wait me 10/23/2000 (2000)

Telecast №74690, 1 part, duration: 0:37:07
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

09.10.2000: Svetlana Gorbunova is looking for her daughter Margarita, who was stolen in the US by her ex-husband.

On June 20, 2000, her father took the girl out of the country under the pretext of going to the zoo, the police could not find any information about the child.

Video about the search for Margarita employees of the Russian private detective agency, from Moscow and Podolsk to the Belgorod region, where the girl was found with relatives from her father's side.

Meeting mom and daughter at the station.

Photos on the stand:

Valentina Zacharovna Ochkasova (Achkasova), the daughter of special settlers, after the death of his mother, the father gave the girl to the foster family, is wanted by this family.

Eugene F. Sidorov, wanted by his younger brother, the children were lost after the death of his mother in 1933, the last time were together at the monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow.

Irina, no other data, is wanted by a man who saw her only in a dream, and then saw a photo from a friend.

Konstantin Konstantinovich Sapteev, born in 1979, the address: 153012, Ivanovo-12, Suvorov Street, 11-18; In the summer of 1999, after returning from the army, he got a job in the circus, went on tour in the autumn and disappeared, he was wanted by his mother.


Continuation of the history of Konstantin Sapteev.

Irina Olegovna Sapteeva tells about the tour of the circus in the Urals, the last telegram from her son came January 20, 2000 from Omsk.

Videography from Khabarovsk from the head of the number of Semen Bendersky and from Constantine himself.

Bella Karaeva is looking for her son: Alan Vladimirovich Popishvili, born in 1978, disappeared in 1992 in North Ossetia; Vladikavkaz, Dzusova Street, 30/3, phone number 57-15-56.

Valentina Vasilievna Lapina is looking for her son: Sergei Georgievich Leleka, the last known address in Samara, Metallurgov Avenue, 73-71, lived with his wife and son, worked as a taxi driver, on January 7, 1995 at 23:20 took passengers at Kurumoch airport, left and disappeared .

Alla Madilova searches for her son: Andrey Valerievich Madilov, date of birth 02.02.1980, August 29, 1998 went to the concert of the group "Mummies Troll" in St.

Petersburg and did not return, a similar person was seen in the autumn in Moscow on Old Arbat.

Switching on from GUM:

Gennady Alexandrovich Panferov is looking for a bride: Svetlana Moroz, born in 1969, last seen in 1996, last known address: 394038, Voronezh, Peshe-Streletskaya Street, 11-66.

Rena L. Tovmasyan (Tumasyan) is looking for a nephew: Karen Georgievich Tovmasyan, birth date 14.11.1963, address of relatives: 357700, Kislovodsk, Kalinin street, 119; lived in Moscow on the street Suprun, July 22, 1999 went and did not return.

Petr Nikolaevich Fonezha is looking for a mentor: the Tibetan lama, doctor of medical sciences Viktor Fedorovich Vostokov, born in 1947, presumably lives in St.

Petersburg or Kharkov.

Vera Egorovna Savelyeva (Sorokina) is looking for a mother: Maria Ivanovna Ryabova (Sorokina), date of birth 08.06.1929, last known address: 904540, Kemerovo, Volkov st,  1st Kronstadt per., 10; July 13, 2000 left Salavat in Ufa by bus, was supposed to take the train "Novokuznetsk-Kemerovo", the bus driver confirmed,  that the woman left at the stop "Airport", the train did not sit; a woman suffers from memory failures.

A friend of the family at the request of the mother: Agrafena Kondratyevna Kosolapova is looking for her son, Sergei Evgen'evich Kosolapov, born in 1965, lived in Kerch, Diakalo Street, 26-2, left in May 1997 and did not return.

A fragment of the program from 29.08.2000: the story of "Van Naidenova".

On July 9, 1999, a boy of 10-12 years old, detained at the railway station, was taken to the Center for temporary isolation of juvenile offenders in the city of Belgorod.

The boy was deaf, did not know written and oral speech, did not know the language of gestures, could not tell anything about himself.

He was issued documents on behalf of Naydenov Ivan Ivanovich, approximately determined the age (1987) and transferred to a boarding school for deaf children.

With the help of educators who started the child's education, it was possible to find out that he may have lagged behind the train when he was returning home with his parents after a trip to the doctor.

Thanks to the program, the boy's parents were found, they came to Belgorod, took him and on their way home they stopped in Moscow to take part in the program and tell his story.

The real name of the boy Mikhail Mikhailovich Nagibin, it turned out, was stolen by unknown people right from the house.

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Belgorod region [770]

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