wait me 27.07.2012 (2012)

Telecast №74890, 1 part, duration: 0:48:01
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Efremov Mihail. Shukshina Mariya.

Reel №1

Studio in Moscow.

Declare the names of the missing (photo):

Oleg Golovanov.

Lost it in Surgut.

The relatives lost contact with him in 2010.

Shodmon Fatoev (born in 1986) from the city of Cheboksary.

Disappeared in 2012.

Vavila Syadro.

There is no connection since 2005.

Took the train Lviv-Moscow.

Did not get to the capital.

Yevgeny Safronov.

Came to Moscow from Tashkent.

Andrey Korytov.

In 2010 he lived in Bashkortostan.

Andrey Kulaev in 2003 was lost in Yakutsk.

Valeria Anikina (born in 1944).

The search is conducted by a friend and classmate Vladimir Marchenko.

Vasily Bryzgalov from the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Disappeared in 2002.

Roman Komarov.

Communication with relatives was lost in 2007.

Enver Suleimanov (born in 1953).

The family can not contact him for 4 years.

Daredjan searches for his brother - Walter Mazmanyan (born in 1954).

In 1973, Walter served in Lithuania.

Abdulaliz Kamolov.

In 2002 he was in the Sverdlovsk region, where he worked at the construction site.

Vladimir Sibiryakov from the Krasnodar Territory.

Disappeared on the way to Ukraine in 2003.

Dmitry Shevchenko.

Disappeared in 2004 in Krasnodar.

Supposedly lived in Sochi.

Andrei Garkushin from the Moscow region.

Sought since 2007.

Rahimzian Tarzimin from Bashkortostan.

Disappeared in 2006.

Sister is looking for Stanislav Kondratyuk from the Khabarovsk Territory.

Communication has been lost since 2006.

Mark Herman (born 1936) is sought by his brother, who lives in Germany.

It is known that he was in an orphanage in the city of Voznesensk.

In 1947, he escaped from his aunt's house.

Perhaps he lived in Mykolayiv and Murmansk.

Sister is looking for Sergei Kholod.

In 2002 he lived in Chernigov.

The man has no left leg.

Yevgenia Akimova from the Sverdlovsk Region is looking for a young man named Yuri.

They met in the theater in Moscow.

Vera Kirdyashkin is sought by his son and grandchildren.

In 2002 she left Kazakhstan.

Marina Krivosheeva (born in 1989).

Disappeared in June 2009 in the North-Kazakhstan region.


Mom is looking for Nikita Antonovsky.

After the divorce, the husband took the child to an unknown destination.

Repeat the broadcast on 20.04.2012.

With the help of the Federal Bailiff Service, Nikita was found.

Interview with Gennady Ivanov.

He names the place of residence of the child, informs about his conversation with Nikita's father.


Anna Glebova (Krasnov) and Svetlana Khomenko are looking for relatives of their grandmother Taisiya Genger (born in 1917).

She was left by her mother on the train on the road between Rostov and Novocherkassk.

She was brought up in a foster family named Gudenko.

Pavel Tolstov from the Kursk region is looking for his father Alexei Tolstoy (born in 1936).

It is known that he lived in Mariupol and, probably, moved to live in Belarus.

Ruzanna Gevorgyan is looking for Father Ambartsum Gevorgyan (born in 1970).

Communication was interrupted in 2001.

Presumably, he lives in Irkutsk.

Parents are looking for Maria Handharhaeva (born in 1987).

Disappeared in Irkutsk in 2011.

In the morning she went to work in residency, no one saw her again.

Andrei Popov is looking for the father of Alexander Burenkov.


Andrei's father was found.

Lives in the Ryazan region.

Interview with Alexander Burenkov, his friends and neighbors.

Meeting in the studio of Andrew with his sister and father.

Maria Shukshina reads the letters of the viewers:

A child born to Sonia Gamz (or Gamzo), in a concentration camp, is being sought.

The kid was transferred to the partisans in Bialystok, and it is known that he survived.

His mother could not survive.

Relatives of Sony lived in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Sisters-twins Julia and Tatiana Belyaev (born 1951 in Feodosia) are looking for aunt from Krasnodar.

Perhaps the sisters live in Vladivostok or Kaliningrad.

Relatives of Anton Kriventsev from the Voronezh region are looking for everyone who knew their grandfather.

He was arrested by the NKVD in 1941.

Wang Jiliang from China is looking for his friends by correspondence in the 1960s: Alla Vasyanin from Zhukovsky, Lyudmila and Vladimir from Poltava.

