wait me 10.04.2006 (2006)

Telecast №74813, 1 part, duration: 0:50:04
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igor. Shukshina Mariya.

Reel №1

Arina Nazarova, again in the studio, is looking for her father (broadcast on 03.04.2006) Borolzoi Rinchin, a Mongolian citizen, who was studying at the Tambov Military School.

After posting the questionnaire on the site "Wait for me," Borolzoy was able to find.

He became a monk in a monastery in the North of Mongolia.

The plot is from Mongolia.

Interview with Borolzoy.

Buddhist temple.

The monks.

Prayer in the temple.

Internet-teleconference studio with Mongolia.

Videoconference with Ukraine (Lviv):

Maria Dudan is looking for brother Nikolai Kotyaz (born in 1965).

Communication was interrupted in 1995.

Before that time he lived in Russia.

Moloshnyak Lubomira is looking for Sister Yaroslav Prots-Malashnyak (born 1948).

She lived in Turkey and Greece.

Grandmother Sergey Snegachev is looking for relatives of his grandson's father who live in the Moscow and Tambov regions.

Bogdan Leshinsky is looking for his brother Ivan Leshinsky (born in 1923).

During the Great Patriotic War, Ivan was transported to Germany (in 1943), from where he independently left for Australia.


A story with a happy ending.

Thanks to teamwork with Ukrainian colleagues, we managed to help our friends find each other after 25 years.

Video message of Irina Gorbenko from Kiev, addressed to Tatiana Shutkevich, who lives in Moscow.

In a studio:

Lilia Erastas is looking for her husband - a citizen of Kenya Javis Opuge Kabongo Erastas.

Communication was interrupted in 1973.

Sergei Lukin is looking for his son Dmitry Odajiu (born in 1992).

In 2005 he left home (Moscow region).

Tamara Tarasenko is looking for her daughter Anna Tkachenko (born in 1988) from the Voronezh region.

Did not return home in 2005.

Natalia Puzenko and her son Igor Puzenko are looking for the girl Igor - Inna Semenchenko.

Innu managed to find.

Meeting in the studio.

Maria Shukshina reads a letter posted on the Internet portal of the program from Elena (born in 1974).

Elena Soboleva is looking for her father Alexei Lavrentiev.

With Irina Soboleva's mother, they divorced in 1975.

Elena Vorobyova is looking for her friend Victor, whom he met in 2005 in St.


We skated together on roller skates.

Olga Gladneva is looking for her sister Mary Gladneva (born in 1928).

The girls were separated in the thirties (1932-33).

The mother was forced to give the children to an orphanage in Voronezh.

Sergei Rekhmunov from Ivanova is looking for a daughter Svetlana Rekhmunova (born in 1987).

In 2005 she lived in Moscow.

Irma (Inga) Gogichashvili and her daughter Nino (from Batumi) are looking for Irma's mother.

Irma was brought up in a foster home.

She managed to find out that the family of her mother in 1995 moved to Odessa.

The woman managed to find.

The plot from Odessa.

The Black Sea coast.

Pointer to Deribasovskaya Street.

Street musicians.

Pointer to Bolshaya Arnautskaya Street.

Inga has three sisters: Anna, Natalia and Lisa Koshlyak.

The Koshlyak family at the table.

Natasha and Lisa came to Moscow.

They met at the studio.

Aida Honeelia is looking for brother Edward Honeelia.

Disappeared during the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict in 1993.

The mother is looking for the son of Alexander Remnev (born in 1977) from Izhevsk.

Disappeared in 1999.

Karoyne Toth from Hungary is looking for her orphanage girlfriend Irina Likhterman, with whom she was brought up in Voskresensky orphanage for special purposes from 1944 to 1950.

In the orphanage, the girl was called Maria Gambosh.

I managed to find Irina and many classmates.


Winter, Voskresensky district:

Children's home (former manor of Count Orlov-Davydov).

Sculpture of Gogol, carved from wood.

In the studio meeting Irina, Karoyne and classmates, former pupils of the orphanage.

Calendar: 10.04.2006

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