wait me 04/15/2011 (2011)

Telecast №75155, 1 part, duration: 0:52:07
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina, Mihail Efremov

Reel №1

Igor Kvasha takes pictures of the woman found from the stand.

Alla Ivanovna Baka went to work in the Dnipropetrovsk region in the mid-1990s and disappeared, last time she called home in 2005 and said she was at the gypsies in the Tula region, she could not return home.

A fragment of the February program: shooting in Plekhanovo settlement of Leninsky district of Tula region, the gypsy community joins the search.

Immediately after the program was broadcast, Alla told her brother that she was all right, she was really in Tula, would soon return home and tell everything.

Search by photos:

Alexei Kazantsev, 28, disappeared in Jerusalem, on the morning of October 17, 2010 went to a business meeting and did not return.

Michael Ladocha, 33, July 17, 2010 went to work in Moscow from the Bryansk region, worked in a new place for one day, went to the store and disappeared.

Vasily Vasilyevich Gordetsky, on May 10, 2010 he left the house (the village of Myshetskoye, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region), possibly lost his memory, disoriented;  according to eyewitnesses, he was looking for a temple, he called the place of birth - the village of Balashovka, Shegarsky district, Tomsk region.

Sergei Zenin, 18 years old, in the middle of June 2010 went with a friend from Moscow to Mozhaisk to the dacha to the girl, drove on the roof of the train, a friend was taken to the police, Sergei went on and disappeared.

Igor Lovyakin, 47, disappeared on June 1, 2010 in St.

Petersburg, did not return home from work.

Petr Krzyzanowski, 38, international driver, was involved in the transportation of goods from Poland to Russia; On May 11, 2010, the road train crossed the border of Russia and Belarus, but the final point never arrived.

Konstantin Kaun, 43, September 2, 2010 left Moscow for a summer cottage in the Spoons of the Solnechnogorsky district, he called his mother on September 3, the connection was bad, since that day the phone was disconnected.

Lyubov Arsen'evna Bondarenko, 77, on August 28, 2009 flew from Ukhta to Moscow, where she was supposed to take the plane to Sakhalin, but was late for him and was gone.

Oksana Golodnaya, 30, on January 9, 2011, left her home in the city of Molodechno in the Minsk region; it turned out that she lived for a few weeks near Kiev, then she left for the Odessa region,  From there, I left for Georgia or Azerbaijan by ferry; in Belarus there are three children.

The story of Ruslan Numanov.

Ruslan lived in Uzbekistan with his grandfather and grandmother, came to the Crimea to visit his parents, then on October 6, 2009 went to work in Nizhny Novgorod to raise money for the wedding.

In April 2010 he was going to visit his relatives, but he did not come.

Shooting in Moscow on the Sparrow Hills: Ruslan talks about working in the city and the region, about how he was stolen by money and documents, then he independently reached Moscow and turned to the kiosk of the program at the Kazan railway station.

Meeting with mother and brother in the studio.

Videography from the village of Chorshanbe (Uzbekistan) from my grandmother.

The plot of the search for relatives in Brazil.

Lydia Petrovna Kruglei is looking for Sister Nadezhda, who in 1942 was hijacked to work in Germany.

Filming in Brest: the family of Lydia Petrovna tells what they know about the future fate of Hope.

In the camp she met Mikhail from Lvov, her future husband, after the war, the couple emigrated to Brazil, the last letter from Hope came in February 2005.

A space bridge with Minsk and São Paulo: the presenter of the Brazilian program asks LP Kruglej to clarify the questions, then presents the children and grandchildren of Hope.

Videography from San Caetano do Sul: Hope talks about her life, about her family and about the fact that she can not write letters because of her poor vision.

Relatives invite Lydia Petrovna to Brazil.

Search by photos:

Maria Smorodinskaya, 24, on April 14, 2005 left the house, lived with a friend for a week, then left her apartment in Moscow and disappeared, she did not take anything with her, all things remained.

Mairbeg Tedeev, 31, disappeared in 2008 during the military operations in Tskhinvali.

Nikolai Kondratievich Lozhkin, born in 1968, November 1, 2008 disappeared in Izhevsk, at lunch he came home from work, left the keys with documents and disappeared.

Garekin Tonoyants, in December 1995 went to KAMAZ with a cargo from Vladikavkaz to Saratov, drove to the village of Aleksandrovskaya Stavropol Territory and disappeared.

Gennady V. Shatrov, navigator of long voyages, worked on Miami-Mexico flights, was missing on January 26, 2002.

Rauf Alasgarov, 36, lived and worked in Sergiev Posad, in August 2003 he was going to a meeting with friends, said that he would come home to eat, and disappeared.

Alexander Lupehin, 40 years old, left Stary Oskol in May 2001; told his mother that he would be back soon, the destination did not report.

Sevda Nakhmetova, 37, June 20, 1999, went with her son from Ukhta to Baku, a few days later her husband called relatives and said that he had met them, since that day there has been no news.

Leonid Troyanchuk, 51, left for Moscow with his family in 1998, in 2003 his wife and son returned to Minsk, and Leonid disappeared.

Andrei Sosnovsky, born in 1974, served in the Mogilev region, disappeared from the barracks five months before his demobilization.

Victoria Krasnoshchek, 30 years old, lived in a rented apartment in Arzamas, on December 29, 2007 she disappeared and stopped answering calls.