Vitaly Sandul from the village of Pymta in Kamchatka is looking for a twin brother (born in 1959).

Vitali was brought up in a foster family.

His brother stayed with the mother.

Ludmila Tsekhmeystruk from Ukraine is looking for Uncle Yaska Tsekhmeystruk, who emigrated to America.

Perhaps he lives in Pittsburgh.

Mom is looking for Vitaly Yuriychuk from Ivano-Frankivsk region.

It is known that Vitaly left for Poland in 2005.

Perhaps he lives in Poznan.

Elena from Lugansk is looking for her brother Yevgeny Martynov (born in 1977).

In 2005 he disappeared in the Moscow region.

The daughter is trying to find her father.

It is known that his name is Vladimir Sergeevich.

In 1983-84 he lived in Leningrad (now St.


Mother's name is Elena Semenova.

Relatives of Vladimir Kozin (born in 1920 in Moscow) are sought.

Mother's name is Alexander Kozin.

Ekaterina Zmiyak (maiden name, born in 1945) is looking for her parents and sister Nelya Zmiyak.

Father's name is Petro Zmiyak.

Mother's name is unknown.

Ekaterina was brought up in orphanages in the Bryansk region.

Maria Gusakova is looking for the family of her own brother Ivan Strukov.

The connection was lost after the end of the Great Patriotic War.

The family managed to find.




Granddaughter of Ivan - Marina Strukova tells about her grandfather.

Meeting relatives in the studio in Moscow.

Andrei Morozov is looking for his father - Alexander Morozov (born in 1947), whom he had not seen for 35 years.

Parents divorced when the boy was 8 years old.

Supposedly lives in the Stavropol Territory.

Alexander Morozov managed to find, as a result of a special radio marathon, which was held in Stavropol.


The city of Stavropol.

In radio studio Julia Prisypkina and Oleg Shederov.

The city of Essentuki.

Landing of a small aircraft on the field.

In the sky, a light aviation aircraft performs various aerobatics figures.

Interview with Alexander Morozov - demonstrates his plane, which still flies.

He left a tele message for his son.

A space bridge with Stavropol:

Galina Bobyleva is looking for the son of Roman Bobylev (born in 1976).

Disappeared in 2005 in the city of Izobilny.

Anna Burtseva is looking for the son of Konstantin Burtsev (born in 1967).

Disappeared in 1996 in Novoaleksandrovka.

Maria Zhikhareva is looking for the son of Alexander Shevel (born in 1979).

Disappeared in 2011.

Denis is looking for a girl named Victoria from the city of Ipatovo.

They met at a sanatorium in Essentuki in 2003.

Natalia Loginova is looking for her mother - Antonina Bondareva (born in 1928).

Disappeared in 2011 in the village of Kazminskoye.

Raisa Doianova is looking for her grandson Ruslan Zakirov (born in 1983).

Disappeared in 2011 in Min.

The waters in the village of Pervomaisky.

Olga Pugacheva is looking for the son of Vitaly Pugachev (born in 1974).

Disappeared in the city of Stavropol in 2003.

Galina Petrenko is looking for brother Anatoly Pulyaevsky (born 1950) - disabled childhood (stutter).

He left home in 2002.

Mom is looking for her son Denis Yesyutin (born in 1983).

Since 2004, it has been declared missing.

Irina Saprykina is looking for a daughter, Jan Saprykina (born in 1979).

Lived in Turkey.

Last time she called her parents in 2002.

Lydia Zvereva is looking for Nikolai Zverev (born 1951).

In 2012, he left four hospitals in the traumatology department of Stavropol.

Svetlana Smerdova invites all pupils of the Stavropol children's home to the 65th anniversary.

Veronica Luntseva is looking for brother Victor Mubarakov (born in 1980).

Disappeared in 2011

Moscow studio:

Rosa Tereshchenko is looking for relatives of her father Vasily Molchanov.

Before the divorce, the family lived in the Arkhangelsk region.

When her mother (Venus Kuchina) remarried, in 1955, Rosa went with her to Ukraine in the Poltava region.


Fragment of the feature film "The Girls".

Arhangelsk region.


The village of Krasnaya.

Residents of the village.

A woman is washing clothes in the river.

The man on the boat.


The samovar is melted with cones.

Uncle, sisters and other relatives of Roses.

TV address of Brother Rosa - works captain of the ship on the Dutch ship.

Meeting relatives in the studio.


Ivanov Gennady is the head of the organization of work on the search for the FSSP of Russia.

Calendar: 27.07.2012

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