Science and technology № 20 (1964)

Newsreel №74844, 1 part, duration: 0:10:16
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Camera operators:A.Galadzhev, G.Holjnij


1. Big Chemistry of Uzbekistan-about the production of a valuable substance-urea, used in various sectors of the national economy.. 2. Bloodless surgery - about the revolutionary method of treatment of basedova disease, developed by Uzbek doctors and scientists.. 3. The scout Atom. 4. Living water of Gulistan.

Reel №1

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Special issue about Uzbekistan.

1. Big chemistry of Uzbekistan.

Chirchik Electrochemical Plant.

Urea shop of the plant.

Granulation tower.

Urea granules in the palm of your hand.

2. Bloodless surgery.



Turakulov-corresponding member of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences in the laboratory.

Doctor of Medical Sciences R. K. Islanbekov comes out of the operating room.

Works on Endocrinology.

Photos of patients with Basedova disease before and after treatment.

The doctor examines the patient.

Diagram of the structure and operation of the thyroid gland(animation).

Patient at the doctor.

Examination of the patient.

R. Islanbekov and Ya.

Turakulov discuss the plan of treatment of the patient.

A woman drinks radioactive iodine.

3. Atom Scout.

Drilling well.

The building of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

Laboratory of the Institute.

Rock samples are placed in a special capsule in the core of a nuclear reactor.

The employee manages the process with the help of automatic hands.

4. Living water of Gulistan.

Cracked earth.

Development of the Uzbek virgin land.

A canal in the Hungry Steppe.

Cartoon scheme of soil salinity.

Salinity control scheme.

Land reclamation works.

Apple trees with fruits.

Bunches of grapes.

A box of cotton.

Cotton field.


Turakulov Ya.H. -uchyonij, biohimik, laureat Leninskoj premii 1964 goda. Islanbekov R.K. -endokrinolog, chlen-korrespondent AMN SSSR (1969), zasluzhennij deyatelj nauki Uzbekskoj SSR (1964), laureat Leninskoj premii (1964).

Locations: Uzbekistan [236]

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