Svetlana Smolina, 20, on October 25, 2008 left the house in Pavlovsky Posad with her friends, the last time she was seen near one of the city cafes.

Dmitry Smotrov, born in 1962, disappeared in 2006 in Belarus, last seen in the Gomel region.

Mikhail Goncharik, 49, wrote his last letter to his sister Lyudmila in 1964 from the city of Kalach-on-Don in the Volgograd region, telling that he was building a church in the village of Ilyovka.

Irina Pogniaichenko, 42, lost in 2001 in Salsk, went out during the feast and never returned.

Mikhail Kuzminykh, 63, in January 2008, left for treatment from Berdsk to St.

Petersburg, disappeared from the rehabilitation center.

Alexei Brazovsky, 32, in 1999, left Belarus for the USA to study psychology, lived in Atlanta with an Orthodox priest, there is no news since 2005.


Victor and Maria Ryabov are looking for a friend: Pavel Vasilievich Grigoryev, born in 1982, disappeared on February 21, 2011 in Moscow.

Arthur Pereverzev is looking for his father: Alexey Petrovich Pereverzev, born in 1949, left for Ukraine, the connection was interrupted in 2005.

Valentina Pavlovna Ushakova is looking for her brother: Pyotr Pavlovich Stepaniuc, born in 1949, left for Argentina in 1998, the connection was interrupted in 2001.

Maria Mikhailovna Yarema is looking for her son: Bogdan Yarema, born in 1982, went from Ukraine to Moscow for work, disappeared in the village of Timonino, Moscow region.

Anna Kostiv is looking for her son: Mikhail Viktorovich Kostiev, born in 1950, last visited his mother in Pavlodar in July 2001.

Master of the taiga.

Tatyana Ivanovna Barysheva and Anatoly Ivanovich Goncharov are looking for a brother: Yuriy Ivanovich Goncharov, born in 1954, went to work in Muravlenko (YaNAO) in the late 1990s, the latest information came in 2000.

Shooting in the village of Hanoi: Maxim (a resident of Nyagan and a volunteer program assistant) talks about how he happened to meet Yuri, who is 10 years old lived in Muravlenko, and the last 5 years he lives in the taiga base without any hope of ever returning home and seeing his relatives; on his return from the watch Maxim turned to the program.

Shooting in the taiga base: Yuri tells how the firm where he worked, went bankrupt and closed, and he lost documents during a fire in the hostel.

Family meeting in the studio.

Photos of missing children:

Olga Melnichenko, aged 16, died on August 23, 2010 in the city of Kungur, Perm Krai.

Shikhmagomed Shikhmagomedov, 16 years old, on August 12, 2010 did not return home in the village of Dzhemikent (Dagestan); a few days later he was seen in Pyatigorsk, where he bought a ticket to Moscow.

Mideja Petrovich, 16, lives in a social shelter for children and adolescents in Tula; teachers and staff are asked to help find her father, Baiko Petrovich, who can reside in Ukraine.

Marina Schwarzberg, 11, lives in a social shelter for children and adolescents "Altufevo" in Moscow, where she was taken by police.

Dmitry Kalenkovich (7 years old) and Vladislav Yakubovich (8 years old), disappeared on February 18, 2011 from the village of Tsna, Brest region.

Maxim Ivanov, 15, on December 6, 2009, left his home in the village of Klepinino in the Crimea.

Valentina Gavrisheva, 16, disappeared from the house on the night of November 8-9, 2010 in the city of Azov, Rostov region.

Ivan Patsyuk, 13 years old, November 30, 2007, disappeared from the village of Chkalovo, Dnepropetrovsk region, went home in the afternoon after school, then left and disappeared.

Anna Zakharova, 5 years old, March 1, 2011 disappeared in a garden partnership near the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov Region.

Anna Anisimova, 11 years old, on October 12, 2010, was lost in Tyumen; according to eyewitnesses, sat in a dark gray or green "Zhiguli" with an unfamiliar man.


Svetlana Smagina and her daughter Daria are looking for any information about the burial of the great-grandfather: Ivan Ivanovich Danilchenko, born in 1902, was missing in June 1943.

Ivan Petrovich Dobrikov is looking for Italians, with whom he escaped from the German captivity in East Prussia in 1945.

Marina Andryukova seeks first love.

Sergey Grabar, born in 1971, lived together in Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory), parted in the early 1990s.

Nadezhda Borovskikh is looking for sisters: Lydia (born in 1953), Nadezhda (born in 1954), Svetlana (born in 1964), birth years are indicated approximately, the surname of Kuzmin or Kazmina, in childhood all lived in the village of Nizhny Lomovets Dolgorukovsky district of the Lipetsk region.

Ivanov Ivan Konstantinov from Bulgaria is looking for information about the family.

In 1985, he came to work in the USSR, worked and studied at the Voronezh Construction Institute, married, created a family.

Parents of Ivan were dissatisfied with the decision of his son, but maintained relations until 1994.

Once Ivan learned that his parents had moved and left no addresses.

Video from the parents and brother Todor.

Meeting Ivan, his wife Natalia and Todor in the studio.

Locations: Tula region [808] Belarus [845] Brazil [31] Bulgaria [34] Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug [819] Uzbekistan [236]

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