wait me 12.12.2005 (2005)

Telecast №74582, 1 part, duration: 0:52:08
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

The plot of how people helped the boy to find his mother and brother.

Boris Sergeevich Bormotov, the date of birth on December 26, 1990, at the age of one and a half years was left by his mother in the village of Gerzhavka, Colorado district (Moldova), since then he has not seen his family.

The elder brother Alexander and mother Lyudmila Mikhailovna Bormotova (Kilinchuk, born in 1969) were found in Volgograd.

Video recording for Boris from relatives.

Meeting brothers in the studio.

On the instructions of Oksana Dyachenko, Konstantin from Riga is wanted, met in the fall of 2005 in Egypt.

Yury Maksimovich Potapov (born in 1933) is looking for a friend of his youth: Zinaida Petrovna Safronova, born in 1934, parted 40 years ago.

Parents are looking for a daughter: Alla Sergeevna Fedorova, born 1987, June 6, 2005 went to class and did not return.

The father is looking for a son: Dmitry Sergeevich Tarasov, born in 1983, a disabled child of group II, suffers from hallucinations.

On October 4, 2004 he left the Chelyabinsk region for Moscow, presumably lives at railway stations (identified by eyewitnesses from photographs).

Video from Israel: Rimon Zvi searches for his brother by his mother.

Mother was named Ksenia Rogacheva, date of birth 15.01.1915, was born in the village of Aleksandrovskoye, Stavropol Territory.

In her youth she married, gave birth to a son, in 1941 moved to the Urals, where she received a notice of the death of her husband.

At the end of the war, I met a man named Shai Tsveling.

In July 1946 the couple were going to leave Russia, but suddenly the first husband returned and insisted that his child stay with him.

Xenia and Shaya left for Poland, and in March 1949 they moved to Israel.

Xenia told her story to only one close friend; the children found out about all this only after her death.

The name of the elder brother is none of them.

Viktor Ivanov is looking for a friend and co-worker: Sergei Beketov, born in 1976, presumably lives in Yegoryevsk (Moscow region), served in military unit 6699 in Kursk, contact lost in 1998.

Alexey Fedulov is looking for Olga Kazakov, whom he met in the summer of 2005 in Yaroslavl.

Ekaterina Kalita (born 1973) from Krasniy Sulin seeks her father: Petr Iosifovich Mazur, born in 1947, lived in the city of Balti, Moldova; mother Margarita Kalita, 1940 b.

Igor Borsch tries to find his mother: Galina Grigoryevna Dovydenko, born in 1947, lived until 2003 in the Kamennoye farm of the Danilovsky district of the Volgograd region, then left for her native Moldova, did not respond to the letters.

The program staff managed to find out that all this time the mother also wrote to her son, but the letters did not reach.

The only extant letter is Igor's appeal to the program.

Meeting mother and son in the studio.

Videography from Germany.

Helga Helmbold from Leipzig is looking for the first love: a serviceman from Volgograd Nikolai Petrov, met in 1956 in a bus, met a few time, but when the girl's parents found out that her lover was a Russian soldier, they forbade her to meet with him.


Maya Viktorovna Alexandrova is looking for, perhaps, a living twin sister, who was declared dead at the maternity hospital No. 11 named after Clara Zetkin in the Taganskaya metro station, the girls were born on May 1, 1950.

Sergei Smirnov looking for a colleague: Anatoly Mikhailovich Kutsenko, born in 1957, disappeared in September 2005 in Mykolayiv under unclear circumstances.

Niyaz Mustafayev is looking for his brother: Ibadat Hasan-ogly, Abdullayev, born in 1951, left the town of Lyubertsy on December 30, 2004 at 22:30, to go home to Moscow, but did not get there.

Julia Skorobogatova is looking for a childhood friend: Violetta Eduardovna Ohanyants, the girls lived in Baku, were lost during the interethnic conflict.

It turned out that Julia is also looking for a friend, also Violetta, but different.

The girls meet in the studio and hope that one day they will find their third girlfriend.

Videography from Georgia.

Roena Abuladze is looking for her son: Koba Tarielovich Abuladze, born in 1976, kidnapped on September 23, 1993 in the village of Kindi, may be in Abkhazia.

Guza and Bakhtiyar Ashuraliev appealed to the program with a request to help find the father, elder sisters and brother.

After the parents' divorce in 1996, the children moved with their mother to the village of Red Giant of the Transbaikal district of the Chita region, then, having lost their mother, they found themselves in a boarding school.

The family gave the children videotapes.

Father Makhkam and elder brother Tusumbai came to Moscow for Guza and Bakhtiyar, a meeting in the studio.

Video compilation of appeals:

Nina Petrovna Tolstikhina is looking for Sergei Petrovich Sokolovsky, a childhood friend.

Altynchach Borbodoeva is looking for a friend: Adbulhamid Fadle Alkader Saleh from Yemen, together they studied at the institute.

Milla Evgenievna Sumyaagiin is looking for the person with whom she was traveling on the Moscow-Saransk train on April 13, 2005, car 6.

Tatyana Gridneva is looking for Alexander, whom she met at the Rossiya Hotel in 1970.

Valentina Morozova is looking for a man whom she met on the phone in July 2003, a man works as an inspector at Petrovka, 38.

Mikhail Grigorievich Konovalov is looking for a nurse Raisa Dmitrievna Kurilov, who saved his life during the war.

Videography from Raisa Kurilova from Nizhny Tagil with memories of the war and Mikhail's invitation to visit.

A telephone conversation between Raisa and Mikhail in the studio.

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