Jungles are Simmering Down after the War. (1974)

Film-document №7495 6 parts, Duration: 0:58:12 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Script writers: Osotov I., Yurev K.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Bgancev I.

Composers: Kosmachev I.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Sosin O.


The film is about the topic related to liquidation of the trouble spot and military conflict in the Region of the South Eastern Asia.

Temporary description

Landscapes of Laos. Speech by President of the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front of Laos Prince Souphanouvong (synchronously). Job printing in the jungles of Laos; training college students, located in the cave. Life and Living Buddhist monks in Laos, participation in the liberation movement. Type of Buddhist temples. Participation of national liberation forces in Laos in the war with American troops. The talks in Vientiane in Laos on the formation of new government with equal representation from the Patriotic Front and the Vientiane government. Types of Vientiane city: streets, buildings and monuments. Life's residents. Life and Meo tribes people of everyday life. Types of plants Pepsi-Cola, soap, animal husbandry (city of Vientiane). Education for boys and girls in Laos in the 1-m vocational school in Laos. Construction of a bridge in one of the liberated areas of Laos, houses in the village Vansay. Speech Folk Dance Ensemble. Providing medical assistance to residents of the liberated areas. Meeting princes Souphanouvong and Souvanna Fuma on the formation of a coalition Provisional Government.

Reel №1

The map of Laos.

Colorful dressed people are leading an elephant through the city street.

The supreme priest feeding the elephant and talking to him.

People lighting candles.

Jungle burning.

Ruined houses.

A monk with a staff wandering along the way.

New shoots on the site of fire.


Moth flying.


Northern Laos – liberated by forces of Patriotic Front of Laos (PFL) area.

Girls going along the bridge.

A settlement.

A teacher describing.

Children singing.

Landscape of Northern Laos.

Caves in Valley of Cocks – the center of PFL.

Swallows in the sky.

The cave entrance where the radio station of Patriotic Front located.

The radio station workers – operators, telegraphers etc.

Aerials of the radio station.

A soldier at the entrance of the cave.

The head of Central Committee of PFL prince Suphanu-wong is writing at table in the cabinet in caves.

Books in different languages in the cabinet.

Prince Suphanu-wong greeting builders of highways and bridges.

Central Committee of PFL meeting.

“The Red Prince” Suphanu-wong speaking.

General Comadam at the meeting.

The printing office in the cave.

People working.

The room of the printing office.

Workers carrying newspapers out of the printing office to the car.

Pupils entering the school in the cave.

The school in the cave.

A youth is reading the poem “Vladimir Ilich Lenin” written by Mayakovsky.

Men, women and children listening.

The portrait of Lenin.

Visitors at the exhibition, banners hanging.

Picture reproductions devoted to Lenin.

A group of children walking along the river bank and the bridge.

A young mother with a baby on her back passing by.

Children playing in the river.

Young soldiers sitting.

Two girls passing by.

A woman smiling.

The face of a Laotian girl.

Reel №2

Buddhist monks walking and beating the drums.

The head of Northern Laotian Buddhists Khu Pha Tkhoy, who is taking a part in liberation movement with his disciples, speaking.

Monks listening.

Boy-monks passing by.

A boy-monk among the temple ruins.

Buddhists begging in the city.

The Buddhist temple in the cave.

Sculptures in the temple.


The Mekong River.

A boat drifting on the river.

Sunrise over the river.

A picture of fantastic trees.

“Buddha’s footstep”.

The golden sculpture of Buddha.

The Golden temple, The Tat Luang temple and others.

A ruined temple.

A burnt village.

A man standing with a baby.

Women and children in the village.

A woman leading a former soldier.

A woman with children begging in the city street.

A beggar in the street.

A former soldier without hands.

A street of Vientiane – the capital of Laos.

Soldiers of Patriotic Front of Laos arrived to secure PFL representatives in negotiations with Vientiane government standing sentinel.

The house where negotiations about forming new government bodies of the country were held.

Participants of negotiations talking.

A soldier watering a garden around the house of PFL representatives.

The soldier’s face.

Soldiers coming home after the signing an armistice.

Cars driving along the road.

Soldiers in the village.

Girls giving soldiers water to drink.

A laughing girl dressed in national gear.

A soldier smiling.

A soldier singing.

An accordionist playing.

Girl-soldiers passing by.

Girls and girl-soldiers having a rest and combing their hair near the pond.

Boys with a banner.

17-year-old soldier with kids.

13-year-old regiment’s son Singh learning to read, wearing through the shells.

Children near the shells.

Reel №3

Soldiers of Patriotic Front of Laos walking along the street.

A traffic-controller in the street.

A soldier on the bridge.

Foreign shops in the street, windows, masks in foreign languages.

The monument to Ogust Pavy, who has created the map of Laos, - the sculpture, the bronze map and flowers around the monument.

Streets, bar, restaurant, night club name boards.

A woman sitting.

A woman passing by.

A hippie-youth.

A white man leading a Laotian woman.

A white man and his Laotian wife with a baby.

A young mother with a baby.

The National Assembly of Laos building.

Apartments of the American center in Vientiane, a car driving into the territory.

Huts of the city inhabitants nearby the American center.

Patriotic Front of Laos representatives and Vientiane government negotiations.

The village, where mountaineers of Meo tribe were forcibly moved to: the village inhabitants – men, women and children.

A woman sitting on the house doorstep.

An old woman, a girl.

A panorama of a peasant house.

The tribe’s shaman.

