblem of Children's Day) - close-ups.

E. Cotton of the photos - the average plan.

Negros white children holding hands - close-up.

Children with flags - close-up.

Passes drummer boy - close-up.

Children waving - the general plan.

Reel №3

The Indian woman kisses the white child (somewhere at the station).

A woman is carrying a sleeping baby.

A panorama of a Russian woman holding a sleeping baby on her knees.

The woman in a mourning cape.

Photo: a black child behind his mother; the woman in mourning; prison in Greece; the national hero of Greece Nikos Beloyanis; a landscape of Greece - Ruins of an ancient temple and flowers.

Pictures: Prisoners of the Greek prison behind a lattice; the woman in mountain.

The carnation made by prisoners of the Greek prison and sent by E.Cotton, on a book shelf in E.Cotton's apartment.

Paper cranes, sent by children of Hiroshima.

The Japanese women cry and pray at a memorial wall with names of victims of Hiroshima.

A panorama of people putting flowers at the wall.

Newsreel of the 1960s:

The international meeting of women in Copenhagen (Denmark, April, 1960): in a hall there are children passing with posters.

A panorama of the children with headers standing on a stage.

The girl presents flowers to E.Cotton; E.Cotton embraces her.

A girl is applauding.

Panarama of the small children sunbathing on the sand at the sea.

A girl is watering the flowers in the garden.

A panorama of the world congress of women (Moscow, June, 1963): in a hall of the Palace of congresses children are running with flowers.

Children hand over flowers to E.Cotton and to members of presidium.

Children-first-graders are reading verses.

Women of different nationalities are listening and applauding.

A woman is holding a black baby in her hands.

Daughter of E.Cotton Zhanett Manigo, the teacher of liceum, in E.Cotton's house, thumbs through behind a table an album with photos.

Photos: the father, mother of E.Cotton; E.Cotton in the childhood, in a youth, among classmates in the higher school in Sevres, in laboratory.

Photos of great physicists: Pierre Cury (in laboratory) and Mary Cury.

A panorama of Mary Cury’s laboratory.

The tablet with an inscription “Mary Cury taught in this hall from October, 1900 till April, 1906”.

The professor is having a lesson with students in the former high school for girls in Sevres – now International Professor Centre.

Students – Vietnamese, Latin-American and others.

A panorama of students having a lesson.

Newsreel of 1945:

The photo-exhibition, devoted to women, in Paris.

Photos of N.V.Popova, E.Cotton, D.Ibarrury.

Africans are looking at.

The bas-relief, devoted to women.

The anti-war poster.

The poster in protection of prisoners of Greece.

The poster in protection of children.

Photo of a woman-miner.

A panorama of a photo of the Soviet women – heroes of Socialist work.

E.Cotton, the General Secretary of Communist Party of France Maurice Torez and other French figures among visitors at an exhibition.

Multiwork: The manifest in protection of the world, accepted on 2-nd International female congress.

Night demonstration in Budapest in 1948, women are passing with torches.

People with torches on the square.

E.Cotton is performing from a tribune.

Multiwork: The globe is rotating and flags of the different countries are moving.

A street of the European city.

Women of different nationalities are passing.

Along the street of a city (the Near East) the Arabian women are passing.

A famous public figure of India Indira Gandy is performing.

Indian women are voting.

A panorama of an African woman and European woman standing.

The Red Square, flags.

Newsreel of 1946:

E.Cotton who arrived for the first time to the Soviet Union, leaves the plane,she is met by the Soviet women.

Newsreel of 1955:

E.Cotton opens session of executive committee IDFW, N.V.Popova and D.Ibarrury are near her.

Newsreel of 1967:

A panorama of the ceremonial meeting, devoted to the International women's day, in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

In presidium of the session there are A.N.Kosygin, E.Cotton and others.

The present are applauding.

In the hall there is an assistant of the head of “Metrostroy” Tatiana Victorovna Fiodorovna among listeners.

E.Cotton is making a speech.

Women are listening and applaud.

Reel №4

Delegates from the different countries pass on the Kremlin quay, take pictures.

Women are talking.

The Minister of culture of the USSR E.A.Furtseva talking to a mulatto-woman.

E.Cotton is performing.

Women are listening.

Women of different nationalities arrived in the Soviet Union are going on square.

Women are looking at the cotton.

Iagdar Nasriddinova is performing on the meeting.

E.Cotton is listening.

Uzbek woman is listening.

African women are listening in the national wearing.

Chairman of a Soviet of Nationalities of the Supreme body Y.S.Nasriddinova tells about E.Cotton.

The girl welcomes E.Cotton, D.Ibarrury is near.

E.Cotton is stacking papers, writing, performing.

E.Cotton and the IDFW Vice-President N.V.Popova are sitting.

Photos: N.V.Popova, the IDFW Vice-President Ilsa Till (German Democratic Repubic), IDFW Vice-President, famous state and public figure of Cuba Wilma Espin de Castro, Chairman of the Union of Vietnamese Women Nguen Thi Than, Jeanne Marten Sisse from Guinea, president IDFW Herta Kuissen.

A session of the female committee.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the provicional revolutionary government of Republic Southern Vietnam Nguen Thi Bin is making a speech

Nguen Thi Bin and other Vietnamese are going out of the car.

A panorama of signing of the Contract about the termination of the American aggression in Vietnam (January, 1973, Paris).

Nguen Thi Bin signs the contract.

Present stand up.

People are waving flags.

Demonstration, a black woman is passing.

Sphere with flags in the air.

The first woman-cosmonaut V.Tereshkova in a cabin of a spacecraft.

Newsreel of 1963:

The world congress of women (on June, 24th, 1963) - A panorama of a hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Participants of the Congress greet V.Tereshkova.

A black woman attaches V.Tereshkova a badge.

Press photographers are taking pictures.

E.Cotton greets V.Tereshkova.

V.Tereshkova is performing.

Women are applauding, T.V.Fiodorova is among them.

Vietnamese women transfer a banner to V.Tereshkova.

A hall of the Congress, full of people.

A black woman.

An Indian woman and women of other nationalities are applauding.

E.Cotton (synchronously in French) is performing.

A panorama of women, keeping for hands, shout: “Peace, Friendship”.

A panorama of the Eiffel Tower.

A panorama of Paris, Notre Dame de Paris.

A staircase in Sevres.

The room of E.Cotton.

A street of Paris, people are riding bicycles.

Pupils are playing with a ball in the court.

A child among pigeons.

Parisians are passing by.

A woman is selling flowers.

A painter is drawing, A panorama of a picture.

People on the Eiffel Tower, Paris is below.

Fountains near the Eiffel Tower.

A bridge across The Siene.


A panorama of Notre Dame.

Demonstration of the young people.

A girl is passing by.

The poster in protection of the Vietnamese children.

A Vietnamese woman with a baby in her hands is passing.

A Vietnamese woman is riding a bicycle.

A child is behind her.


Leningrad, raised bridges across the Neva.

Copenhagen, monument to the mermaid.

Moscow, the center.