wait me 12/18/2000 (2000)

Telecast №75109, 1 part, duration: 0:41:03
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

The story of Sergei Fedorov.

Learning that my mother is waiting for a second child, in April 2000, the boy fled the house and spent several months in Tula at the station, handing out bottles and selling coupons in town transport.

Igor Kvasha shows photos of the missing children at the stand: Dmitry Timoshenko, Dmitry Osipov, Viktor Morozov, Maxim Lavrenyuk, Dmitry Zakharov, Ivan Panfilov, Sergey Komarov, Yevgeny Sergulov.

The boy found out Sergei Komarov and said that he was detained and transferred to a special detention center.

Switching on from GUM:

Sergei Sinyavsky is looking for witnesses of two road accidents that happened on August 5, 2000 on the Warsaw highway; in one of them his son was killed, his father suspects that the police are hiding the real criminal; phone 711-45-50.

Lyudmila Andreevna Bayanova, at the request of Galina Nikolaevna Malovichko, is looking for her family - Elena's sister, Alexander's brother, Aunt Valentine, other possible relatives;  mother Elena Sergeevna Malovichko died after childbirth, Galina is in psycho-neurological boarding school of Taraz city (Dzhambul), she can not independently search.

Konstantin Kochkin is looking for his son: Alexander Kochkin, the date of his birth on July 21, 1995, on November 30, 2000 he left the kindergarten with his grandmother Zinaida Vladimirovna Sokolova,  date of birth 02.05.1945; the father assumes that both may be in some monastery or at the church, Z. Sokolova is mentally ill, is registered at the hospital named after Ganushkin;  address of KS Kochkina: 121400, Moscow region, Khimki, Melnikova street, 2/1, telephone 572-34-31.

Ivan Nikolaevich Yanshin is looking for a friend Anna Fetisova, whom she met in Dzhambul; presumably the girl lives in Konakovo; Address of IN Yanshin: Moscow, 2-nd Yuzhnoportovy proezd, 5-2-14, telephone 958-95-38.

Valentina Konstantinovna Sarnitskaya (Semenova) is looking for her son: Maxim Tarasovich Sarnitsky, date of birth 18.04.1977, left home on August 27, 2000 after a quarrel with his mother,  perhaps care is associated with drugs; the address of the mother: 107140, Moscow, Verkhnaya Krasnoselskaya street, 8-2-290.

In the studio, the specialist of the medical center "Kundala" Mikhail Ponomarev talks about the phone of trust for drug addicts and their families.

A video with photos of people whose disappearance is most likely related to drug addiction or drug trafficking:

Ahmet Kurbanov, disappeared in Buinaksk, last time he wrote home from Moscow.

Alexei Anatolyevich Ovchinnikov, born in 1973, left home on April 3, 1994, shortly before that he was carried away by religion and started smoking drugs.

Yuri Aleksandrovich Polovnev, born in 1977, before graduation he studied at the vocational school and worked part time in a car service.

Andrei Vladimirovich Karmalita, born in 1974, left home on June 5, 1996, when his father learned about the connection with drugs.

Natalia Stanko, born in 1973, the mother received the last letter in 1992 from the prison in San Nicolas (Spain).

Andrei Vladimirovich Tereshkin, was sent to friends in Georgia, but was arrested at the airport with drugs, since then there has been no news, is being sought by Grandmother Klavdia Ivanovna.


Irina Nikolaevna Nazarova is looking for a mother: Mariya Ilinichna Nazarova (Govorova), date of birth February 27, 1929, the birthplace of Volgograd; disappeared on September 3, 2000 in Tver region, went into the woods and did not return, on 11 November a friend saw her at the railway station in Tver.

Tatyana Ivanovna Andrianova is looking for a daughter: Natalia Andrianova, date of birth 10.08.1984, disappeared in Vladimir on June 26, 1996, when neighbors without permissions of relatives took her to the river and upon returning home said that the girl was drowned, the body was not found, the mother assumes that the child was kidnapped; address of the family: 600033, Vladimir, Socialist street, 33-2.

A woman is looking for a son who disappeared on August 4, 1992 in Vladikavkaz during the grazing of cows on the bank of the Terek River (names and surnames are not named).

A man is looking for a nurse Tamara Anatolyevna Kostin, who was in love with in 1973; the presenter transmits the telephone message from TA Kostina.

Sergei Pleshchuk is looking for the girl Maria, whom he met at a disco in Podolsk.

History of Ivan Gordeevich Trofimenko.

The veteran tells how he was captured in 1943 in the Kirovograd region. 12-year-old boy Alexander Kirsa helped him escape and hid from his relatives.

A video about Alexander Kirsa's trip to the village of Lysaya Gora (Nikolaev region, Ukraine), Alexander and his fellow-villagers recall the war and the episode with the release of Ivan.

Meeting in the studio.

Calendar: 1943

Locations: Ukraine [229]

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