Science and technology № 16 (1960)

Newsreel №74940, 1 part, duration: 0:10:07
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:K.Kogtev, F.Novikov, B.Lyahovskij, A.Ushakov


1. Treasures of world culture - about the repository of ancient manuscripts-Matenadaran. 2. Alloys-hybrids-on the development of a new method for producing alloys. 3. Betatron in medicine-about a new method of X-ray therapy. 4. On the river Unzhe-about a special boat that helps to cope with congestion in the timber industry. .

Reel №1

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1. Treasury of world culture.

The Matenadaran building is a repository of ancient manuscripts.

People go up the stairs.

Storage interiors.

Portrait of Mesrop Mashtots, who composed the Armenian alphabet.

Armenian landscapes.

Sagmosavank Monastery.

Inscriptions on the walls of the monastery.

The destruction of the book depository (picture).

Ancient books on display in the vault.

Calfskin folios and miniature books.

The vault's reading room.

Square in Yerevan with a monument to Lenin.

2. Alloys-hybrids.

Boiling metal in a laboratory crucible.

The boiling alloy is poured into the bucket.

The powder mixture is placed in the oven.

G. Pogodin-Alekseev in the laboratory.

Obtaining an alloy by the Pogodin-Alekseev method.

Experiments in the laboratory.

3. Betatron in medicine.

The doctor examines the X-ray.

Treatment of the patient with betatron.

The metal centralizer is turned and directed at the tumor.

Doctors watch the radiation process from the remote control.

The scheme of operation of the betatron (animation).

Instrument readings.

4. On the river Unzhe.

Forest congestion on the river.

Rafters pull logs apart.

Special boat on the river.

With the help of a winch installed on the boat, the congestion is eliminated.

Wood rafting on the river.

The boat passes over the logs.


Pogodin-Alekseev G.I. -uchyonij v oblasti svarochnih processov, metallovedeniya, termicheskoj obrabotki, instrumentaljnih materialov. Zasluzhennij deyatelj nauki RSFSR

Locations: Armenia [12] Moscow [820] Kostroma region [782]

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