Faces of Meo men and women.

A panorama of a man lighting a fire.

A woman carrying rush tubes.

A peasant woman farming the land, children are near.

A little girl laundering in the river.

A panorama of a girl and a blind musician in the city street.

The musician playing, the girl singing.

A boy listening.

A woman weaving by the loom.

A panorama of the “Pepsi-Cola” factory in Vientiane.

The soap factory.

A brewery building.

An arch.

A villa, panorama of a hut.

A street in Vientiane, a panorama of a catch pit in the street.

A market in the city.

A panorama of boys playing roulette

(Homeless) brother-boys selling balloons.

Reel №4

Students of the first professional technical college in the college’s yard, working on the machines.

Faces and hands of young workers.

A teacher instructing a youth in welding

Study of the Russian language in the lyceum: students listening to a teacher from Soviet Union, talking and singing in Russian.

The civil engineer Noy Indawong graduated from the Moscow highway institute walking along the street.

N. Indawong telling about his job.

Road-building – an earth mover working, a tractor, builders working by picks.

A car with builders driving by.

Prince Suphanu-wong greeting builders and talking with them, inspecting building.

A panorama of the opening of the first bridge in liberated area, everybody applauding.

A panorama of a forest.

Houses building in Valley of Cocks: workers carrying logs.

Girls sweeping the territory.

Children playing with a ball.

A panorama of a town in caves.

Builders weaving a bamboo wall, setting it.

A panorama of the Wansay village, bamboo houses.

The Main company of singers and dancers dressed in national dresses are rehearsing (“Unity” dance).

The director of the company.

General Siton Comadam one of the Patriotc Front of Laos heads in a car, brushing his hair, greeting workers of the pharmaceutical factory and talking with them.

A panorama of S. Comadam with his family, walking with his grandsons.

Pigeons pecking near a house.

A cat and a dog near a house.

A panorama of aircrafts on the airdrome.

A panorama of pilots at the airdrome.

Passengers getting into the “AN-2” aircraft.

The aircraft’s cockpit.

The aircraft taking off, flying.

The runway.

A village.

A PFL army camp near the Vattai airdrome.

A panorama of standing soldiers, clothes hanging on clothes-line.

A pen for ducklings, two ducklings are fighting.

A panorama of cooking soldier.

A panorama of soldiers having a rest.

Visitors at the aid post.

People with children in the aid post.

Doctor Sisuwan is examining the children.

Reel №5

Soldiers of The Central joint commission patrol are walking along the street in Vientiane.

Soldiers are smiling.

A panorama of a street, cars are standing.

Advertisement of car sale.

A villa for rent.

A house on the Salacocktan street.

A panorama of a room with pictures, photos, American banner.

A captive American pilot Ammet Key is staring.

A. Key cooking, walking with a security guard along the bridge.

A little Laotian girl running by.

A rifle abandoned by sentries on the cease-fire borderline (The South of Laos).

A panorama of soldiers driving in trucks.

A panorama of an operator at the telephone set.

A panorama of a street restaurant.

A panorama of shell-holes.

A panorama of lying shells.

A panorama of Americans in a car, collecting shells.

A panorama of Laos inhabitants weighing a scrap metal - shells, crushed war machinery and others, collecting and loading it on a car.

A panorama of ruined houses.

A panorama of a ruined temple.

Sapeo, a boy who lost his wrists after an explosion is chopping a tree, telling about himself.

A refugee woman talking.

A rickshaw talking.

A panorama of blooming gardens and trees.

A panorama of Tyampa flowers

A panorama of stream among rocks.

A panorama of flowers on the tree.

A panorama of a waterfall.

A panorama of The Mekong River.

A panorama of a wedding ceremony: a bridegroom is lightning candles.

A panorama from red flowers to the wedding procession.

A panorama of the feet ablution.

Wedding guests.

A bride praying.

A girl lighting candles.

A girl praying.

Prince Sufana Fuma a brother of «the red prince» Sufanu-wong praying, the chairman of the

Vientiane government.

Buddhistic monks praying.

A man praying.

Sri Savang Vatthana, the king of Laos going to the temple.

A woman with a baby.

People of Laos performing the «basi» ritual that shows cordiality and kindness.

Vegetables on the dish.

A panorama of a girl giving bread to her mother.

A little girl smiling.

Rice fields.

Reel №6

Prince Sufanu-wong arriving into Vientiane for forming the Provisional coalition-cabinet of National unity of Laos in the aircraft.

The Mekong River.

Soldiers and people with flowers welcoming at the airdrome.

Prince Sufanu-wong getting out of the aircraft, greeting prince Sufanna Fum and other people.

Prince Suvanna Fuma speaking.

People of Laos greeting passing by princes cheerfully.

The car approaching the king palace, princes getting out.

A panorama of people on the square.

Prince Sufanu-wong speaking.

A panorama of gathered people listening, applauding.

Youths standing with drums.

Musicians playing.

A panorama of demonstrators with posters passing by.

The celebration of Pi-mai (Laotian New Year): people watering each other and dancing.

Cheerful faces.

A youth singing and playing the guitar, another one playing the accordion.

People dancing in the street.

Girls with transparencies walking.

Boats on the Mekong River.

A panorama of trees with red flowers.

A mother hugging a baby.

A youth and a girl riding swing.

Birds releasing.

A panorama of sand pagoda building.

A baby with a bottle of milk in a cradle.

A young mother smiling.

A boy smiling.

A panorama of children running along the river.