wait me 14.02.2005 (2005)

Telecast №75243, 1 part, duration: 0:55:05
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

News on the case of the disappearance of Alexandra Mesyatsina and Oksana Terentyeva from Novosibirsk, the girls took the documents and disappeared on 21.06.2004 immediately after the graduation ball at the pedagogical lyceum.

Extracts from the September and December 2004 programs on the search for girls.

Traces of Sasha and Oksana were found in St.

Petersburg, where friends worked and rented housing, but for some reason they did not call home, preferring to send messages in the form of telegrams, sms or messages on the Internet.

In December 2004, the girls got in touch with their relatives, on the 25th the transport militia officers reported that a ticket for the train "St.

Petersburg - Novosibirsk" had been bought for Alexandra.

The friends were found on the train, they met their parents at home the new year.

Photos of the missing in 2004:

Ekaterina Afonina, disappeared on July 20 in St.

Petersburg during the training practice, leaving a strange note; Mom believes that her daughter could get into the sect.

Natalia Kulagina, fell into a sect, it all started with the practice of belly dancing.

Anna Skoptsova, disappeared on July 6, there is a version of a round-the-world trip with friends.

Natalia Shofolova, disappeared in March in the Dmitrovsky district (Moscow region) at a disco.

Gulnara Gamaletdinova, she studied at a journalist, went to the library and did not return (Ufa).

A letter from a woman who is looking for her rescuers.

In August 2004, Mira Petrovna rested in Turkey, lived in the hotel "Golden Arena"; During the storm, they were washed from the pier with their daughter, they were rescued by two people - Alexander and Jacob.

16-year-old Michael is looking for a family.

At the age of 6 years he was with his father somewhere in Central Asia, one day during an explosion or something similar ran out of the house, hid in the basement; the next day was afraid to go back, walked the streets and went by bus, then took the train.

Over the next 10 years he traveled all over Central Asia, lived underworkings, then saved up money and came to Russia in search of relatives.

Misha believes that his father's name is Dmitry, his mother does not remember.

He thinks that the family lived in Moscow, as he recalls frequent walks with his father on Red Square.


Natalia Mamedova is looking for her brother: Dmitry Nikolaevich Mamedov, born in 1959, served in the Tver region, after the army he married and stayed there, the connection was interrupted in 1991.

Lyubov Ivanovna Karlenko, born in 1953, is looking for sisters: twins Vera and Nadezhda Karlenko, date of birth January 22, 1961, the family lived at Rykhalsk station, Imelchinsky district, Zhytomyr region;

in 1963 we went to Matenino village, Brasov district, Bryansk region, to visit relatives;

there during a thunderstorm a lightning struck into the house, a fire began, the elder sisters Lyuba and Nina rescued the younger and blind Aunt Anya, her mother was lost;

children were in orphanages in Bryansk and in Brasovo, soon twins adopted a family of military personnel.

Nikolai Petrovich Zalygin looks for a familiar: Alexandra Mikhailovna, circa 1930-1932, met in 2004 in an electric train, lives presumably in Medvedkovo.

Valery and Sergei are looking for the commander of the airborne brigade, Albert Mammadov, under whose command they served in different years; meeting with Albert and his daughter Vera; all together looking for the platoon commander - Lieutenant Vasily Chumak.

Inclusion from Kiev:

The space bridge is dedicated to Valentine's Day and all lovers.

A woman is looking for a friend: Ruslan Ogorodnik, met on May 9, 2004, met for several months, then the connection was interrupted.

Marina Kryshen is looking for a childhood friend: Andrey Neverovsky, born in 1984, met in Yevpatoriya in the camp "Youth".

Olga is looking for Alexander, whom she met in April 2004 on the train "Kiev - Zaporozhye".

Elena Yuryevna Gavryushina (Gavrishina) is looking for a friend from America: John Powell, met on December 8, 2002, in March 2003, spent 4 days in Bulgaria, then John went away to serve under contract, may be in Iraq.


A man at the request of a friend is looking for a girl whom a friend once met in the Moscow metro, traveling from Schelkovskaya to Kursk; a photo of someone else's, but according to men, very similar.

Mikhail Yuryevich Zinin from Voskresensk is looking for Love Babkin from Marino (Moscow), whom he met at the club "Zond" ("Zone") on December 29, 2004; Igor Kvasha gives Mikhail a letter with the address.

Galina Geronievna Leshchinskaya from Moldova and her adopted son Roman are looking for the real mother of Roman - Love Kondratieff.

Galina and Lyubov met in 1987 in Uzbekistan, when Love gave birth to a child and left in the maternity ward.

By mutual consent and under the control of the linear department of the railway station, the boy was transferred to Galina for adoption.

At the time of the program's release, L. Kondratieva was in prison, but apart from herself, she managed to find her mother and her first son, also called Roman.

Videography from the Novosibirsk region from Roman the elder and his grandmother.

Meeting in the studio.

Igor Kvasha appeals for help to the audience.

Wanted 15-year-old Alexander Polovnikov, who came from Chelyabinsk to Volgograd and for some time begged near the liaison office number 33. He told me that there were six children in the family and all were lost.

The program staff managed to find Alexander's sisters, but suddenly he disappeared.


Wanted Ivan Dmitrievich Karp, born in 1965, left to work in Russia in March 1990, the last time he called home from Engels (Saratov region) in the spring of 1997.

Video: a man with a memory loss turned to the kiosk of the program at the Kazan station, asks to help establish his identity and find his relatives.

Larisa Ivanovna Bulatova from Samara is looking for a son.

Igor came on leave from the army, returned to the military unit in Petrozavodsk through Moscow.

It is known that he reached Moscow, further traces are lost.

It turned out that he was robbed in Moscow, taking away all the money and documents, and the boy remained homeless.

Video clip "One day from Igor's life": a young man tells about life in the city, about getting food and about workings on an illegal labor exchange.

Meeting with the mother in the studio.

Calendar: 09.2004 12.2004

Locations: St. Petersburg [814] Moscow [820] Kiev [933] Novosibirsk region [792]

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