Liberation Of Homeland.. (1974)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pumpyanskaya S.

Script writers: Drobashenko S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


About combat actions of Sovier Army in 1943-44 after the defeat of fascist troops near Stalingrad.

World War II


Reel №1

Newsreel 1943.:

driving of ice on the river, a broken military equipment in the water.

German soldiers pass, moving tanks.

Production on the Soviet military factories shells and aircraft.

Working at the bench.

Streamers "Bread - front", "Let's give all to defeat fascism," in cars driven sacks of grain. in the working-girl combiners.

Tank assembly at the factory.

Moving trains carrying tanks are Soviet soldiers.

The officer looks through binoculars.

Soldiers escort German prisoners.

It should be a column of tanks, aircraft taxis, soldiers removed from the boxes shells.

Germany - Pass youth groups with a swastika.

A German officer at the guns.

German soldiers are adolescents.

Officers handed out soldiers uniforms.

German commanders at the headquarters of the map.

The meeting at the headquarters of the Führer, Adolf Hitler and others at the map.

Multrabota - map Kursk Bulge.

It should be a column of German tanks, the German radio operators have radios in camouflage, soldier wears a helmet, the German soldiers sit in zamaski Rowan machine moves German technology.

Soviet commanders F. Tolbukhin, P. fishing and other cards at Headquarters Commander.

Soviet commanders in the command post.

Commander of the Central Front, General Rokossovsky looking through binoculars.

Soviet tanks in the forest, the inscription on the tank "For the Motherland".

Soldiers with guns before the battle.

Home Battle of Kursk - shoot "Katyusha" guns.

German planes in the air, move the German tanks.

German commanders in the field.

German soldiers running into battle, throw grenades, shoot.

Soviet commanders command "Fire!", Shooting guns, Syrian artillery batteries, explosions, soldiers running along the trench, nurse bandaging the wounded.

German commanders watching through binoculars.

German tanks explode.

Dogfight - fly, shoot, make turns German and Soviet aircraft shot down a German plane drops.

Photo Gorovtsa pilot, shot down in one battle 9 enemy aircraft.

Tank battle at Prokhorovka - shooting, explosions, attack Soviet tanks.

Burning military vehicles and tanks are dead.

Soviet tanks in the liberated city.

Residents welcomed the soldiers, hugging, kissing, give flowers.

Are soldiers with a banner and flowers.

Firework display in Moscow to celebrate the release's.

Orel and Belgorod.

German soldiers stopped and searched cyclists out of the building arrested.

Italy - The crowd in the square, people read a newspaper report on the surrender of Fascist Italy, are soldiers with a white flag, drop the statue from the roof, break the plaster heads of Mussolini.

Soviet tanks move, fleeing soldiers.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1944-1945.:

On the way, are refugees.

German soldiers stopped the car, checking the documents of the driver, is stamped.

Germans searched the house.

Soldiers and peasant huts pass.

H. Goering in his office - said, smiling.

In the occupied territories, German soldiers break the fence, knock glass, steal cattle, loaded wagons.

In wagons put young men and women taken to Germany, cars drive off.

Burning village to village on horseback passing German soldiers.

Gallows in the square.

Are survivors of concentration camps Klooga near Tallinn.

Are corpses, arranged firewood.

Are German soldiers.

The soldiers took the child from the mother.

Gestapo Himmer examines a concentration camp.

Standing, lying on the ground Soviet prisoners - prisoners of the concentration camp.

Are the guerrillas, the commander says the oath (synchronously).

Explodes zheleznodorony composition, light German car, guerrillas fired into the tank with fuel.

The inscription on the tree in the German and Russian "Attention!

Beware of the guerrillas ".

The woods are the Germans, the guerrillas are fighting.

Guerrillas in the liberated village, women and children out of the basement.

The commanders of guerrilla groups SA Kovpak, S. Rudnev, A. Fedorov, AN Saburov - big plans.

Photo commander of the guerrilla unit writer P. Vershigory.

Guerrillas tear the walls German flags and orders.

Lit decree "new order of land use."

Crossing of the Dnieper - Soviet soldiers fled, erected a pontoon bridge, boats in the water to the soldiers, explosions, flying planes, riding tanks.

Soviet soldiers run through the burning streets of Kiev.

Soviet tanks in liberated Kiev.

Woman crying on his knees, kissing the old soldier.

Lying dead Soviet soldiers, crying women.

Soviet soldiers with small children.

Chamber with sick children, nurse watered child.

German soldiers are on the streets of the occupied city, passing tanks, blow pipe factory fire.

German officer on the phone, the hand crank turns fuse.

Passing platform device for breaking ties.

Soviet planes fly, shoot "Katyusha", passing tanks.

Soldiers go through the mud up to his waist in the water, pulling a gun.

The Soviet offensive in the territory of Ukraine.

Crimea - the sailors on the boat, Budyonny among sailors, naval gun, explosions on the water.

Reel №3

Newsreel 1944-1945.:

Above water fly Soviet aircraft, the pilot in the cockpit, drop bombs, explosions on the water.

A column of tanks shelled from the air.

Soviet soldiers in the positions run through the barbed wire.

The capture of Sevastopol - the soldiers shoot in the ruins, the soldiers ran up the stairs with the Soviet flag, raising the banner.

Multrabota - Map of Russian Front.

Hitler and the German generals at the map.

Antitank obstacles in the forest.

Pass the German officers.

1944. - The landing of the Anglo-American troops in Normandy sailing warships, explosions on the water, the soldiers landed on the beach.

The beginning of "Operation Bagration" - passing military train with soldiers and guns, tanks moving across the bridge.

In hardware included General I. Bagramyan etc. warlords.

Telegraphist girl at work.

Ivan Bagramyan a telegraph.

Says General Chernyakhovsky.

General Zakharov and others from the map.

General Rokossovsky and other military leaders are looking through binoculars.

Pass Marshal Zhukov and others.

Shoot "Katyusha", explosions, soldiers have guns.

Planes in the air, bombs fall.

In the forest, passing tanks, fleeing soldiers.

Soviet soldiers liberated through the streets of Minsk.

Read the cameramen.

The inscription "Minsk" in German.

From the roof of a building throw a swastika and the Nazi flag.

Over the building hoisting the Soviet flag.

Minsk residents welcome Soviet soldiers.

On the streets of the city is a girl-postman.

Students engaged in a destroyed classroom.

Construction of the house, the workers are the bricks.

Women repaired house.

The train unload sheep, pigs, cows.

In liberated Leningrad wheeling part of the sculpture horse, monument to Peter released from the boards, employees Hermitage insert pictures in the frame, hung on a wall painting by Rembrandt "The Return of the Prodigal Son."

Women are exempt from masking and wash Sculpture in the Summer Garden.

Passing trucks with scrap metal (old weapons, helmets, etc.).

Restoring Dnerogesa - water boils, work welders working hammer pile.

Metal ingots in the car, on the bullion inscription "Donbass front."

Soviet soldiers running through the Baltic Sea, carrying guns on horseback, over the airfield flying aircraft.

Liberation of Riga - shoot "Katyusha", soldiers running through th pontoon bridge.

Women welcome Soviet soldiers: waving handkerchiefs and flowers.

Are soldiers with flowers.

Multrabota - Faced with the map of the USSR salute.

Soviet soldiers were passing on horseback, carts.

The old man rings the bell, are Soviet soldiers with local residents, soldiers with flowers, children, people kissing, hugging soldiers.


Photos - Soviet soldier with the flag, the border post with the inscription "USSR", etc.

In the mountains, passing a column of tanks, the locals greet soldiers.

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