Telescope 09/30/1996 (1996)

Telecast №74752, 1 part, duration: 0:25:50
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Andrej Antonov, Igorj Kirillov, Valentina Leontjeva

Reel №1

The fact that television - the fourth power, no one has long argued.

Of course, television does not publish laws and does not comply with them, but it can influence the minds of people and even partly control their minds.

This influence is not only through policy, but also through advertising, plus special editing techniques, officially banned all over the world.

And yet, knowing about the power of persuasion, which television has, he is constantly being asserted his rights, on the one hand - politicians and businessmen, with another - different criminal structures, and today we have to say that they all have their own power over it.

This issue is dedicated to the relationship between television and power.

The power of advertising: the art of convincing or powerful psychotropic weapons; the opinion of the directors Yegor Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, Yuri Grymov, George Parajanov.

The elite of television journalism: international political commentators yesterday and today; Henry Borovik, Leonid Zolotarevsky, Igor Fesunenko, VGTRK director Oleg Dobrodeyev participate in the conversation.

The power of diaries and sensors: how ratings are formed and their objective evaluation; say commentators Evgeny Kiselyov and Elina Nikolaeva, executive director of the company "Comcon-2" Yuri Podtsercovsky and general director Elena Grishunina, manager of the company "Russian Public Relations Group" Alex Fisun, art director of ACC-TV Lev Nikolaev.

Mafia on television is a myth or reality; fragments of the interview with Boris Zosimov, Alexander Lyubimov, Andrei Karaulov.

Valentina Leonteva and Igor Kirillov introduce the television audience to the news, the president of Meteor-Cinema Company Leonid Gersh, TV presenter Vladimir Molchanov and Timur Kizyakov take part in the release.


Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky GA (EA) - Russian actor, director, screenwriter, producer. Grymov Yu.V. - theater and film director, screenwriter, producer, member of the public chamber of the Moscow region. Paradzhanov G.G. - actor, director, screenwriter, artist. Molchanov V.K. - journalist, TV presenter, announcer, member of the Academy of Russian Television. Kizyakov TB - Russian TV presenter, author and presenter of children's and entertainment programs, a member of the Academy of Russian Television (ART). Gusman Yu.S. - actor, director, TV and radio presenter, permanent member of the jury of the Higher League of the KVN, Honored Artist of Russia, public and political figure. Borovik G.A. - international journalist, screenwriter, prose writer, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, honorary rector of the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Ostankino. Zolotarevsky LA - Soviet journalist, Candidate of Philology, Academician of the International Academy of Television and Radio (MATR), Secretary of the Presidium of the MATR, Director of the Press Center of the International Service of the TTC "Ostankino". Fesunenko IS - international journalist, writer, TV and radio presenter, teacher. Dobrodeev OB - Russian journalist, media manager, general director of VGTRK. Kiselev E.A. - journalist, TV and radio presenter. Nikolaev LN - Russian physicist, limnologist, journalist, TV presenter, cameraman, scriptwriter and director of documentary and popular science films, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. Zosimov B.G. - Russian media manager, music producer, publisher, chairman of the board of directors of the television channel MTV-Russia (1998-2002), president of PolyGram (Russia) and Universal Music (Russia). Lyubimov AM - TV journalist, producer, TV presenter, vice-president of the Academy of Russian Television. Karaulov A.V. - Russian journalist, TV presenter, author of journalistic programs, candidate of art history.

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