wait me 21.08.2006 (2006)

Telecast №74688, 1 part, duration: 0:47:06
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Investigating the kidnapping of a child.

Video from Germany: Eberhard and Eleonora Chok talk about the disappearance of Felix's five-month-old son.

December 28, 1984 in Dresden, they briefly left a carriage at the entrance to the store, and when they returned, the child was not there.

January 6, 1985 in Dresden was found a foundling in a box of shoes.

Concomitant circumstances and the results of a medical examination suggest that this child is not Felix.

The police suspect that the foundling could have been born in a family of Soviet servicemen, and then his parents replaced him by kidnapping someone else's healthy child.

A few years later new materials appeared on the case, the investigation continues.


Employees Solnechnogorsk Tuberculosis Hospital No. 11 are looking for a cousin of the patient: Lev Sergeevich Yeleshevsky, presumably resides in Moscow;  patient Ninel Lukyanovna Vasilyeva (Elchevskaya, born in 1924), lived in Moscow, her husband and son died.

Bobir Nabiyev from Bukhara is looking for his uncle: Farmon Ochilov, born in 1922, was drafted into the army in 1939, disappeared without a trace, in the 1950s he wrote from the United States, the correspondence ended in 1961.

Anatoly Vasilyevich Nesterov is looking for a son: Alexander Anatolyevich Nesterov, born in 1978, entered the Tula Railway School in 1993, a year later was expelled for poor academic performance,  he did not return home; In 1998 he was detained at the Kazan station without documents, but when his father arrived at the receiver-distributor, his son was already released.

Svetlana V. Aleksandrova from Pskov is looking for a daughter: Evdokia Perevalova, born in 1989, on January 13, 2006 she went for a walk and did not return; in 2005 she left home for 4 months.

The plot of the search for a family in Tajikistan.

Gulchehra Abdukarimova was in the orphanage after the death of her mother, the elder sister Gulbahor father left at home.

Later he tried to find the youngest daughter, but could not, since she was first transferred to Dushanbe, then to boarding school in Tursunzade (until 1978 Regar).

After the death of her father, Gulbakhor decided to find her sister herself.

Videography for Gulchehra from his sister, grandmother and other relatives.

Gratitude to the employee of Khojent Television Parvin Azizov.

Search by photos:

Nadezhda Mikhailovna Khapilova (Yurkova) is looking for a sister: Lydia Yurkova, Yurkova, lived in Belarus before the war, in 1940 she was sent to peat in Orenburg region, in 1946, she wrote home that she was alive, but her relatives moved, and she was mistakenly informed that they were dead.

Viktor Stanislavovich Rodionov, disappeared in December 2004 in the village of Pokrovka, Arzamas district of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Sergei Maltsev, left Shakhtyorsk for the Donetsk region to work in Siberia, sent a telegram from Langepas, but parents can not contact him directly.

A letter without a photograph, Olga Ivanovna Leskovich (Mikalyuk) is looking for his sister Zinaida, who, after the death of his mother, his father gave to be brought up in the family of a serviceman,  the girl then turned 2 years old; from Ukraine the family moved to Chita, the girl was taken away with a new name: Zinaida Vasilieva.

The story of Larisa Viktorovna Shapovalova from Alma-Ata.

Sister Galina was born in 1937, in 1942 the mother of Sofya Nikolaevna Andreeva (born in 1917) sent her daughter along with her cousin Anna Nikolaevna Ivanova from the besieged Leningrad to the Yaroslavl region.

The post-war search for relatives did not yield results.

Larissa was born in 1950.

In 1978, together with their mother, they went to Leningrad at the address of another cousin of the mother, Maria Nikolaevna Antipova (Ivanova): Gangutskaya Street, 16-58. But the house that suffered during the war has long been rebuilt and now there are very different people living in it; fragment of an interview with a resident of besieged Leningrad.

Suddenly, Galina Georgievna Kalacheva phoned the program.

Videography of Galina with a story about childhood and about the present life.

Meeting of sisters.


Igor Isachenko is looking for a classmate Julia Melnik, with whom he studied in 1983-1985 at school # 6 in Ashgabat, the 1991 issue.

Tatiana Trofimovna Popova (Stepanova) is looking for a fellow countryman: Nikolai Kudryashov, during the war he served near Novosibirsk, the Yamskaya station, a prisoner of war camp; corresponded, parted in 1946.

Wanted Min (Misha) Muratovich Nguyen, born on 1991, March 21, 2006 went to school and did not return, the city of Ivanovo.

Victor Stepanovich Yakovlev is looking for relatives, was lost in 1933 at the age of 4-5 years.

The family lived in the Leningrad station, it consisted of four people: mother, father, brother Ivan and himself; then his name was Petya, the surname (according to recollections) Malov.

Petya and a friend liked to ride on the footsteps of electric trains, passed one stop and returned back.

One day Petya did not have time to jump on the train, a friend left without him.

The boy sat on another train, came to an unknown stop, where he was taken to the police, transferred to the Danilovsky Detention Center, then to the orphanage.

"The second attempt."

Irina Sergeevna Biryukova (born 1975) looks for her father: Sergey Sergeevich Retsyak, born in 1955, met Irina's mother in 1973 in Rostov-on-Don, where they worked together on Komsomol vouchers.

In 1974, Sergei was taken into the army, and Galina Mikhailovna returned home to a sick mother.

After the birth of her daughter Galina wrote a letter to the parents of Sergei and sent a picture of the child; Olesya, Sergey's sister, wrote the answer with the address of the military unit.

Galina wrote there, she did not receive an answer and did not write any more.

Sergei lives in the village of Olyka, Volyn region, he is a good owner, he has his own farm and he is still unmarried.

Videoprimo: Sergei's memories, stories about him sisters and fellow villagers.

Meeting in the studio.

Locations: Germany [84] Tajikistan [215] St. Petersburg [814] Ukraine [229]

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