wait me 14.02.2011 (2011)

Telecast №74985, 1 part, duration: 0:47:47
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Efremov Mihail. Kvasha Igor. Shukshina Mariya.

Reel №1

The relatives hope to find their loved ones who disappeared during the Great Patriotic War.

Photos in the studio:

Bella Pogrebinskaya, born in 1927.

Disappeared during the evacuation from Kherson to Odessa.

Together with her there were mother - Sima Moiseevna and brother Boris.

Maria Dolzhnikova is looking for a friend Lydia Sadovskaya from Belarus, with whom she became friends in forced labor during the fascist occupation.

Relatives are looking for Eliza Kozitsku.

Together with other children was evacuated from Moscow in 1941.

It is known that the train was hit by an enemy bombing.

Heinz is looking for his sisters Hildegard and Fried Schmidt.

In 1945, Hildegard was placed in a camp in the Kaliningrad region.

It is known that all the prisoners were sent to Siberia or to the Urals.

Boris Ekimov is looking for his sister Margarita Ekimov (a special sign is a birthmark on her hand).

Disappeared during the evacuation through Ladoga from the besieged Leningrad in 1943.

Granddaughter of Maria Caldera is looking for her grandmother's brother - Alexander Calder.

He was hijacked to Germany in 1943.


Interview with brother and sister Alexander Calder.

Interview in the studio with the granddaughter of Maria Calder.

The plot from the Krasnodar region:

Was found the son of Alexander Kalder - Vladimir.

Demonstrates the birth certificate of his father.

Interview with the daughter of Alexander - Valentina.

They tell us about the father's stay in the concentration camp, how and when he was released.

In the studio, a meeting took place between Vladimir, Valentina Calder and her granddaughter Maria Kallder.

Announcements of the missing (photos):

Gury Plyugin (born in 1925) - one of the founders of the Pulkovo Observatory.

Disappeared in the Leningrad region.

Searched for Sergei Kislitsyn.

Disappeared in 2008 in the Ufa district.

Anatoly Makarov.

Disappeared in 2007 in Tatarstan.

Tatyana is looking for her brother Valery Kvaskov (born in 1976) from Chuvashia.

Disappeared in Moscow.

Alexander Savchenko (born in 1971) from Kerch.

Disappeared in St.

Petersburg in 2005.

Igor Cherkasov is wanted from the Vitebsk region.

Disappeared in the Moscow region in 2005.

Alexander Shulga is looking for Love Finogenenna, with whom he corresponded in 1963.

The only meeting occurred in 1976 in Petushki.

Nicholas Iolob (born in 1978).

Disappeared in 1998 during military service in the city of Kazandzhik.

Nikolai Popov (born in 1983) from Odessa.

Disappeared in 2007.

Vladimir Permyakov (born in 1985) from Tobolsk.

Disappeared in 2008.

Alexander Shvorak.

In 2010 he sat down from Tambov went to work in Moscow.

Vladimir Kozlov from Gomel.

Disappeared in Moscow in 2004.

Ruslan Yatsishin (born in 1976) from Alchevsk.

Disappeared in 2001 on the way to Donetsk.

Thomas Turtle from Scotland.

In 2010 he lived in Belgorod with his wife.

In a studio:

Olga Pancenko is looking for her father - Yury (lived in Odessa, then in Moscow).

Communication was maintained until 1969.

Aziza Zakirova from Tajikistan is looking for her brother - Timur Zakirov (1966).

Presumably, he lives in Sverdlovsk.

Mom is looking for her daughter Natalia Kondratieva (born in 1988).

Disappeared in 2010 in the Moscow region.

Anna Bykovskikh is looking for her son Vladislav (born 1976).

Disappeared in 2007 in Moscow.

Angelica Fycks is looking for relatives of her mother Nina Popova (born in 1923).

Grandmother's name is Dunia Pavlovna.

The mother's family lived in the Rostov region.

Repeat the last release of the program:

People who wander in Moscow and are afraid for some reason to return home, but their relatives are looking for and waiting for.

Photos: Vladimir Pavlov, Pavel Bogdanovich, Viktor Vysotsky, Nikolay Kordan, Vyacheslav Kolchin, Andrei Leonov.


Interview with Sergey Lapshin.

Lived at the Leningrad station.

Speech loss and partial loss of memory are broken.

With the help of the programme was managed to find his family.

Sergei Lapshin was escorted to the station where he met his mother.

Rubric "From fresh start."


Interview with Marina Chelintseva.

She is engaged in her own subsistence farming in the Moscow region: she breeds goats.

She is looking for an assistant.

In the studio - relatives are wanted (photos):

Citizen of Belarus Nikolai Shibaylo.

He left in 2002.

The last time he was seen in the Voronezh region.

Alexander Bobylev from the Gomel region.

Lost in the Moscow region in 2008.

Aizada Omuralieva.

She left Kyrgyzstan for Magnitogorsk.

Oleg Bodenko.

Disappeared in 2007.

Presumably, is in Moscow.

Victor Inozemtsev, the driver.

In 2007 he left Tashkent for Podolsk.

Alexander Odintsov is looking for his relative Maria Odintsova.

Supposedly lives in the Czech Republic.

Victor Burba is looking for his mother Anna Bourba (born in 1925).

She left her son in an orphanage in 1953 in the Zhytomyr region in Ukraine.

Valentina Zhdanova from Volgograd is looking for her sister Svetlana Gribach (born in 1968), who disappeared in Slovakia in 1999.

Tatyana Semenova is looking for Uncle Yakov Yaranov.

Disappeared in 2009 in Chuvashia.

Elvira Polyakova is looking for father Nijad Shamed oglu Akperov (born in 1966)


Oleg Zolotarenko (in Moscow) is looking for relatives of the brother of his grandfather Luke - Theodosius Lukic, who emigrated to France in the 1920s.

THE broadcast from France:

It was possible to find the daughter of Theodosius - Suzanne.

Together with her family she left a video message to her relatives Zolotarenko.


Paris, locals, tourists with cameras.

Architectural monuments, sculptures.

Meeting in the studio Zolotarenko and their relatives from France (communicate in Russian).


Anatoly Stetsyak is looking for his relatives.

He was brought up by adoptive parents, whose family was given by the consent of his own mother.

Repeat the broadcast on 06/12/2010.

Arbat (summer, winter): artists, musicians.

Igor Kvasha on the Arbat communicates with people.

Anatoly Stetsyak's mother was found.

Interview with the sisters of Anatolia, living in Kiev and Minsk.

Videomessage from the mother of Anatoly - Sophia Leopoldovna.

Meeting in the studio: Anatoly's sisters - Valentina and Nina.

Calendar: 14.02.2011

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