wait me 09.02.2009 (2009)

Telecast №74525, 1 part, duration: 0:41:07
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Photos in the section "Disappeared on the road":

Pavel Kruk, 28, disappeared on New Year's Eve in the village of Parfino, Novgorod Region.

Antey Shonin, 30, on the night of 2 to 3 January, disappeared in Moscow in the Yuzhny microdistrict.

Igor Glushchenko, disappeared on January 3 in Stary Oskol.

Lydia Hosp (maiden name Fisher), disappeared in Germany, on January 9, 2009 did not return from work; went by car "Smart" blue.

Sergei Kashin disappeared during his return to the military unit, Volgograd region, January 9, 2009, took the train "Nizhnevartovsk-Volgograd" at the station Zeleni Dol (car 5), did not reach the part.

Sergei Vikhryanov, 30 years old, on 12 January 2009 was due to fly from Kaliningrad to Saratov via Moscow, but did not depart.

Kristina Onoshkina, 16, Semipalatinsk, January 14, 2009 did not return from school.

Andrei Tsitser, January 15, 2009 came to Moscow by taxi and disappeared.

Anton Grecky from Pavlovsky Posad, January 15, disappeared in Moscow, near the metro Tsaritsyno.

Ivan Konstantinovich Orlov, 70 years old, on January 16, 2009 disappeared in Balashikha.

Valery Samburov, 48, on January 16, 2009 at about 19 o'clock left the house in the metro area of ​​Vykhino, Moscow, was to go to the dacha through the Tekstilschiki platform Kursk directions to the Stopbolovaya stop, from 21:30 stopped responding to phone calls.

The plot of Vladimir Nikolayevich Pogoreltsev.

December 12, 2008 a man went to visit his father in the Ukraine.

December 16, arrived in Moscow, at the Kursk railway station was beaten and robbed; stayed at the station.

Meeting in the studio with his wife and daughter.

The program includes an excerpt from 02.02.2009: an interview with Deputy Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation Gennady Ivanov and Deputy head of the Moscow Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow, Andrei Shurov, that the police should take statements about the loss of people immediately, at the first request of relatives.

Evgeni Sergeevich Pankratov is looking for a friend: Alexei Petrovich Pozdnyakov, served together in the army in the Rostov region, last seen in 2003.

Alexander Ilyich Zaborny is looking for his brother: Yaroslav Ilyich Zaborny, born in 1924, disappeared without a trace during the Second World War.

Alexandra Larionova is looking for a loved one: Vitaly Vladimirovich Potapov, date of birth 03.07.1970, went to Chechnya in 1995; if alive, presumably resides in Barnaul.

Kirill Sergeevich Murik from Magnitogorsk sought Anastasia Andrianova, the young people met and reported this to the studio.

Alevtina Makarova is looking for her brother: Andrey Ananievich Makarov, born in 1977, went to work in Cherepovets in 2004, the connection was interrupted in 2007.

Saiperin Sultanaliev from Kyrgyzstan is looking for a sister: Nazira Sadranyalova Sutlanalieva, born in 1975, on January 12, 1998 came to work in Perm, the connection was interrupted on July 28, 1998.

Roman Yakovlevich Izotov (born in 1941) is looking for a friend: Nikolai Ivanovich Ovodkov, about 1935-1936, worked as a projectionist in the DK of the Dinamo factory named after SM Kirov, constantly communicated until 1965-1966, presumably lives in Moscow.

Natalia Gennadyevna Zubareva (born in 1968) is looking for her father: Gennady Alekseevich Zubarev, born in 1938, presumably lives in Moscow.

The story of a boy from Katav-Ivanovsk, Chelyabinsk region.

Svetlana Aleksandrovna Malovets is looking for her son.

In 1997, when his parents divorced, Maxim was 6 years old.

After the divorce, my father returned home to Ukraine, then came and offered to take the child to stay in Odessa for the summer.

In autumn the boy was not returned home.

Independent search for results was not given.

The program found out that the boy's father since 2002 is considered missing.

Maxima was found in the village of Ustinovka near Kharkov.

He was brought to Moscow by the chairman of the village council Vasily Nikolaevich Overko.

Meeting son with mother in the studio.

Maria Shukshina declares her gratitude to the employees of the service for children of the Zachepilovskaya district administration: Tatyana Vasilievna Korobeinikova, Irina Petrovna Gukaylo and Yulia Nikolayevna Eremenko.

The story is a lifetime.

In 1949, the captain of the State Security Yevgeny Basyuk was sentenced to 25 years of specialships without the right to correspond, served his sentence in Steplag, fled, was caught and returned back.

All this time he was supported by the thought of his beloved wife and son.

After Stalin's death, EM Basyuk was rehabilitated, became a miner, was able to meet and further correspond with his wife, but after a while she sent photo of her son and asked not to disturb them any more, as she married again and started a new life.

Three years ago a letter from Andrei Evgenievich, the son of a convict, came to the studio from the Rostov region.

All his life he dreamed of finding his father and learning about his future.

Despite everything, he continued to believe that his father had never been an enemy of the people, that's why he did not change his name, he always wrote about the father in the biography and his only daughter named Evgenia in his honor.

Family meeting in the studio.

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