In the classroom on civil defense in school (1970)

Documentary №75468, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:02
Production: LSDF
Camera operators:O.Harin

Reel №1

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The teacher enters the classroom, the students stand up.

The duty officer reports on the readiness of the class for the lesson (synchronously).

The teacher calls the student to the blackboard.

On the board is a diagram of the separation of radioactive radiation in a magnetic field.

The student talks about the properties of radioactive radiation (synchronously).

Another student talks about the violation of the vital activity of organisms, as well as about the units in which the dose of external radiation of the body and the degree of radioactive contamination of the area are measured(synchronously).

The students raise their hands to the teacher's next question.

The student answers how to determine the radiation dose (synchronously).

The student at the layout of the dosimetric device explains the principle of its operation (synchronously).

The student prepares a device for measuring the radioactivity of the area for work.

The teacher puts a mark in the journal.

The teacher calls another student and asks her to tell about another device.

The student (synchronously)talks about the DP-5A device, which determines the contamination on the surface of objects.

The student prepares the device for operation.

The student removes the bottom panel from the device and connects the power sources.

The teacher complements the student's story and checks the device's performance (synchronously).

The teacher announces that practical classes will be held tomorrow.

The girls draw the curtains, preparing the class for the movie.

The faces of the guys.

On the screen-a nuclear explosion.

Students in practical classes.

The children in protective clothing lined up in front of the teacher.

One of the students talks about the search device of chemical intelligence(synchronously).

The teacher checks the readiness of the children for the practical use of chemical protection devices.

A bus pulls up.

The guys are on the bus.

The teacher also checks the knowledge of the children on the bus.

The teacher asks one of the children to charge the dosimeters and distribute them to the class.

The bus pulls up to the place of practical training.

The teacher announces the task: A nuclear strike has been launched on the city N.

Key words

Civil Defense

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

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part 2

The boys wear protective suits.

The teacher sets the task for the link: to determine the radiation level in the place indicated on the plan(synchronously).

At the command" Gas", everyone puts on gas masks.

One of the students can not fit the gas mask to the size.

Scouts in protective suits and gas masks are slowly moving through the smoke-filled area.

They stop, check the readings of the device.

Scouts approach the teacher and report the situation.

Close - up: the device is in the hands of one of the scouts.

An error is detected in the report and the scouts leave to repeat the measurements.

Girl orderly bandage the hand of a friend.

Close-up: hands bandaging the leg.

One of the students shows how an anti-chemical package is used.

A group of boys with a teacher .

The second link gets the task to determine the presence of mustard gas on the ground.

A flight of scouts goes through the "infected" area.

One of the scouts pulls out a device, the rest of the guys are watching in the distance.

Determination by the device of the contamination of the place with mustard gas.

Everyone takes off their gas masks.

The children lined up in front of the teacher.

Girls orderly.

Sandruzhinnitsy go along the destroyed building

The "victim"is lying on the grass.

the girls put a splint on the leg of the "victim".

Close-up: hands pinning a note to a tourniquet on a fixed leg.

The boys approach the girl, put the "victim" on a stretcher and carry him away.

Inside the destroyed house sandruzhinnitsy assist.

Close-up: the head of the "victim" in a bandage cap.

The girls are doing artificial respiration.

The orderly locks the hand of the "victim".

The boy helps the "victim" to go.

Students lined up on a line to summarize the results of the exercises in GO.

Speech of the director on the need to study the State budget (synchronously).

The best are awarded a passing pennant.

All are awarded "Be Ready for Civil Defense" badges.

Seasons: Summer [824]

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