wait me 28.04.2003 (2003)

Telecast №75265, 1 part, duration: 0:44:12
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

The history of the searches of Alexei Pupinin, shooting in the village of Verkhnyaya Sosna and Ryazan.

In the spring of 2002 Alex went to ride a bicycle and disappeared.

Parents searched the neighborhood, the All-Russian search was announced.

Shortly before the disappearance, Alyosha asked his parents about where the North was, but no one could have foreseen that the boy would go looking for him on a bicycle.

For 20 days Alyosha traveled more than 1500 kilometers; He was found near Ryazan, was assigned to a hospital and began to look for relatives.

Meeting Alyosha with his parents in the courtyard of the hospital.


Rosa Trefilova is looking for her son: Oleg Vadimovich Trefilov, born 1983, 2-year student of the Izhevsk Medical Academy.

On December 3, 2002, he left the hostel along Zenitnaya Street and did not return.

Wanted relatives and friends of a young man found on April 15, 2002 unconscious on the roadside "Novosibirsk - Krasnoyarsk"; served in the airborne, there is a corresponding tattoo;  after discharge from the hospital in Krasnoyarsk went further, is on the road to Omsk, left a letter, on which it can be found.

Larisa Albertovna Zhmur is looking for a daughter: Anna Alexandrovna Maronina, born in 1993, lives in the settlement of Sheremetyevsky, Savelovskaya railway, on April 15, 2003 went to school in the village of Khlebnikovo, eyewitnesses saw the girl getting on the train.

Maria Vernikova is looking for her father: Yakov Vernikov, disappeared on February 10, 2003 on a business trip in Yaroslavl; It is known that he left the car at a bus stop in the village of Shchedrin in the suburb of Yaroslavl, near the oil refinery.

Lyubov Adamovna Meleshko is looking for fellow students of the B-31 group of the Kustanai Agricultural Technical School, 1975 issue: Nina Makhova, Valentina Mishina, Olga Loshitskaya, Valentina Maer (Mayer), Tatyana Maslova, Valentina Malets, Emma Lang, Ekaterina Kremer, Anna Makovetskaya, Galina Shalapina, Tatyana Dubrovina, Nadezhda Filippova, Zoya Bagitova, teacher Petr Ivanovich Ermolenko, the closest friends are Valentina Leshchuk and Tatyana Fedorenko;

meeting with Tatyana Fedorenko in the studio.

Nikolai Gavrilovich Khokhlov looking for his sister: Lyubov Gavrilovna Khokhlova, date of birth 17.03.1994, was in the children's home of the city of Shchukin, Kokchetav region, presumably adopted by the Nazarov family on February 25,

Galina Mihailovna Petukhova is looking for a nephew: Sergei Nikolayevich Burov, born in 1974, on April 24, 2003 he left the station of Kachalino in Volgograd to get a job and disappeared.

Video from the Ryazan Regional Psychiatric Hospital:

There are two other unknown men who can not report any reliable information about themselves.

Unknown by the name of Alexei was brought in 1994 from the village of Tuma Kalitnikovsky district of the Ryazan region (the patient has Down's syndrome).

The second man calls himself Igor Grigorievich Achkasov (Ochkasov).


Valentina Alexandrovna Gaskan (Kuznetsova) is looking for a sister: Vera Ivanovna Railyan (Angelika Filippova), 1989, born in 1993, the brothers took the girl to a shelter at Profsoyuznaya street in Moscow, the girl knew only the Moldovan language and called herself Veronika, in 1994 it was transferred to the child's house No. 12, later adopted.

Inclusion from Sterlitamak:

Arunas Vytautovich Bumbulyavichyus (his wife stands) is looking for his sister: Laima Vytautovna Prole (Bumbulyavichene), born in 1955, was born in Klaipeda, in 1977 she married and moved to Minsk, last meeting in 1978.

Rakhmatulla Baigildin is looking for a son: Fidan Rakhmatullovich Baigildin, born in 1977, went to Moscow to work in 2001, stopped calling 5 months ago.

Nadezhda Ibragimovna Zakieva is looking for her brother: Shamil Ibrahimovic Zakiev, born in 1951, left the house in the village of Priyutovo in the Belebeyevsky district (Bashkiria) on March 16, 2000 and did not return.

Nikolai Yakovlevich Taran is looking for a colleague: Vasily Nikolaevich Kondrashkin, born in 1942, last met in 1965.

Valentina Dmitrievna Ivanova is looking for a son: Viktor Nikolayevich Ivanov, born in 1987, left the house in Sterlitamak on July 21, 2002 and did not return.

Rima Faritovna Fatieva is looking for classmates at the Sterlitamak Building School No. 3 (SU-3, now GPTU-17), the phone in Sterlitamak on 28-06-72.


Polina Ivanovna Matiushko (Karpova) is looking for an ex-husband: Vasiliy Pavlovich Builin, born in 1935, met and married in 1955, in the autumn of the same year Vasily was drafted into the army, after that the relationship went wrong and life's ways parted.

Natalia Sorokina is looking for a friend: Pavel Sazonov, born 1982, student of the Academy of Missile Forces in Moscow, met on September 30, 2000 at Poklonnaya Hill, were friends year, then the boy began to have problems at the institute, according to friends, he moved to study at Serpukhov.

Tatiana Partfimenko is looking for Dmitry Filatov, with whom she was friends at the institute; telephone conversation with Dmitry in the studio.

Mikhail Nazarkevich is looking for the girl Anastasia from St.

Petersburg, a photo of which she saw on the Internet; the program was addressed by Mikhail's brother on his behalf, he wanted to surprise his brother;  Anastasia responded and even came to Moscow, but the timing of the visit did not coincide with the filming of the program, so she left and left a phone number for Michael.

Meeting of Natalia Sorokina with Pavel Sazonov.

Meeting Polina Ivanovna Matyushko with Vasily Pavlovich Builin.

Locations: Belgorod region [770] Ryazan region [799] Bashkiria [883]

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