wait me 04/05/2008 (2008)

Telecast №75126, 1 part, duration: 0:45:02
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Sergej Nikonenko, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

The program is dedicated to the Victory Day.

Tatyana Pavlovna Migutina from Barnaul sent a photo of a girl named Anya, the picture was taken on May 9, 1945 in the German city of Pirna.

Tatyana's father, Pavel Ryabov during the war was a reconnaissance chemist, served in Germany.

He died when Tatyana was not even two years old, only military photographs remained, and many of them have Anya.

Tatiana suggests that the father was in love with this girl, and in one of the pictures, perhaps their child; the boy's name is unknown, like Ani's surname.

Margarita Nikolayevna Borshchevskaya never knew her father, she only knew that in 1942 he went to the front.

The family album contains an old photograph with the inscription "Nikolai Semenovich Soloviev, January 4, 1936".

Mother did not tell her father about anything.

WWII veteran Nikolay Semenovich Solovev, who turned 93 years too lifelong dream to find her daughter and ask her forgiveness for not having found a family after the war.

After 70 years, the father and daughter met in the studio, thanks to the program and the help of the police; the meeting was attended by the Deputy Head of the Department the criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Major General Gennady Ivanov and Militia Major Dmitry Zhukov.

GI Ivanov congratulates all veterans on the coming holiday.

Rina Semenovna Ishkhanova, born in 1928, is looking for a school friend: Ada Abramovna Polyanovskaya, in the first months of the war she was evacuated with her mother from Odessa to Ashgabat,  where she became friends with Rina; after the war returned to Odessa, the correspondence was, but was cut off, the addresses were lost, as RS Ishkhanova moved to Baku, and AA Polyanovskaya presumably lives in Germany.

Alexander Ragimov, born in 1934, is looking for information about his father: Yakov Ragimov, born in 1881, left for the front as a volunteer in 1942, was missing.

Valentina Autukhova is looking for a friend of youth or information about him: Nikolai Berchansky, born in 1921, met in the officer club in 1943, parted in Blagoveshchensk in 1944.

Anatoly Arkhipovich Tikhonov, born in 1929, is looking for his brother: Alexander Arkhipovich Tikhonov, born in 1927, was drafted to the front in January 1943 from the village of Nochevki, Yakuninsky village council of the Yaroslavl region, the last letter came on April 25, 1945 from Hungary or from Austria.

Oleg Ivanovich Shaumyan is looking for a daughter: Viktoria Khokhryakova, born in 1980, on April 12, 2008 she went to visit friends, called home on April 13, then on April 14,  that at 10 am it will be at home; at 9:30 am in a white taxi in the city of Pushkino, Moscow region, md.

Serebryanka, there is no more information.

The plot of the search for a husband and father.

Citizen of Belarus Nikolai Tikhonovich Polyn, born 1959, on February 16, 2002 went to work in Surgut and disappeared.

Wife Anna Polyn and daughter Tatyana Nikolaevna Polyn (Vitkovskaya) applied to the police, but could find only information about movements in different northern cities.

A video from Krasnoufimsk about the detainee, who called himself Nikolay Tikhonovich, and was thus the man whom the police and family are looking for.

The plot was filmed chief of the department of the department of Krasnoufimsk Alexander Vysokovsky, his mother Elena Mikhaylovna Vysokovsky (major of the police in retirement), employee of the police department Alexander Murzin.

Family meeting in the studio.

Acknowledgment to the employees of the transport militia for their help in acquitting people to Moscow.

Search by photo:

In the picture, Frenchman Laurent Gasquet.

During the war he was taken prisoner, he was sent to Germany, to an aircraft plant in the city of Rostock.

There he met Anna Kuraksina, she was hijacked to work in Germany from Ukraine.

At the end of the war, Laurent took Anya to France, young people were preparing for the wedding, but in January 1946 the police took the girl and was taken first to the Russian camp in Paris, then to the Berlin prison.

Two months later, Anya returned to her homeland, in Kharkov, where in the summer of 1946 she gave birth to a son, Jean.

Laurent she did not see, but she hopes to find out or find out something about him.

Valentina Fyodorovna Niklina (Perevozchikova, born in 1923) is looking for her brother: Alexey Fedorovich Perevozchikov, born in 1918, drafted into the army in January 1940, served in the NKVD frontier troops in the city of Lomza (Poland), disappeared on June 22, 1941.

The veteran is looking for a fellow soldier: Boris Nikolaevich Mintsev, born in 1922, the 128th bomber Kalinin Red Banner Order of Suvorov aviation regiment, last seen in 1954-1955, presumably resides in Ryazan.

The girl is looking for a sister: Evgenia Alekseevna Andreeva, the date of her birth on September 18, 1993, disappeared on April 1, 2008 in the village of Trusovo, Astrakhan region.

Boris Davidov, born 1941, looking for his brother and his son: Sergei Davidov, born in Baku in 1921, drafted into the army in 1942, served in Leninakan and Novorossiysk, in 1943 he was in Tehran;

in 1946, a former colleague reported that Sergei is working under Makhachkala, in 1947 this camp was not in place;

from the Podolsky archive came the answer that in the lists of those killed, those who died from wounds or missing S. Davidov is not listed;

in 1954, a letter came from a boy who addressed Boris and Sergey's parents as a grandparent.

Larisa Vasilievna Travilina (Ramuntsova) is looking for the first love: Alexander Alekseyevich Voronkov, born in 1957, lived in Moscow.

Completion of the history of Alexander Egorov, date of birth 10.05.1995.

The boy was orphaned and from the age of 7 was in the Grimailovsky orphanage in the Ternopil region.

A fragment of one of the programs: there were relatives of Sasha from the side of the father - Aunt Raisa Albertovna and other members of her family.

Meeting in the studio.

Locations: Moscow [820] Sverdlovsk region [803]

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